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Reiki Blog

Reiki Love, Light and Laughter?

Good mornin’ all

This should be different! 🙂

There is only one energy… (you’ve never heard that one before!) 🙂

So, there’s really only one of us listening here in the room – for I’m simply you answering yourself back 🙂

If you’re here, it’s because you choose to hear what I/you have to say at this moment in time.

The outer experiences reflect the inner thoughts we hold.

Like yin and yang.

Within one, is the other.

You reflect my serious side and I reflect your fun side.

When you get too stuck in the serious mentality, you’ll come across someone like me 🙂

And I will be seriously funny for you 🙂

You see, there are NO accidents, EVER…

You already are the all of it, a fully enlightened spiritual consciousness here to simply physically experience whatever it is, you wish to experience and in that wishing to also have FUN.

Spirituality is not a serious condition 🙂

If you can look back and laugh at something in six months time, you can laugh at it NOW! 🙂

And laughter is the best medicine we’re told!…

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