Sunday Reiki Chat


Sunday Reiki Chat



Are You Listening to Me?

Mornin’ all – Happy Easter!

I’ll ask my question again – are you listening to me?

I mean really listening.

Or do you just hear the words that I’m saying?

Because if you were really listening to me, then you would only hear the space in between my words!

You would listen to my silence.

For in my silence is where I reside.

In that calm still space, that void, that emptiness.

And it’s the same with everything on this amazing planet.

Listen to the silence not the noise.

Listen to the stillness not the movement.

Listen to the emptiness – for that is the Universe whispering to you.

So I’ll ask again, are you listening to me?

Enjoy your chocolate eggs!

Until next week…

Judith :-)

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Can YOU Teach Reiki?

Mornin’ all

They say – those that can’t do, teach!

But I say – if you really want to learn how to do something or how a thing really works, THEN TEACH IT! :-)

Because as you share what you’ve learned, your own experiences evolve and when others question you further, you really delve deeper into the subject, and…

Your experience expands, as does your knowledge and knowingness of the subject.

So, if you really want to understand the workings of Reiki energy, specifically YOUR Reiki energy, then teach someone else about it.

Explain it to others – in your own words and from your own direct experience.

There is nothing better or more confidence building than direct EXPERIENCE.

Not second hand, pass me down, this is how it’s done blah, blah!

YOU do it and experience it for yourself.

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It’s true – Words Don’t Teach, Experience Does :-)

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How Effective is YOUR Reiki?

Mornin’ all…

Efficiency is doing things right – EFFECTIVENESS is doing the right things ‘for YOU’ :-)

Often I’m asked about how to ‘do’ things with Reiki. What would I do, how would I do it, which way is best…

…how can you produce the best results or what is the most EFFECTIVE way to give or share or ‘do’ Reiki?

Well, my answer is always the same:

Keep it simple and do ‘that which works best for YOU!’

Because, truly, what works for me – might feel very awkward for you!

But, as long as you’ve got the basic knowledge of Reiki, then just TRUST where your Reiki energy leads you.

Trust your own intuition on the subject.

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Perfect Reiki?

Mornin’ all…

Happy Mother’s Day to all the ladies in the UK :-)

Becoming a Mum was the best thing I ever did! I don’t imagine I’m perfect at it but I’ve given it my best shot.

And that’s all you can do with anything in life – just give it your best shot.

Same with your Reiki experience too.

I might not be the perfect Reiki Master but I’m the very best Judith Conroy Reiki Master you’ll ever meet … ha ha ha!

But even the Judith Conroy Reiki Master changes in each moment…….

Keep chipping away at what seems impossible until your dreams are released.

Keep stabbing at the problem until you’ve whittled a beautiful sculpture.

Keep knocking at the door until it opens :-)

It doesn’t have to be a perfect dream, or sculpture or opportunity – it just has to be fun!

So go on – give anything a bash, and see what happens.


‘It’ll all come right at the end – so if it’s not right yet, you’re not at the end’ :-)

Perfick! I’d hate to miss out on the chocolates … ha ha ha!

Until next week…

Judith :-)

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Reiki Determination

Mornin’ all…

I’m always surprised by the number of chaps who do our course…

…and many of them are ex-military as well.

Showing us that The Warrior-Healer is for real – it has value and brings a dynamic, middle way, balance all of its own :-)

And, as the warrior often has to make on the fly decisions and has to exude confidence, even when the opposite might be true, it…

Can work well for us too!

You see, if you walk through life always dithering about what you should, or shouldn’t, be doing – or even worse, worrying about what the neighbours are thinking about what you’re doing or not doing…

Then it’s going to create unnecessary stress … ha ha ha!

So, use your Reiki energy to give yourself the self-confidence you want.

For if you use Reiki everyday on yourself you will exude a calm and confident exterior because inside you’ll feel warm and serene :-)

And if you continue to use Reiki each day, then those balancing and expansive feelings increase exponentially.

You will feel the calm, assertive confidence of the warrior as he strides into the unknown and you won’t be fretting what
anybody else is thinking about you….

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