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Reiki Blog

World Peace Using Reiki?

Good morning all!

World Peace! Sounds like something Sandra Bullock would say 🙂

Yet so many of us do state ‘world peace’ as an end result for our lifetime achievements!

Well, it’s January, so let’s make THIS year, one where we keep our promises and speak our truth.

A year of boldly, confidently and sometimes heroically, remaining steadfast and true to our own beliefs. 🙂

And, let’s start with the adage…

If you want world peace, prepare for world war!

Should it be, if you want world war, prepare for world peace!

Well, remembering ‘let’s lighten up to be enlightened’…

Let’s look at this sensibly and without getting all het-up and emotional.

Who me?! 🙂

Okay, so as we all know…

You create YOUR life experiences – and that which you focus on, you draw to you and manifest into your reality – as a real experience.

In other words, your outer ‘world’ and outer experiences, are created by your inner thoughts and emotions.

A kind of – what you think about all day, inside your head, is what you see reflected back to you in your everyday life.

So, looking again at…

If you want world peace, prepare for world war…

Or if you want world war, prepare for world peace! 🙂

You’ll see…

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