Sunday Reiki Chat

A Reiki Healing Technique:

I call it the Reiki Rub :-)

Lightly rub your hand vigorously over a poorly part and imagine all the dust particles flying around.

You do not need to touch the area, you can do an imaginary rub just above it.

Like rubbing or agitating the aura…

Then hold your hand still over the area and imagine the particles settling back down again but in the right places.

This is actually very effective for pain relief, especially back pain.

Because, what you’ve done is agitate the energy and then soothed it down again.

Yes, we all used to ‘rub things better’ years ago but the practice seems to have gone out of fashion now…

Like Mum’s spit on your hanky for a graze… ha ha ha!

Call me old fashioned, if you like – and you’d be right :-)

But as I repeatedly say – use your Reiki energy on yourself.

Because, YOU have to be number 1 on your healing list!

For if you can’t look out for number 1 then you can’t do a proper job for others…

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Opening And Closing Yourself To Reiki

Q. How can I do a quick Reiki healing, without having to take so much time to open myself up to Reiki and then close down again?

A. Just open up once daily and don’t ever bother closing!

That’s what I do – because doing it that way means I’m always ‘Ever Ready Eddie’ as it were :-)

For years now I have only ever ‘opened myself up to divine love and wisdom’…

And, for years I’ve never closed myself down…

Simply because I want to be open 24/7 to divine love and wisdom!!!

Yes, I can hear the squeals of disbelief from some of you… :-)

But just think about it – how can I even think of closing down something that is so much an integral part of me?

So as soon as I even think, I might think of thinking of Reiki, I’m up and running :-)

And, as I say, why switch off such a good thing?

Just keep it flowing.

Now, that works for me… so I simply suggest you give it a try and see if it works for you.

Simple techniques give powerful results…

Remember, you are the power behind the ritual.

Yes, I’ve read the same things you’ve probably read about closing yourself down – but I take no notice :-)

I simply don’t think that way…

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What is Reiki?

A Deeper Understanding of Reiki. If you delve down deeply into Reiki and what Reiki energy really is, you’ll find it’s really a recipe for successful living and the symbols and rituals are simply the basic ingredients. But this recipe does have one very magic and unique ingredient which I’ll come to soon… So let’s […]

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Reiki is Our Favourite Thing

Generally speaking we like all things Reiki :-) However, that’s not to say all other things, not Reiki, are therefore no good.

But you see, Reiki blends with and compliments almost anything.

So you can easily mix and match it with other therapies or practices of your current fancy.

And I do believe that is a good thing to do.

Otherwise it’s tempting to get stuck in a rut and become narrow-minded.

With the result that you never, ever, discover how ‘multi-talented’ you actually are. :-)

I’m not suggesting you become a ‘Jack of All Trades etc’, but more of a good all-rounder.

So that you can lead with your favourite, and blend everything else into all you do.

We’re not, as you may have noticed…into being Reiki purists… :-)

We’re more of the mind that ‘if it works for you, it’s right for you’ – perfick! :-)

Introducing new methods, thoughts, therapies, skills and concepts into your life, helps to stimulate you.

It keeps your outlook fresh, challenging and interesting – to you!

It stops your Reiki getting dull, tired, and might I say, boring.

You see, Chris and I are trained in many things…

But we enjoy Reiki best…

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I am not your Reiki Master!

In the nicest possible way…

I am not ‘your Reiki Master’. You’re your own Master :-)

We’re both on the same or similar path… and all roads lead to Salford, as they say in Manchester!

It’s not for me to judge whether you are ready for anything.

I defer to your greater knowledge of yourself.

I just wish you would trust yourselves, as I trust you.

That you would honour the power of your words, as I do!

You see, I sense how magnificent you are and then sense the fear that makes you resist so :-)

But, if the outer reflects the inner, you are also my mirrors :-)

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