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Reiki Blog

Handy Reiki Insights

Good mornin’ all,

I’ve combined several handy questions here, so you can get the gist of my replies as they might apply to your experience 🙂

Q – Since doing my Chikara-Reiki-Do self attunement, although my hands are normally very warm, now the centre area of my palms is really roasting, particularly the left. They also tingle.
I experience quite an intense heat going in and out through the top of my head, PHEW incredible. Even to touch it’s quite hot.

I’ve never had my head feeling like this!

Is this normal?

A – Well, yes! It’s ‘normal’ for YOU 🙂

When you first experience your own flow of Reiki energy it can often be a rush or gush or there may simply be lots of it 🙂

I would suggest you use your Reiki, as often as possible, on yourself first, to steady and ease into the flow.

And remember to drink plenty of Reiki charged water too. 🙂

Your nervous system requires more water to smooth the synapses as they happen – water conducts the electrical jump. That’s a bit techy sounding but it’s actually what’s happening 🙂

Also, try visualising the energy flowing happily in you and through you and out through your feet into the ground.

But don’t worry, your energy will eventually settle down.

Simply enjoy its vim and vigour for now. 🙂 …

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