Sunday Reiki Chat

The Reiki Symbols

So, what exactly are Reiki symbols? Well, to me, a symbol is… …a reminder, a memory jogger, a point of focus, a hook to hang something on. And it has no power what-so-ever of its own! The ONLY power it has – is what I deem to give it. If I don’t empower it with […]

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Reiki Knowledge, The Path To Freedom

Chikara-Reiki-Do is based on Knowledge, Power and personal Freedom…

To that end, we’re going to offer you what we feel is great…

And expand your knowledge base by the bucket load. :-)

Now, Reiki is not all about healing.

It’s a superbly simple – ‘Personal Energy Management System’ :-)

And it can do a lot more than just heal. Which is exactly what we want to make you aware of.

Because, when you have the knowledge of energy and how it works, you can use it, demonstrate it, and share it.

But first you have to ‘grok the fullness’ of it. :-)

You have to understand where YOU come into the equation.

You have to understand exactly what YOU are capable of.

And, to do that you need Knowledge. Information, in a way that you can grasp it, hear it, see it.

We’re going to encourage you all to be the truly Independent, Individual, Chikara-Reiki-Do Masters that you dream of being.

Self-reliant in a very practical and comfortable way!

Self-reliant in a way that builds your confidence and makes you feel safe in your own hands, in your own life and with your own choices…

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Reiki – For A Well Balanced Life

Now, as you all know I get a lot of communications with all sorts of folk and it never ceases to amaze me the preconceived ideas people have of me :-)




IT specialist… :-)

Miracle healer…




Financial whizz…

Job adviser…

Fraud, money grabber, devil’s advocate, saint and sinner and all the rest rolled into one… :-)

Well, I like to think I’m a well-balanced person but what does that actually mean?

Well, if I’m so well balanced, then by definition, I must be a bit of both.

Don’t poke me with a big stick and expect a polite reply!

For the measure of my rudeness is also in my politeness…

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Real Touch Healers… Hug an’ Rub Therapy

Reiki, The Healing Touch – Or Hug an’ Rub Therapy :-)

There’re so many different ways of healing out there nowadays – it’s getting more and more difficult to choose what’s right for YOU.

Now, you all know I’m a great believer in keeping it simple, so allow me to share my thoughts… :-)

I look at what nursing entails today and can’t help but think it’s totally lost the plot.

I know – call me old fashioned… ha ha ha!

Nearly all men die of their medicines, not of their diseases.

Moliere (1622-1672)

I don’t think you need a University degree to put food in one end and remove it from the other… ha ha ha!

Whatever happened to instinctively or intuitively doing the right thing?

You know – like trusting, beyond doubt, a Mother’s intuition to know what’s instinctively right for her child.

It doesn’t seem to get a look in these days.

YOU – have to trust, trust, trust yourself implicitly… I cannot repeat it enough.

If someone is crying… hug them, hold them, stroke their hair, pat their back, coo softly…

I don’t care what age, sex or ethnic minority they are!

I don’t care what the governing bodies or neighbours say…

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Clearing Negative Energy With Reiki

Reiki is excellent for many other things besides just healing people, animals and plants and…

Clearing Negative Energy with Reiki, such as in rooms – or entire buildings for that matter – of any stuck or negative type energy is another way of creatively using this wonderful resource.

For example:

When you go anywhere, especially for the first time, you may get a feel of the place the moment you walk in…

Some buildings can make you shudder while others seem to welcome you with open arms.

Some make you feel comfortable and safe and others can leave you irritable or scared.

Have you experienced this?

Well, to explain this we’ll have to look a little more deeply into the way our physical world is created…

We live, as you probably already know, in a vast universe of pure energy.

And it’s this energy, when it ‘comes together’ in various states of vibration, that gives us the ‘solidity’ or ‘denseness’ of our ‘physical’ world.

In other words it’s the range of ‘densities’ – the different rates at which the individual ‘things’ vibrate – which gives us all the many different ‘things’ we see around us right now.

Water only appears different to metal because of the rate at which it’s vibrating…

The basic energy – of which these two items are composed – is exactly the same.

Now, not only is everything you see composed of this energy, vibrating at different rates, but so is everything you cannot see…

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