Sunday Reiki Chat

Is Reiki Wicked?

Good mornin’ all…

This week I thought I’d share some thoughts out loud.

Last week I showed a video, which when watched from the beginning, the message was very negative – but when it was reversed, its meaning became very positive.

Now, we often talk about how to stay positive, how to affirm positive actions, etc…

…and then we open our mouths and what usually pops out?

Negativity in all its gory glory!

So you’d do well to remember, words have POWER.

Yes, YOU give them this power – of course you do.

But it does caution you, to be very mindful about what you think about and then actually speak out loud – because there’s a distinct possibility it’s EXACTLY what you’ll get. :)

Now, call me old fashioned – or perhaps just call me old (don’t you dare) – but I do remember how to speak correctly… ha ha ha!

And I am fortunate to be old enough to have a vocabulary bigger than a pin head!

So, I am a beautiful, divine being, capable of many feelings, thoughts and actions – and to express this divinity coherently I need knowledge and comprehensive language skills.

But how can I express myself in this reversed society?

To illustrate, I’m going to use just one example… wicked.

Today, in the common vernacular wicked means good???

How did that occur?

It’s quite ridiculous really…

For you see, this insidious reversal of word meanings is devastating to our self expression and communication of feelings.

Yes, I do know why we are all being urged to use reversed words and meanings. It’s to remove clarity, get us all mixed up, get us used to confusion.

So, is Reiki wicked?…

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Sunday Smile

Good mornin’ all…

This week I thought I would share a little video.

Now, a palindrome, as you all undoubtedly know ;-) reads the same backwards as forward….

Whilst this video script reads the exact opposite backwards as it does forwards!

And not only does it read the opposite, the meaning is the exact opposite.

It’s only 1minute 44 seconds long and is best listened to while you read along.

You see, we live in a world of contrasts…

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Reiki Grandmaster Title

Good mornin’ all…

Hope you all had a grand Independence Day celebration last Monday :)

I’m so glad I mentioned our dull, damp weather last week as it immediately perked up just to prove me wrong… ha ha ha!

I look so good with a lobster blush colour on my cheeks…

But it didn’t last long and we are back to the dull damp weather again :( Still now I have mentioned it again you never know what might happen :)

We are away in Southport early next week and we always have grand weather when we are there.

Usually it’s too hot… ha ha ha!

OK, just a short question this week, I don’t want to miss any sun as it peeks out. :)

The question…

Q… Judith, what are your thoughts on Usui Grandmaster Reiki, levels 5-13, plus the Wisdom symbol?

I came across this from a Reiki Grandmaster in Arizona (USA) who provides full details on the symbols, names, and meditations for 10 Reiki levels following the Dia Ko Myo Master level.

And my answer…

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Reiki Questions Answered

Good mornin’ all…

I’m not going to talk about heat waves as we haven’t had one, well, not yet anyway! Yes, it’s been warmer and more muggy but not altogether summer sunshine :(

We live in hope for this weekend :(

I miss the sun and we seem to have had very little of it in Scotland this year – so far.

Now, before I forget, may I wish a “Happy Independence Day” to all our friends across the pond for tomorrow. :)

Hmmm, I think that calls for a chocolate something for everyone :)

Perhaps this is also a good time to remember that we are all independent, individual, sovereign expressions of spiritual beings too.

And that true independence, true freedom, true individuality, comes from within and no-one has any authority over us unless we give our consent.

You see, freedom is a feeling that grows from within :)

So celebrate it with your whole being… share it with your family and friends!

Then coat it in chocolate and pass it around… ha ha ha!

Better leave it at that and get on with this week’s questions…

First question…

Q… I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful job you are doing.

I also would like to ask a question and that is, during the attunement, I started to yawn and get tears dripping a lot!

I was not crying nor sad, I was fine and relaxed, but I just kept yawning for almost the whole attunement process… do you have any explanation for that?

Thank you.

And my reply…

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Reiki Should Be Free – Why?

Good mornin’ all…

This has been a weird week of situations and events and even the days of the week all seeming to be back to front or mixed up or not in the right order. (Well, according to me that is!)…

But of course they were in the right order because that is how they appeared.

And there are no accidents ever, as we all know :)

Now, the issue of charging for Reiki is one that constantly comes up so I’ll address it again for you.

These are my opinions, of course, and it is perfectly OK for your opinions not to be in alignment with mine… :)

Because, life would be so boring if we were all the same!

OK, this week’s question…

Q… Dear Judith,

I have a question about charging for Reiki healing. I totally feel supported within myself to charging for the service but I am having a really hard time with people questioning me as to why I do charge. People have said that I am wrong to charge a fee for something they think should be free.

I am very confused by this, can you help me?

Love and Light,

And my answer…

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