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A Special Reiki Day

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Good mornin’ all…

Last Friday was Burn’s Night here in Scotland and I know we have several Reiki Masters round about here so I hope they are all feeling fine now!

It can be quiet a jolly affair :-)

Here’s a cheerful link to a bit about the chap himself – if ya’ ken what he says… ha ha ha!

And here’s a more English version of the event!

It’s funny how we all love a special day. How we would like it to be Christmas every day of the year!

Contrary to popular belief we actually like being nice to each other and sharing gifts and festive foods :-)

We save special clothes for special days and special food for special feasts.

But why don’t we celebrate everyday as special?

And don’t say because then it wouldn’t be a special day – that’s a lame excuse.

You might be dead tomorrow… ha ha ha!

When I was little we all had Sunday best clothes and I also had a special ‘party dress’ and glitter shoes :-)

I had a friend who died at 99 years old and she wore rags most of the time because her best clothes, of which she had many, were not suitable to ‘lay the fire in’.

So she died with a wardrobe full of special clothes and we were spoilt for choice about which to bury her in!

I work from home but I always wear my make-up and jewellery and dress in my best clothes.

I’m more of a Girl Guide type of person – be prepared… ha ha ha!

(That’s Boy Scouts actually, but you know what I mean) :-)

You never know when the day might turn out to be extra special.

And if it does, then I’m ready at the drop of a pin!

Always be nice to people and share gifts, even if it’s just a kind word or an encouraging smile. :-)

Don’t save your Reiki until it’s needed. Use it every day.

Make today “A Special Reiki Day” and treat yourself to a wonderful session, just for you, because you’re worth it :-)

I’ll bring the cake… ha ha ha!

With love

Judith :-)


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