Sunday Reiki Chat

Teach The World to Heal

Good mornin’ all

And what a beautiful morning it is too.

In fact it’s been an absolutely fab week :-) We let the anniversary song linger a while :-)

Well you can’t let the sunshine go to waste when you’ve just got a new convertible car, can you! :-)

Mornings like these simply inspire you to do better, do more and just ‘do it’ anyway! :-)

You want to heal the world – right? Hum along to the Coke advert if it helps :-)

Then let me show you how…

But first, I must show you how to heal yourself.

For to heal the world…

First heal the person – you! :-)

Ever wondered how that can be?

Heal me, heal the world?

Because there is only one – there is only One Energy – there’s only one of us in the room.

By focussing solely on yourself…

By trusting implicitly your nature…

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Are You Ready To Take Reiki Master?

Mornin’ all…

I’m a great believer in there being no accidents, ever!

So, whatever is occurring in your life ‘right now’ is exactly right, for you, at this moment in time…

Because ‘know’ it or not, everything you’ve previously decided or chosen has led you right to this amazing experience.

Q – I’ve done Reiki 1 & 11 (about 5 years ago) but my Reiki Master said I couldn’t do the ‘Master’ as I’m not ready for it yet and may not be for quite a while.

I have a few problems or faults that I need to fix first. Do I ignore this advice? She is very genuine.

A – I’m very genuine too and I’m also a great believer in sharing my own opinions! :-) :-) :-)

I must repeat this again and again for you all:

The only opinion that counts to YOU – is yours :-)

Trust, trust, trust, your own intuition!

Your own gut feeling, the little whisper inside of you!

If YOU feel ready to become a Chikara-Reiki-Do Master then I for one, honour your judgement about yourself.

I know, that you know, what’s best for yourself. So I’d say simply ‘go for it’ :-)

But do bear in mind you’ve had to ask for my opinion too. So perhaps you don’t feel quite ready yet? :-)

As for the problems and faults you find with yourself… what problems and faults? …

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Nudge, Nudge Reiki

Mornin’ all…

I’ve often said you’ll find the right remedy, at the right time, for YOU.


Q… I’m new to Reiki and I was wondering if it sometimes worked indirectly. In other words, if sometimes it didn’t heal but directed you to do something that would heal?

I developed severe muscle pain in my legs and Reiki just wasn’t helping, but I woke up this morning with the urge to check out the side effects of a medication my dr. gave me for cholesterol. Sure enough, that was one of the side effects. (Not mentioned on the pamphlet that came with the medication!)

Taking away the pain would not have been healing if I was to continue taking the medication, but I hadn’t heard of the Reiki energy working that way from any of my friends who do Reiki.

A… Well if you think of Reiki as just a ‘healing modality’ then you could be forgiven for thinking it wasn’t working but what happened is very like the way Reiki energy works!

Treating yourself with Reiki each day simply ‘opens you up to divine love and wisdom’.

It puts you in a space where you can ‘hear the answers’, YOU need, to heal or change your life.

You begin to hear your own divine wisdom :-)

Or, put another way – you hear your own intuition :-)

The trick is to TRUST what happens and you did, now your friends can ask you for advice about Reiki :-)

I’m always asking you all to TRUST yourselves implicitly.

Trust your inner whispers, hunches, feelings, spontaneous thoughts – intuition! :-)

Being still each morning and simply running the Reiki energy for yourself puts you in the space to do this.

By TRUSTING yourself you’re also putting yourself in CONTROL of your own life…

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Giving Reiki to Yourself

Mornin’ all…

It’s easy sometimes to overlook the obvious.

Sometimes I just take things for granted, so thank you for daring to ask the seemingly obvious questions :-)


Q. How do I go about giving myself a daily Reiki session? Sorry if you think I’m being dim.

No dimmer than me at times… ha ha ha!

Now, to give yourself a Reiki session at home, simply sit comfortably and open yourself up by using the symbols of your choice on your hands and also down your chakras (if you like).

Always repeat the symbol name 3 times to invoke that energy and then say…

‘I open myself up to Divine Love and Wisdom’. :-)

Then place your hands around your body as shown in the 12 hand positions described in your Reiki Package.

And as you do this say to yourself…

‘I call upon the Reiki energy for me, me, me, right here, right now, for my highest good and the highest good of all concerned’… :-)

Or you can say own name instead of the ‘me’ :-)

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Become a Reiki Expert

Mornin’ all…

For all that people say they believe in equality, that they don’t believe in a class system…

…just mention the word Master and most people’s knees start to bend and their brains cease to function properly :-)

Yes, the modern term for a Master is probably ‘the expert’ :-)

But Master or Expert simply implies that someone knows their subject, craft or art.

To become a modern day expert or master of anything requires practice and usually lots of it.

It requires commitment and dedication too.

Even then, that will not guarantee the person’s actually any good at what they do… but they may be, perhaps, better than most.

But what we’re really looking for in an expert or master is that ‘star’ quality.

Someone who’s a natural :-)

Someone who’s doing whatever it is with or without the title that’s been assigned to them.

They’re doing it because it’s the nature of who they are, it’s an expression of their souls desire to be doing ‘whatever it is they’re doing’ :-)

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