Sunday Reiki Chat

Enough Meditating – Get Up and Get Moving!

Good mornin’ all…

This continues from last week’s Sunday Chat about meditating.

Okay then, so now that you’ve sat around for a while being meditatively idle :-) – you need to move!

Remember – all action stems from non-action so come on, let’s get moving.

This movement should ideally enhance your breathing and flexibility.

Deep breathing increases your oxygen (O2) content and increased O2 content means a happy, healthy body.

With enough O2 the cells of your body can perform all their functions properly and without undue stress.

You can absorb energy easily.

You can utilize energy easily.

And you can dispose of waste products easily.

There is a light aerated feel to your body.

This gives clarity of vision and an animal like power store of energy – just ready to spring into action…

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Reiki meditating – well do you?

Good mornin’ all

‘The greatest mountain you will ever climb, is the small incline at the start of your journey’ – Judith Conroy

I love the Chinese proverb – all action stems from non-action.

It’s my excuse to sit and muse :-)

Maybe you should sit for a moment now and just contemplate if you really want to make this journey or just read about it.

‘Do or do not, there is no try’ – Yoda

No excuses… just do it.

In this first part I want to talk about meditation.

The word itself conjures up lots of contradictions about how to do it.

I want you to find your way – and find it you will, no excuses, every day.

And not just for this coming week, or the next seven weeks but every day, from now on.

Meditation, to me, is taking time out to be with myself quietly. So I can listen to my inner voice. Listen to my feelings, and acknowledge my heart’s desire.

In doing so, I can be true to myself in everything I do.

Everything I do is an expression of me.

I am consciously present in all that I do…

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Losing The Poverty Mentality

Good mornin’ all

In today’s financial climate it pays to be very careful how you think.

And if you sit there, right now, thinking what has money got to do with Reiki then read on :-)

I’ve said it before so I’ll say it again –

Until next week…

Judith :-)

Here’s a Special Offer For You!

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Living Life On Purpose

Good mornin’ all

I hope you’re all having a spectacular 4th of July weekend!

Here’s a golden oldie Sunday Chat for you :-)

Until next week…

Judith :-)

Click here to do Reiki on purpose too

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Reiki Endings?

Good mornin’ all

Is your Reiki journey as you expected or even what you envisioned?

Do you feel or sense that ‘something’ is perhaps missing.

I started my Reiki journey with marvellous expectations that something ‘out there’ was about to change but what happened was something totally different!

Out there didn’t shift – I did!

I began to see – to understand – that ‘out there’ is a total illusion.

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