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Reiki Blog

No Negative Energy Here!

Good mornin’ all

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you love birds out there :-)

I’ll be as quick as I can this week so you can all get down to the nitty gritty, kissy kissy bit and, of course, sharing the chocolates :-)

Here’re a couple of this week’s questions – answered…

Q – It’s 25+ days since my attunement and I’m practising a Reiki session for myself daily. I can feel some energy in my hands but my feet are literally “on fire” and pulsating.

Any thoughts on how this energy can be released?

A – Simple :-) Try stamping your feet, walking bare foot around the house and outside on grass if you can.

But, perhaps wait ’til Spring! :-)

Also massage your feet and imagine ‘pulling’ the energy out through your toes and then shake your hand to disperse the sticky energy.

As you pull off your socks, do it slowly and with the express purpose of pulling out any stuck energy.

Swishing your feet in cool water would also be pleasant and effective. :-)

There’s no need to do anything in a complicated manner, just do simple things with focused intention :-)

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