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Clearing Negative Energy With Reiki

Reiki is excellent for many other things besides just healing people, animals and plants and…

Clearing Negative Energy with Reiki, such as in rooms – or entire buildings for that matter – of any stuck or negative type energy is another way of creatively using this wonderful resource.

For example:

When you go anywhere, especially for the first time, you may get a feel of the place the moment you walk in…

Some buildings can make you shudder while others seem to welcome you with open arms.

Some make you feel comfortable and safe and others can leave you irritable or scared.

Have you experienced this?

Well, to explain this we’ll have to look a little more deeply into the way our physical world is created…

We live, as you probably already know, in a vast universe of pure energy.

And it’s this energy, when it ‘comes together’ in various states of vibration, that gives us the ‘solidity’ or ‘denseness’ of our ‘physical’ world.

In other words it’s the range of ‘densities’ – the different rates at which the individual ‘things’ vibrate – which gives us all the many different ‘things’ we see around us right now.

Water only appears different to metal because of the rate at which it’s vibrating…

The basic energy – of which these two items are composed – is exactly the same.

Now, not only is everything you see composed of this energy, vibrating at different rates, but so is everything you cannot see…

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The concept of Reiki Clubs and Organisations

Many Reiki healers are asking, begging, campaigning even, for REGULATIONS.

They want one Reiki for all. Reiki clones by the dozen! But ask yourself this:


If you are REIKI and Reiki is YOU – why would you be asking to restrict yourself?

Bring in restriction and out goes creativity and spontaneity. Joy and laughter!

Then Reiki becomes just another boring JOB.

J.O.B – Just Over Broke!

It becomes a healing modality and nothing more.

How boring

You already know what feels right or wrong – to you.

You already know not to touch other people inappropriately

You don’t need someone else telling you how to use YOUR energy.

Or what you should wear or how you should speak.

Or that you have to fill in multiple forms with data you don’t need and the client doesn’t really want to give…blah blah!

That’s like an artist being told what to paint and how to paint…

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Make Reiki your lifestyle

Introduce the symbols into everything you do – from pouring oil on your food in the shape of a power symbol…

To baking cookies in the symbol shapes :-)

Bless your car and clear traffic jams ahead…

Reiki the cat!

Friends and family too

Bless your house, inside and out.

Do all these things and anything else you can think of.

Drink Reiki charged water all day.

Bathe in Reiki charged water too.

Practice daily on yourself and use your Reiki in a general way every day.

It will have a ripple effect, acting directly on the world around you.

Look, if you really want to change the world – then first change yourself.

Be the change you want to see

For your outer – always reflects your inner.

Healer heal thyself :-)

And eventually… like a brilliant musician goes beyond the notes and instrument and becomes One with the music…

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Reiki is Energy – Pure and Simple

Reiki is Energy – and you cannot experience energy by reading a book :-)

You need to throw yourself into practicing your Reiki on yourself every day and if you like, keep a diary.

You will know the answers to your questions when you KNOW them.

But you will never ‘know’ something just because you were told about it!

Words don’t teach – experience does :-)

Yes, I can share my Reiki recipe for my chocolate cake – but then you have to mix the ingredients and experience it for yourself.

Remember – Reiki is a key to, use, demonstrate, and feel this energy.

It’s a knack, a trick, a distraction for your mind.

As the saying goes – “Don’t look at the finger, look at the path”.

Be amazed by your own 2 hands – not mine!

The more you relax, the more you slow down, the more you will notice.

And what you notice is that actually YOU are this fantastic bundle of light energy and you can direct and play and create with it.

You can use your Reiki energy to increase your intuition, boost your self-confidence, inspire creativity!

It will make you become the very best YOU – you can be.

Then you will draw to you the best job, the best home and the best Prince Charming – for YOU :-)

And when you are happy and relaxed and content – then so is your life – and your physical body will reflect this too…

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Reiki for the Dying

Death – a subject most Reiki healers try to ignore.

They don’t like to mention it, especially as a solution to a problem or outcome to an illness!

But as a healer you are going to stare down the barrel of death many times.

You must learn to embrace it, acknowledge it, and be at peace with it.

Dying is as natural as living :-)

Do not be afraid of death or people dying.

It’s part of the circle – one door closes and another opens.

As a healer you can’t ignore death or cheat it.

If such a natural part of life scares you – then you need to address your own fears first.

If you embrace death and do not fear it

– then you will appreciate Life in ALL its vivid variety!

If you don’t then what use are you to others?

You can only do all this if YOU are in a place of peace and harmony yourself.

If your core is strong and happy :-)

And when you are in a place of inner peace and harmony, not much throws you off balance.

Not even someone dying.

But if something does unsettle you – you can just sit quietly for a moment or two and come back to the middle again…

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