Sunday Reiki Chat

Reiki’s Easy When You Know How

Good mornin’ all,

I resist change like most people but anything is ‘easy when you know how’.

You just need to practice a bit more to get into your rhythm or stride!

Even if you have a natural talent for something it still requires you to fine tune your abilities if you are going to make anything of it.

That goes for your Reiki or like DC, our son, playing the drums :-)

But the most important thing is to play to your own rhythm, listen to the beat of your own drum only.

We each bring our own unique rhythm to life and that is what makes it so diverse and interesting.

As we practice what we have learnt from another, as with the Reiki or different drum riffs, we find we want to add on, change or modify the rhythm to something that ‘feels’ more like our own.

Something that uniquely reflects the beat from our own hearts :-)

Then you are in the flow…

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Reiki Talking but No Action!

Good mornin’ all,

Walking is such a lovely pastime activity to do. For you notice so much more around you :-)

And, talking of walking, or walking and talking…

Like a lot of things in life, we all seem to talk a lot but don’t really do a lot!

So often you think, or indeed are told, that only ‘someone else’ can do this or that for you.

But why is this?

Are you really so helpless or dim?

Because when it really comes down to it you can only ‘do for yourself’…

Because in truth, no one can actually ‘do anything’ for you at all…

Yes, they all like to think they can, but in reality…

You do it all yourself.

For you really do create your own reality :-)

And nowhere is this more important for you to understand than in your own health and wellbeing

Because, you create your illness AND your wellness.

How many times have you heard a true healer say – ‘I am only the catalyst in your own healing’?

Now, why do you think they would say this? It’s because the client heals themselves with the healers support.

And you cannot literally do it for them!…

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Reiki… A Mistake?

Good mornin’ all,

Have you made any good mistakes lately? I’m proud to say that we have :-)

You see, we are all brought up and taught at school, how bad it is to make mistakes, and that we must avoid ‘making mistakes’ at all costs.

Well, we disagree…

After all, what actually is a mistake?

A decision – gone wrong?

A choice – gone sour?

A preference that turned out not to be!

How can we possibly admit we were ‘wrong’ and still save face.

My mother used to say ‘You’ve made your bed, now you have to lie in it’…

What nonsense is that?

Yes, you did create this unpleasant, unfavourable, unsuitable situation.

But do you know what?

If you have the power to create this situation, you also have the power to create another more favourable one too.

Yes – YOU have the power.

If you made one bed to lie in and you don’t like it, you simply create another bed!

You do not have to lie in it, put up with it, suffer, do penance, feel ashamed or anything else.

Just make another choice…

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That Reiki Feeling

Good mornin’ all,

Have you ever noticed how Sunday mornings have that feeling of Reiki?

If you get up early on a Sunday morning, the stillness and silence is much greater than say, on a Monday morning.

Even the mice have a lie in!

The air is still and the pace relaxed.

Wouldn’t it be nice if every day was like this?

Perhaps it’s because Sunday is more simple in its design.

It’s more hunter/gatherer :-)

Often there is hard physical work with gardening or fixing the house up, followed by large amounts of food :-)

And even though we have lots to accomplish within the day, we are more congenial and relaxed about it.

We can move the time frame, goal posts, as we wish.

Wouldn’t it be nice if every day was like this?

Sunday is also a day to communicate with others…

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Activating The Reiki Symbols?

Good mornin’ all :-)

Sometimes it’s the little things that bother us, and then we feel unsure of what ‘to do’.

So, the first thing you have to do is – learn to TRUST YOURSELF implicitly – with everything, including your Reiki energy.

For example…

Q: For the Cho Koo Ray, should I say its name three times while drawing it out? Or wait until after I’ve drawn it and then say it? For the other symbols the same also?

A: Whichever way feels most comfortable for YOU to do it, is the best. :-)

Yes, at first drawing and speaking the name together may not flow…

…it’s a bit like rubbing your tummy and patting your head at the same time!

But later when you don’t have to ‘think’ so much about the ‘how’ of drawing the symbol – you may be able to draw and speak them at the same time…

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