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A picture says a thousand words

Mornin’ all

Thank goodness a picture says a thousand words…



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What To Do In A Healing Crisis?

Good mornin’ all

Q – When a person undergoes a “healing crisis” should the person continue with the Reiki sessions or stop for a little while?

A – Don’t stop! Do carry on with the sessions as this will help to clear things out for good. :-)

It’s no good just doing half a job – when you’ve got things on the move keep them moving – when the energy is shifting keep pushing.

However, if the energy shift becomes too uncomfortable either physically, mentally or emotionally…

…be guided by your own feelings and adjust the appointment times accordingly.

Remember ANY change is good, as this denotes a positive movement of energy. :-)

For when shit hits the fan – shift is the plan :-)

You may also have to cope with any ’emotional vomits’ the person may have, so be prepared to give extra support where necessary.

And that might just be a big hug :-)

But only if you have your massage certificate, Reverend certificate, Reiki certificate, Insurance certificate, etc of course… :-)

If ever you’re in doubt, simply ask yourself what it is you would like as help and support if you were in the same situation…

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How To Switch Off Your Reiki Flow

Good mornin’ all

Q – This might sound strange – but can you give me any pointers on how to switch my Reiki down or off?

I know my intention must be a key. My hands and feet are buzzing a heck of a lot. :-)

A – The simple way to signal you’ve finished using your Reiki energy is to press your hands together and intend that the ‘extra’ flow of your Reiki energy stops.

You could also try rinsing your hands under cold water for a few moments, as your signal to end the session or dispel the heat or tingly sensations.

Also give your hands a good shake, as if shaking off water.

And, for your feet, try curling your toes up, as if picking up a pencil from the floor and saying ‘stop’!

Then try stamping them a few times to shake out and ground the excess energy, before intending the energy to stop flowing.

But do enjoy the feeling you have now and take the time to simply ‘watch’ it flow…

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What If You Really Are Reiki..?

Good mornin’ all

Let’s play…

What if!

So, let’s begin – What if Reiki really was The One Energy.

What if Reiki really was The Universal Life Force Energy.

What if Reiki really was the same as Chi Energy, Ki Energy, Prana, Infinite Consciousness, Unconditional Love Energy, God, Goddess, The ALL of IT Energy?

What if…

Hmmm, Yeah! That would mean Reiki is pretty amazing wouldn’t it? :-)

But what if…

But what if YOU really are an individual expression of that The One Energy.

But what if YOU really are made up of The Universal Life Force Energy.

But what if YOU really are the same stuff of Chi Energy, Ki Energy, Prana, Infinite Consciousness, Unconditional Love Energy, God, Goddess, The ALL of IT Energy?…

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Can I Teach Reiki?

Good mornin’ all

Now before I talk about whether you can teach Reiki to others when you become a Chikara-Reiki-Do Master…

Has this ever happened to you?

You have an ‘accident’ and find yourself on the floor, sitting on your ‘sit upon’ rather too quickly.

Well, if you have, did you then take a moment or two to perhaps consider what you were trying to tell yourself.

Did you look to see if you were sending yourself a message, because…

…really, there are no ‘accidents’, ever!

For example:

You’ve injured your foot and been stopped in your tracks.

Could this be suggesting a need to reconsider where you’re heading in your life?

Do you need to change direction?

Perhaps be more confident and positive in your approach to something?…

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