Sunday Reiki Chat

Has Your Reiki Energy Gone Stale?

Mornin all…

It’s English Summer Time! Yippee!

I hope you’ve remembered to ‘spring’ your clocks forward :-)

Not quite on with the T shirt and let’s actually ‘do’ summer but in sheltered spots the sun is wonderful :-)

And I can TRUST summer is coming

Just because I can’t see it or feel it strongly yet, does not mean it’s not there or it’s ‘gone away’ somewhere else.

The trees are beginning to bud – a sure sign of spring. :-)

The flowers are beginning bloom – another sure sign of spring. :-)

The birds are singing and chasing each other – definitely a sign of spring :-)

Just because I don’t sense everything externally (through my winter coat!) it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

For you see, my ‘bones’ tell me it’s spring because of many things…

The longer daylight…

Brighter colours…

A lighter diet… (almost!)

A desire to wear brighter and lighter clothes…

I ‘KNOW’ it’s spring, just like the tree or flower does :-)

I ‘KNOW’ it’s spring, just like the birds and the bees do :-)

And I know I can TRUST my KNOWINGNESS about such things.

Trust yourself – for you do KNOW all things.

This brings me to a question:

Q… I haven’t really used my Reiki recently and I feel a bit separated from it.

And my answer…

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Reiki Turmoil

Uncertain about Reiki?

Chris recently shared this quote with me… “Most people settle for unhappiness rather than uncertainty”

And looking around me at the people I meet, that is so true.

How many people do you know who are unhappy in their job?

Or relationship or the area where they live?

And how many of them are too afraid to take a step into the unknown to change their circumstances?

All three of us here, know that the changes that occur for us, have been created by us! :-)

To quote myself…

“Settle for second best and that’s exactly what you’ll get – in all areas of your life”

This house is great BUT… If there’s a ‘but’ at the end – it is second best.

We prefer happiness and are willing to take that leap of faith, jump off the cliff, journey into the unknown, face uncertainty and see where we end up :-)

But we know with unflinching certainty that it’ll be the right place, at the right time, for us. :-)

Even if the outer appearance is one of chaos and mayhem… :-)

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Reiki Blessings on Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day for all of us in the UK :-)

“Just for today I will give thanks for my many reiki blessings”

But how often do we forget this simple task?

Never mind how deep the doo-doo is in your life right now, because even in the midst of all the rubbish, pain and anger, you do have blessings to behold.

After all, you’re still breathing which is a very good starting point! :-)

And from that point, you can show your appreciation, which is where hope for a brighter future can begin.

“She made me angry.”

“He made me upset.”

“They make me frustrated.”

When I blame you for my feelings, I make myself a victim.

When I take ownership for my reactions, I create opportunities for change.

– Barry Neil Kaufman

So, if the outer circumstances seem to be weighing you down, give thanks for being so strong you can bear such a load…

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Release And Let Go With Reiki

Time for a Spring Clean by giving yourselves a well-earned treat… with Reiki :-)

Breathe deeply… “I release and let go with ease” :-)

As the Spring Equinox arrives it is a powerful time of the year to manifest what you want…

So don’t get side tracked and overwhelmed with the things you don’t want. :-)

Breathe deeply… “I release and let go with ease”… :-)

Discreetly use your Reiki to soften and relax your energy

Breathe deeply… “I release and let go with ease”… :-)

Put something on the front door or under the doormat or by the doorbell – like the mental and emotional symbol.

Breathe deeply… “I release and let go with ease”… :-)

Anyone who comes in, see them walking through the symbol like a sieve, to remove any stress and discord, or emotional rubbish!

Breathe deeply… “I release and let go with ease”… :-)

Bless all your food and drinks with Reiki.

Breathe deeply… “I release and let go with ease”… :-)

Bless the house for harmony and all the rooms individually…

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How to Use Your Chakra Energy

I read somewhere years ago that “HAPPINESS is having your NEEDS met, JOY is having your WANTS met.”

And so often we forget that – just for today…

We’ve food on the table, a roof over our head and a couple of ‘quid’ (bucks) in our back pocket.

For there IS only today and, with those needs met, we have EVERY reason to be happy. :-)

To appreciate what we already have

Feelings are a guide to help us decide (little bit of poetry there!)…

Just for today, let’s play with our chakra energy. There’s so much information about their colours, which way they spin or don’t spin!

Their position inside your body or floating about nearby… :-)

But there’s not a lot about how this all comes together and how YOU can use that energy – without having to sit crossed legged spinning an imaginary coloured plate in your 3rd eye or bottom! :-)

Let me show you how to simply embrace your chakra energy

Okay then, from the bottom up, so to speak, we’ll start with the base chakra… :)


Once you’ve got a roof over your head and some food on the table and a bit of cash left over, this part is sorted.

Your roof maybe cardboard and you food a tin of beans but it’s a solid starting point :-)

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