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Not Taking On The Complaints Of Your Reiki Client…

Mornin’ all…

Shifting the paradigm is going to be done by creating, and maintaining, a positive mental attitude and gaining knowledge of what you’re really capable of as an individual.

When all those capable individuals join together as a team, you can then make a huge difference, – and it doesn’t matter if you’re spread out all over the globe, in fact it’s champion :-)

My ‘job’ (should I choose to accept it, Jim :-) ) is to keep you all positive and moving in the right direction.

That direction is of course, understanding just how brilliant and powerful each and every one of you really are :-)

And being powerful doesn’t mean taking on board other peoples ‘problems’…

like in this instance:

Q… I have just done my first healing for a friend who’s very negative and has neck and back pain.

A few days later she was feeling great but…

I was feeling terrible! Very down and irritable. It took me a few days to see what had happened to me.

I assume I took her problems on board, if this is the case, how do I stop myself from doing this again?

A… Stay aware!

When you give Reiki to another person it opens you up to sensing their energy more, as it’s reflected in your own body’s energy field.

You sense a ‘disturbance in their force’ as a whisper of a feeling in yours.

TRUST that feeling. :-)

If the feeling is not yours then simply say… “Thank you, take it away”.

Once you have acknowledged the client’s energy within your own, you no longer need to ‘sense’ it.

If it persists for a little longer, then again, ask for it to be ‘taken away’.

Do not acknowledge it as yours.

Another quick and easy way to shake off this foreign feeling is to shower as soon as possible.

This cleanses your energy field literally :-)

If this is not possible then rinse your hands under cold water and see the negative energy being washed away.

Then shake your hands dry to further get rid of the feeling.

The real trick to this though, is to remain aware right from the beginning.

Yes, I can hear the cries of ‘you should surround yourself with white light and angels wings’ and how fluffing yourself with a incense stick will banish the demons or whatever – but I have never held with that version :-)

The power and choice, as always, lies within YOU, to know and acknowledge the fluctuations in the Universal Life Force, be that flowing in another or in you!

TRUST YOURSELF that’s all you have to do. :-)

When you start to sense the One energy, you sense it physically too…

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Time To Heal?

Mornin’ all…

The only place we ever rush to, is an early grave…

It seems no-one has the time to be ill these days, let alone give themselves time to heal!

Today you’re supposed to ‘man up’ and drug your poor old body up to the hilt, just so you can perform boring tasks at work.

Like a good little robot… :-(

Call me old fashioned – again!

But I remember when, if you felt poorly – you had a day in bed to feel better – and it worked! :-)

You weren’t malingering, you were healing!

And the same with old fashioned remedies too.

They gently and over a period of time, healed your body.

A mustard poultice for a bad chest, camphorated oil for everything, gentian violet for ladies problems, lochia rubra for open wounds, Ipecacuanha for strains, bruises and swelling…ha ha ha!

They supported your body and mind and emotions through the ups and downs of your illness.

And they gave your body time to heal itself with the minimum interference.

And so did those around you.

Whatever happened to the healing power of Mum’s spit on a hanky for your graze?

It’s super bug killing wipes now and a trip to the hospital for a band-aid plaster!

Nobody trusts their own intuition anymore.

And certainly they don’t trust their frail and fragile bodies to know how to heal!…

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Reiki & Other Tips for Toothache?

Mornin’ all…

Nothing makes you feel more rotten or grouchy than a bad toothache :-(

So how can Reiki help?

First, here are some general tips for toothache… always handy just in case…

Put the Power or Mental-Emotional symbol on the end of your fire finger and then rest your tooth area on that finger. As if you’re going to blow your head off only use a blast of Reiki energy instead :-)

The pressure and Reiki energy will work well to ease the pain.

Call me old fashioned (don’t you dare :-) ) but also get some real cloves from the grocery store and place one next to your tooth (you can also bite down gently on it too).

That will also lessen the pain.

And, you can always put an aspirin or paracetamol next to your tooth as well, with the same effect. But don’t do this too often or you will ‘burn’ your gum.

But there’s always more to a simple ailment than meets the eye and toothache is no different.

And what do we use our teeth for mainly? – to bite :-)

Anything that stops you biting – symbolizes just that in your life.

Someone or some situation is stopping you from being effective.

Your decision making is compromised.

Biting is aggressive and relates to your ability to look out for yourself.

Your bark becomes a poor substitute for your bite, as they say.

You snap at folk in the day and grind your teeth at night because of your inability to express your aggression or anger appropriately.

And you end up blunting your teeth – literally!…

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Looking good with Reiki

Mornin’ all…

Happy 4th July weekend to those across the pond!

Here’s a good question:

Q – I am 29 years old and I’m suffering from painful acne along the sides and jaw line of my face. I’ve had small outbreaks, but nothing like this. In the past I used Pro-Active, which helped, but now it’s not.

From reading the Reiki books and your chats, I “know” that I attract illness so I assume the same goes for acne? …

And my good answer:

A – One thing I do know before I launch into a reply is that any ‘skinny’ condition is linked with anger and a poor opinion of yourself.

On an external practical level keeping the skin simply clean and dry helps, with no greasy creams…

Too many steroid based creams, which lessen the inflammation but will thin and weaken the skin in the long term.

Taking the hormone ‘pill’ will often help when your skin erupts on a regular cycle but who wants to mess with their hormones unnecessarily?

Fresh fruit and vegetables, an alkaline diet, fresh water and fresh air are all good recommendations along with plenty of sunshine.

Reiki charge your water and call me old fashioned but bless your food with Reiki too. :-)

But still the bloomin’ spots come…

So we have to look deeper… here we find out that beauty is more than skin deep.

Often ‘skinny’ people don’t realise how beautiful, talented and intelligent they are.

They bury themselves under a pile of pus!

The skin is to do with touching and connecting to others but also it separates and protects us…

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How to Activate the Reiki Symbols

Life is so easy to take for granted, just doing the things you do without thinking.

More of a habit :-)

But you have to start somewhere. We were all learner drivers once :-)

And the same goes for using your Reiki skills. Once we were all beginners and needed to practice everything over and over until it became second nature and you formed a habit :-)

So I never mind answering even the daftest sounding question, about Reiki that is, unless of course, it’s ultra, ultra-daft :-)

So please, never hesitate to ask.

Here’s a really good question from someone new to Reiki and it’s just the sort of thing you need to know at the beginning of your journey.


‘I would like to know if, for the Cho Koo Ray, I should say its name three times while drawing it out? Or wait until after I’ve drawn it and then say it? For the other symbols the same also?’

And I say – Whichever feels most comfortable for YOU to do is the best for YOU :-)

Remember – Reiki is not complicated or difficult (really, really, know that) and you can always adjust things to suit your personality and the circumstances.

Never be afraid to alter or adapt Reiki for the needs of the moment… for there is only ‘This moment’ :-)

And the more you learn to trust yourself, the more confident you will be, not just as a healer, but in all other areas of your life too. :-)

At first drawing and speaking the name together may not flow – but later when you don’t have to ‘think’ so much about the ‘how’ of drawing the symbol – you may be able to draw and speak them at the same time…

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