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What Is Chikara-Reiki-Do?

Chikara-Reiki-Do… What is it?

Well, Chikara-Reiki-Do is a unique system of Reiki self-attunement techniques...

...which allows you to attune yourself to the wonderful energy of Reiki just as Mikao Usui, the accepted father of modern day Reiki, did back in the late 1800's.

But it's so much more than this too.

Because the whole philosophy behind Chikara-Reiki-Do is one of self-empowerment and expanded awareness of everything!

So, what does Chikara-Reiki-Do actually mean?

The literal meaning of the words themselves is – 'The Way of Strength and Power through Reiki', but again...

The overriding aim of Chikara-Reiki-Do is to deliver this:

Knowledge = Power = Freedom...

...to everyone who desires it.

You see, we hear from people almost every day who have taken the first two levels of Reiki. They want to take their Master Attunement...

...but they tell us, quite sadly, that their present Reiki Master says they're not ready yet.

And this kind of behavior makes us incredibly sad and not a little angry...

Who do these Reiki Master's think they are? What right do they think they have to control any other person's life?

Reiki is a gift from the universe...

It's a gift meant for everyone, whenever you wish to receive it, not when some other person says you can have it.

So, Chikara-Reiki-Do gives you this knowledge, power and freedom right now.

The knowledge, power and freedom to attune yourself to all the levels of Reiki, whenever YOU choose to do so!

Can you safely receive all the levels of Reiki, all at once?

This is another question often asked.

The answer to which is a resounding...

Yes, of course you can, if that's what you want to do. And yes, it's extremely safe.

After all, that's exactly how Dr Usui himself did it...

It was one of his students who decided to create the three levels.

Why does Reiki training cost so much?

One answer is that another of Usui's students decided that very high fees were the only way Westerners would value the training.

Everyone else, of course, then followed this lead, and it's remained like that ever since...

But really what's happening today is that people let market forces decide.

If you're prepared to pay high fees... there'll be someone out there willing to take your money.

And that's fine...

Just be wary of falling into the trap of equating higher costs with higher value... it's very rarely the case.

Now, if you would prefer to pay a more realistic price – one that truly recognizes a fair exchange of value – there's Chikara-Reiki-Do.

The power of the initiation is no different, in fact, if anything; it's probably more effective.

The only difference is the price you pay...

For there is absolutely no compromise on the quality of the attunement process you carry out... it's genuinely incredible.

You see the Chikara-Reiki-Do system of Reiki training takes the power of attuning you to Reiki out of the hands of other Reiki Masters and puts it firmly back into yours...

Where it truly belongs!

Now, it's you who decides when you are ready to attune yourself to Reiki... no-one else...

You are in complete control.

No need to find classes... no need to leave home... no need to fit in with the schedules of others... no need to pay hundreds of dollars in fees.

You can now do it all yourself through Chikara-Reiki-Do...

The only aim of which is to provide you with the knowledge on how to self-attune yourself to the incredible energy of Reiki.

Allowing you to become aware of your own true power which, in turn, gives you the freedom to be who you truly are...

...and, if appropriate, the strength to be who you really want to be.

Chikara-Reiki-Do stands for independence and individuality...

Independent, individual Reiki Masters who are not afraid to strike out on their own and stretch both themselves and Reiki to their fullest potential...

Reiki Master's totally unafraid to think their own thoughts...

Unafraid to live their own lives...

People who have come to the understanding that it is they who are the only power in their lives - nothing and nobody else!

For Reiki is not just about healing, as already mentioned...

...it has far more to offer than that...

It is a living, breathing, ever unfolding life force energy which, ultimately, requires everyone to become independent...

Total independence of mind, body and spirit!

For always remember, Reiki does not require followers... nothing requires followers...

Followers don't lead anyone to anything... Chikara-Reiki-Do leads you back to yourself.

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Teach The World to Heal

Good mornin’ all

And what a beautiful morning it is too.

In fact it’s been an absolutely fab week :-) We let the anniversary song linger a while :-)

Well you can’t let the sunshine go to waste when you’ve just got a new convertible car, can you! :-)

Mornings like these simply inspire you to do better, do more and just ‘do it’ anyway! :-)

You want to heal the world – right? Hum along to the Coke advert if it helps :-)

Then let me show you how…

But first, I must show you how to heal yourself.

For to heal the world…

First heal the person – you! :-)

Ever wondered how that can be?

Heal me, heal the world?

Because there is only one – there is only One Energy – there’s only one of us in the room.

By focussing solely on yourself…

By trusting implicitly your nature…

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About Us

Here's a little biography on husband and wife team Judith and Chris Conroy... the founders of Chikara-Reiki-Do. Now, what can we tell you about ourselves? Well...

Judith Conroy

About Judith

Judith holds qualifications in nursing – gaining over twenty years experience in allopathic medicine before 'seeing the light' and leaving the UK National Health Service for Alternative medicine.

Her interest in spirituality, metaphysics and esotericism began in early childhood, resulting in the awakening of her psychic and intuitive abilities – which she has put to good use over the last twenty five years as a psychic, medium, clairvoyant, medical intuitive, healer, EFT practitioner and Reiki Master.

Chris Conroy

OK so what about Chris?

Well, he spent fifteen years in the alternative and complimentary fields of medicine gaining qualifications in Osteopathy, Physical Therapy, Applied Kinesiology, Reflexology, Massage Therapy and that of Reiki Master.

He is keenly interested in Martial Arts, Tai Chi and Oriental Philosophy, but his life long passion has been...

The study and demystification of all things esoteric, metaphysical and spiritual.

Now having retired from successfully running their own alternative and complimentary health center both Judith and Chris have turned their attention to writing...

By doing this they know they can help guide many more people towards a life of vibrant good health, wealth and happiness.

What Is Reiki?

Reiki, ah yes, Reiki. A word many have heard – but few truly understand.

To most people Reiki is all about healing. And yes it is indeed a healing art as we'll explain...

But – it is also so much more as well...

So What Exactly is Reiki?

Reiki, as we have already said, is best known in the west as a gentle but powerful system of hands on healing. And it is a system, which can easily be learned by anyone to heal themselves, others, plants and animals.

But as mentioned above it is so much more as well.

Reiki helps you...

  • Discover your true purpose in life.
  • Produce and achieve all your goals.
  • Heal past traumas, which may be hindering your expansion.
  • Discover your own spiritual path.
  • Find, contentment, spiritual enlightenment and...

...the understanding that we are all one!

How does Reiki Work?

The energy of Reiki works by gently opening you up to the understanding that you are the creator of your own reality...

...that there is no greater power than you!

With this knowing comes the realization that everything that happens in your life happens because you want it to...

That there are no accidents...

You make what happens happen.

With this awareness comes the realization that every event in your life, including that of illness, is brought to you, by you...

...and it can, therefore, be taken away by you as well.

So the short answer to how Reiki works, therefore, is the energy of Reiki works by bringing your power back to...


Who can Learn Reiki?

Everyone! – How is this possible?

Because Reiki is not learned in the traditional way we understand learning.

The ability to work with Reiki can be activated within you by a Reiki Master during an initiation ceremony...

Or, more powerfully, you can carry out your own attunement process - which is the way Chikara-Reiki-Do recommends you do it...

Because then you are realizing your own inner power just as Mikao Usui himself did.

Where Does Reiki Energy Come From?

The most common translation of the word Reiki, which is Japanese and pronounced ray-key, is 'the universal and holy, spiritually conscious, life force energy that energises and animates all living things'.

Every living thing in the universe is alive because of this energy.

So when people ask, "where does Reiki energy come from?"

The answer has to be...

Reiki comes from infinite consciousness or All That Is

Is Reiki a Religion?

No, Reiki is not a religion.

You do not have to have any religious beliefs at all.

It certainly could be said that there is a spiritual element to Reiki, but spirituality and religion are not the same.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Reiki?

Reiki, generally speaking, consists of three levels of training known as Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki Master. Some schools have built their courses around more levels – but three is all that is necessary.

These levels can be 'learned' separately over a period of many months, or can be taken over one intensive period.

It really depends on the individual wishing to 'take' Reiki.

If you feel more comfortable taking your time 'learning' Reiki, then do so. If you think you are ready to 'take' all three levels in one go, then you are ready.

It's entirely up to you.

How Can I Experience Reiki?

Most people's first experience of Reiki is generally through a 'hands on healing' therapy session.

During this time they usually report various feelings of warmth or coolness with, maybe, a sense of bubbling energy movement.

Some experience beautiful colors, or the presence of spiritual beings but most people simply experience deep relaxation and peace...

Indeed it is not uncommon for many to fall soundly asleep.

How is a Reiki Treatment Given?

A Reiki treatment is usually given in a quiet and peaceful environment with the person receiving Reiki either lying or sitting down.

The person giving Reiki will then transmit the Reiki energy to the person receiving it – by placing their hands either on or over various points on the body.

A treatment can last anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour and a half, the usual being about an hour.

There is no need to remove any items of clothing except perhaps your shoes if you are lying down on a couch. So it is perfect for people who feel embarrassed or uneasy about undressing.

What Can Be Treated With Reiki?

In a word everything – for Reiki works on all levels of awareness in body, mind and spirit.

It can be compared very simply to the analogy of having a flat battery in a car...

Someone comes along with a strong, healthy battery and a set of jump leads. They connect everything up and the flat car battery suddenly has the extra energy needed to start the engine.

Reiki does this for people irrespective of what is ailing them.

It gives them the extra energy they need to bring themselves back into balance – whilst, sometimes, providing them with a deeper understanding of why they allowed themselves to fall ill in the first place.

Can I Treat Myself?

If you have been attuned to Reiki, then...

Yes, very much so.

This is one of the many benefits of Reiki. Not only does Reiki give you the energy and ability to successfully treat yourself. It also helps to raise your level of awareness to the point where you begin to understand...

That you create your own illnesses.

This is one of the most exciting levels within Reiki.

Is It Safe For Use During Pregnancy?

Absolutely, for Reiki can do no harm.

As already explained Reiki is 'the universal and holy, spiritually conscious, life force energy that energises and animates all living things'...

It aids and enhances all life.

I Have Heard That Reiki Can Be Sent To Others At A Distance. How Does This Work?

At the heart of all metaphysical and spiritual teachings lies the understanding that we are all one and, therefore, all connected.

Our scientists are now beginning to understand these phenomena through their research into quantum mechanics.

You may have already experienced this in action when you have suddenly, and for no apparent reason, thought of a distant friend or relative...

And moments later the 'phone has rung and it's the very same person on the other end of the line.

Distance healing follows this same sequence.

Through thinking of the person and intending to heal, the connection is made and the Reiki energy flows to that person.

How much does Reiki training cost?

There's a very wide variance in the costs associated with Reiki training.

But in general terms, to go from complete beginner, to the level of Reiki Master – will set you back somewhere in the region of...

$500 to $1500

Of course, these are just general terms. You can pay less and you can pay more.

Why the enormous variance in charges?

Very good question!

Really, it's because there's no standard price agreements and people will always charge whatever the market can bear.


Maybe some people think they are better at teaching than others. Maybe some people like to have more money than others – who knows?

But, if Reiki interests you – as you know it really, really should – and you want to take it further – as you know you really, really should...

Yet you don't want to pay these exorbitant fees.

What can you do...?

Well, you can come with us to the next page – where you'll be very pleased with what you find...

After all – it is – very, very special...

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