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Reiki Blog

Is Reiki Your Hidden Talent?

Good mornin’ all

Blimey! Who knew spring cleaning could be so exhausting and exhilarating at the same time 🙂

But, like ironing, once it’s done you feel so smug 🙂

Chris and DC are grand helpers and have even painted the inside of the cupboards.

We all have hidden talents like painting or cleaning up our sleeves but perhaps you don’t know about them until you find you need to use those talents.

Then people say you’ve a natural aptitude or leaning towards those skills. 🙂

Not that Chris and DC are going to set up a painting and decorating company, any more than I’m going to become an interior design consultant! 🙂

But you can all do something when pushed, and usually better than you first thought but, if you want to excel at something you need to follow your heart, listen to your intuition and TRUST yourself. 🙂

This’ll give you the confidence to know whether you can just do something when necessary, or if you really do have a natural knack for it 🙂

So, is Reiki your hidden talent?

Q – I’m still not sure if Reiki is what I need. I feel that healing is one of the gifts that God has given us and I feel very gifted.

I connect very strongly on a spiritual level with myself and with others but when I try to connect with them with the intent of distance healing I feel more frustrated than anything because I don’t feel it working or see the results of that.

I have a friend who was trained by someone in distance healing and clearing of the bio-energy fields. When she works on me, I can feel her touching me, even though she’s 800 miles away…

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