Sunday Reiki Chat

Forgiving with Reiki

Mornin’ all, rise and shine!

I’ve been thinking about how Springtime affects us and I thought about FORGIVENESS.

Springtime suggests to me, forgiveness, letting go, moving on and actually living life to the full! :-)

Forgiveness is de-cluttering your emotional baggage compartment, so to speak!

This could be the rise of the Spring energy.

The spurt of new growth, the desire to join in with life again – proactive creation!

Because Springtime’s all about rebirth, regeneration, renewal…

But it’s hard to be happy, youthful and full of vigor if you’re carrying a load of rubbish around inside – be that emotional or literal. :-)

I’ve mentioned shifts and changes in the energy, clearing out the rubbish and releasing old hurts, people and situations before…

But sometimes it’s a lot easier said, than done :-)

Forgiveness is the most effective way to let go though.

Forgiveness is a kindness you do for yourself. :-)

By forgiving others, for what you’ve perceived they’ve done, you can let go.

For truly, whatever they ‘did’, it’s only your perception of it, that has hurt you.

Whatever it was they did, created an experience for you, which then generated your ‘interpretation’ of the event.

But by using Reiki you can go back and change your perception of what happened and release the pain or hurt. :-)

By using Reiki, you can face your past experiences with a renewed confidence and detachment. From this newer perspective you see the greater overall view, the larger picture and how others may have been feeling or their motives.

Then you can use your Reiki to forgive them.

Because you’ve seen how they’ve struggled with their own emotions of jealousy, anger, hatred, powerlessness, or whatever…

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Heal the World with Reiki

Mornin’ all

Isn’t Spring energy wonderful!

I love it :-)

The optimism combined with joyous expectation :-)

You can achieve anything if you harness this fabulous energy and go with your flow :-)

Now, I want to show you how to heal the world.

And to do that – I must show you how to heal yourself first.

For to heal the world, first heal the man – YOU :-)

Ever wondered how that can be?

Because there is only one..!

There is only One Energy..!

There is only one of us in the room!

By focusing solely on yourself, by trusting implicitly your nature, by trusting implicitly your spirit – you will expand exponentially to touch and change the lives of everyone you meet…

Simply by being you.

The very best you, you can be.

And I don’t mean pretending to be a false you, the one you think others will like…

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Wake Up Your Reiki

Mornin’ all

It’s my birthday weekend!

61, in case you’re counting. :-)

Another year slips by almost unnoticed. The days, weeks, months and years slither past at an alarming rate.

And sometimes you really don’t notice anything.

Like being on auto-pilot!

It’s so easy to lose your focus. Your senses quickly become accustomed to things that are repeated.

Like when you first put on perfume, it fills your nose with a delicious scent and five minutes later ‘you’ don’t register the smell at all!

But it still wafts pleasantly around you, apparent to others. :-)

I noticed as we drove into Berwick, the other day, that the stunning coastal views were passing me by without a second glance.

How sad is that!

At first they took our breath away and now they go un-noticed. :-(

All too quickly we forget the special things and the little details that make our lives different.

Be that in a relationship or work or just plain living…

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Has Your Reiki Energy Gone Stale?

Mornin all…

It’s English Summer Time! Yippee!

I hope you’ve remembered to ‘spring’ your clocks forward :-)

Not quite on with the T shirt and let’s actually ‘do’ summer but in sheltered spots the sun is wonderful :-)

And I can TRUST summer is coming

Just because I can’t see it or feel it strongly yet, does not mean it’s not there or it’s ‘gone away’ somewhere else.

The trees are beginning to bud – a sure sign of spring. :-)

The flowers are beginning bloom – another sure sign of spring. :-)

The birds are singing and chasing each other – definitely a sign of spring :-)

Just because I don’t sense everything externally (through my winter coat!) it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

For you see, my ‘bones’ tell me it’s spring because of many things…

The longer daylight…

Brighter colours…

A lighter diet… (almost!)

A desire to wear brighter and lighter clothes…

I ‘KNOW’ it’s spring, just like the tree or flower does :-)

I ‘KNOW’ it’s spring, just like the birds and the bees do :-)

And I know I can TRUST my KNOWINGNESS about such things.

Trust yourself – for you do KNOW all things.

This brings me to a question:

Q… I haven’t really used my Reiki recently and I feel a bit separated from it.

And my answer…

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Reiki Turmoil

Uncertain about Reiki?

Chris recently shared this quote with me… “Most people settle for unhappiness rather than uncertainty”

And looking around me at the people I meet, that is so true.

How many people do you know who are unhappy in their job?

Or relationship or the area where they live?

And how many of them are too afraid to take a step into the unknown to change their circumstances?

All three of us here, know that the changes that occur for us, have been created by us! :-)

To quote myself…

“Settle for second best and that’s exactly what you’ll get – in all areas of your life”

This house is great BUT… If there’s a ‘but’ at the end – it is second best.

We prefer happiness and are willing to take that leap of faith, jump off the cliff, journey into the unknown, face uncertainty and see where we end up :-)

But we know with unflinching certainty that it’ll be the right place, at the right time, for us. :-)

Even if the outer appearance is one of chaos and mayhem… :-)

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