Sunday Reiki Chat

Having Your Reiki Symbols Removed?

Mornin’ all…

I’ve spoken at length about using the Reiki symbols as a tool, an aid, a gadget, a trick, a conscious nudge, a reminder!

I’ve spoken at length about how the Reiki symbols are just that – a symbol.

A symbol is simply symbolic – a representation of something.

But it’s NOT ‘the something’ that it represents!

Just like ‘seeing pink elephants’ represents being rather drunk… but the pink elephants can’t actually make you drunk!

I’ve mentioned previously, that during an attunement ceremony, done by another or by yourself, that nothing is given to you, put in you, or lodged in any other way.

An ‘attunement’ is more like a self-AWARENESS process.

By sharing or sensing the energy represented or SYMBOLISED by the symbols – YOU then become aware of that vibratory sensation within YOU.

During that ‘attunement’ process, the movement and fluctuations of your INTENDED energy, can feel awesome, weird, uplifting, beautiful and calming… :-)

And that’s all the Reiki symbols are for.

They help YOU become aware of your own energy – in parts – as you focus it so. :-)

Once you have the hang of focussing your energy thus – say for healing – then eventually you don’t need the symbols to manipulate your energy – YOU simply focus with the intention – and so be it :-)


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Reiki Tuning Forks

Mornin’ all…

Here’s one for you:

Q – How to fine tune and amplify Reiki to its fullest. It’s difficult to ascertain the subtle effects of a Reiki distance practice especially.

A – FINE TUNING your Reiki comes with practice and most especially with practice using your symbols, in the beginning.

The symbols are like individual ‘tuning forks’ that allow you to decide which ‘intention’ you’re going to focus YOUR personal Reiki energy on.

Each symbol conjures up a slightly different ‘feel’ to the energy you are invoking and intending to use.

The difference in the feel to the energy each symbol conjures up, is simply YOUR intention.

So intimately knowing your symbols is very handy indeed for instantly generating a certain feel or quality to your Reiki, by your choice.

Practice, practice, practice is the best advice I can give.

And you don’t need to generate loads of sick people to do this, simply use yourself :-)

You’re your own best customer after all – always on time and never complaining either :-)

Every day, and I do mean every single day, use your Reiki on yourself. This builds up a knowledge, a sense, a feeling, a confidence about using your Reiki energy.

And a personal experience that cannot be doubted or shaken. :-)

Now, we started this by asking how to ‘fine tune your Reiki?’ …

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De-bugging Reiki

Mornin’ all…

Here’s a question to get your own brain into gear:

Q – I have a question pertaining to a statement (in the Reiki Course) about germs not causing illness and it having been proven.

I’m an RN and practically germaphobic!

Here’s my thoughts on the subject:

A – Understand that YOU create or allow everything in your life and this includes the experience of illness.

And also remember, as a healer YOU also need to create people who require your service too – otherwise you’l have nobody to heal and no purpose either :-)

In the beginning, you think something ‘outside’ of yourself creates your experiences but then you come to realise that nothing happens outside of you at all.

And certainly nothing comes into your life EVER, without YOU allowing it in on some level – for there are no accidents EVER :-)

If you look for a ‘causative factor’ outside ie. a germ, you’ll have to find one!

The very act of attention and intention in your looking will create one!

That which you focus on, is what you get – you’ll draw it to you.

Interestingly, two people believing a different outcome, will experience the outcome they believe in :-)

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Regulating Reiki..?

Mornin’ all…

Feel the air of restriction, control and manipulation? Confused by the maze of do’s and don’ts?

We’ve always spoken of Knowledge giving you the Power to be FREE – free will – but “Have YOU the will to be free”?

Out spoken as I am, this Sunday Chat may still offend you, shock or disturb you, and I make no apologies for that if it helps you to…

Wake Up!

We called ourselves Radical for a reason and that reason is becoming more and more apparent.

With all the regulations and restrictions being forced upon you by others, then sooner or later you’re going to have to make a stand.

And to start the ball rolling, let me ask you this – How on earth can you regulate Reiki when the energy of Reiki is you?

Answer – By controlling YOU!

So, think about it carefully before you join any ‘official’ Reiki Club… hand over your money and sign your Reiki away to someone else.

And, as you walk proudly out of their door don’t forget how difficult it’s going to be to hang your ‘certificate of obedience’ on the wall when you’ve got their handcuffs on.

For your hands and your special abilities will no longer belong to you and you may not do with them as YOU please.

In their eyes you simply won’t be good enough, bright enough, pure enough or special enough to sense right from wrong, sickness from health or distress in another human being – all of that will be up to them.

For in your clumsy attempts to help another you may turn into a Powerhouse of Enthusiasm and create love, light and laughter around you and in the life of others…

Yikes, you might even be successful in your own right – and that, of course, will never do :-)

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Let Reiki Be Free!

Mornin’ all…

Free Reiki!

Bet that perked you all up!

Well, I’m not referring to the something for nothing meaning, I’m referring to the one which means to set Reiki free :-)

I want you to release Reiki from the confines of being just a another bloomin’ boring old ‘healing modality’.

I want you to realise that the rituals and symbols are TOOLS for you to use, express and influence the One Energy.

Which is both YOU and All That Is. :-)

It’s about setting yourself FREE – yippee!

For there’s nothing ‘out there’ – it’s all created ‘in here’ – within YOU.

The world that each of us sees – is created by us and for us – with our thoughts.

And each world is unique and individual.

Your world is only inhabited and seen and experienced by YOU :-)

Perfick! :-)

In other words – what you focus your thoughts on, ‘inside you’, generates the holographic images you see, ‘outside you’.

The images are simply from your imagination :-)

Which means, the ‘mass illusion’ of the world in general is being generated by us all buying into and believing much the same things.

So, if you believe, in your imagination, that the planet needs saving, then low and behold, you’ll generate the image of a planet that needs saving.

If you believe, in your imagination, that you need to ‘fight for peace’, then guess what?

Exactly – now you’re getting it, you’ll end up having to fight for peace, even go to war over it :-)

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