Sunday Reiki Chat

Looking good with Reiki

Mornin’ all…

Happy 4th July weekend to those across the pond!

Here’s a good question:

Q – I am 29 years old and I’m suffering from painful acne along the sides and jaw line of my face. I’ve had small outbreaks, but nothing like this. In the past I used Pro-Active, which helped, but now it’s not.

From reading the Reiki books and your chats, I “know” that I attract illness so I assume the same goes for acne? …

And my good answer:

A – One thing I do know before I launch into a reply is that any ‘skinny’ condition is linked with anger and a poor opinion of yourself.

On an external practical level keeping the skin simply clean and dry helps, with no greasy creams…

Too many steroid based creams, which lessen the inflammation but will thin and weaken the skin in the long term.

Taking the hormone ‘pill’ will often help when your skin erupts on a regular cycle but who wants to mess with their hormones unnecessarily?

Fresh fruit and vegetables, an alkaline diet, fresh water and fresh air are all good recommendations along with plenty of sunshine.

Reiki charge your water and call me old fashioned but bless your food with Reiki too. :-)

But still the bloomin’ spots come…

So we have to look deeper… here we find out that beauty is more than skin deep.

Often ‘skinny’ people don’t realise how beautiful, talented and intelligent they are.

They bury themselves under a pile of pus!

The skin is to do with touching and connecting to others but also it separates and protects us…

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How to Activate the Reiki Symbols

Life is so easy to take for granted, just doing the things you do without thinking.

More of a habit :-)

But you have to start somewhere. We were all learner drivers once :-)

And the same goes for using your Reiki skills. Once we were all beginners and needed to practice everything over and over until it became second nature and you formed a habit :-)

So I never mind answering even the daftest sounding question, about Reiki that is, unless of course, it’s ultra, ultra-daft :-)

So please, never hesitate to ask.

Here’s a really good question from someone new to Reiki and it’s just the sort of thing you need to know at the beginning of your journey.


‘I would like to know if, for the Cho Koo Ray, I should say its name three times while drawing it out? Or wait until after I’ve drawn it and then say it? For the other symbols the same also?’

And I say – Whichever feels most comfortable for YOU to do is the best for YOU :-)

Remember – Reiki is not complicated or difficult (really, really, know that) and you can always adjust things to suit your personality and the circumstances.

Never be afraid to alter or adapt Reiki for the needs of the moment… for there is only ‘This moment’ :-)

And the more you learn to trust yourself, the more confident you will be, not just as a healer, but in all other areas of your life too. :-)

At first drawing and speaking the name together may not flow – but later when you don’t have to ‘think’ so much about the ‘how’ of drawing the symbol – you may be able to draw and speak them at the same time…

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How To Be An Effective Reiki Practitioner

Happy Father’s Day lads, if you’re in the UK!

No car washing or lawn mowing for you today! How does a big lunch and a siesta sound?

Sorted :-)

Now, just listen to this before you nod off – questionable conversation follows…

Q – What are the ways of checking the effectiveness of our Reiki?

A – There’s only one way to check how effective or good you are and that’s to give Reiki and listen to the feedback from your clients.

And when I say you need to be good at giving Reiki, I mean you need to be calm, efficient, confident and capable. :-)

You need to feel secure in your knowledge that ‘you can do it’.

It’s no good getting phased by, or intimidated by, a 6’6′ rugby player who’s just being a little boy about his backache! :-)

Or being firm and commanding with someone you know needs a doctor’s advice or diagnosis.

But this all comes with practice, practice, practice and then more practice.

Why do you think they call doctors surgeries practices? :-)

The more you practice the more feedback you will get.

This might be nice comments or cards and flowers but it might also be that the client doesn’t return because they feel better. :-)

This verifies to you that your Reiki is ‘working’ and that you can, and are, doing it. :-)

Q – I’m not sure if I did my attunement correctly?

A – Yes you did, because there’s no wrong way. Any variation is simply your way :-)

There is only ONE energy…

It is you, and you are it.

You are everything and everything is you…

Therefore… You are Reiki and Reiki is you. :-)

There is no separation, duality, or two of anything…

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How to Have Instant Reiki – Always

Mornin’ all,

Q – How can you do a quick Reiki healing without having to take so much time to open and close?

A – Easy peasy!

Just open up once daily and don’t ever bother closing! That’s all I do, then I’m Ever Ready Reiki :-)

For years I’ve only ever ‘opened myself up to divine love and wisdom’.

For years I’ve never closed myself.

I want to be open 24/7 to divine love and wisdom!

Um hmm, yes, I can hear the squeals of disbelief from you! :-)

But doing it this way I’m ready to handle anything that is ‘negative’ too.

I open myself up constantly to ‘divine love and wisdom’ and my intention is for there to be only that.

So, the more I open myself up to divine love and wisdom the less room I have for negative rubbish.

For there is only ‘one’ energy… it’s me and I’m it :-)

The negative thoughts and feelings that might try to ‘come in’ are only in my head, so again…

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Reiki – The Coming of an Age

Mornin’ all,

Have you ever pondered on the nature of illness?

Well, let’s take a little look right now.

You see, life is a journey through various experiences and none more so, than the experiences that different illnesses bring!

Now, before you say anything, these are my ponderings and of course I’m broad stroking…

…as in – all teenagers think they’re indestructible :-)

They’re fearless, flexible, strong and supple. (Or they were in my day!) As long as the illness doesn’t alienate them from the crowd or group, it’s ok.

Yes, everyone has spots or a bad hair day! And yes, these are major ‘problems’ to a teenager but a sexually transmitted disease is just so embarrassing! :-)

And, of course being a teenager is mostly lived out in their minds!

That’s why they suffer from depression, self-worth issues, image problems, etc :-)

An easily treated STD can create no end of mental anxiety for them but not as much trouble as wondering about what to wear on Saturday night or if they’ll pass some exam!

It’s the age of what if’s and if only’s! :-)

Now, in your 20’s…

You don’t have much time for illness.

It’s about finding a mate and working your way up the career ladder.

Anything you do have is obviously ‘stress’ related due to the pressure of work.

Or, not finding the right partner…

So much pressure, yet most of that is in your head!

It’s the pressure to conform that you put yourself under!

In your 30’s…

You must be at the height of your career and simply cannot afford financially to be ill or take time out because some other bugger will nab your throne!

Again, burnout caused by stress, related to imaginary catastrophic financial demise or an imaginary coup from your second in command!

As a woman you have to juggle in the welfare of your children too.

Pay for nursery, schooling, babysitters!

(Why a Mum can’t be Mum anymore is another subject!)…

Mental stress causing physical collapse. In other words – all in your head!…

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