Sunday Reiki Chat

Reiki Should Be Free – Why?

Good mornin’ all…

This has been a weird week of situations and events and even the days of the week all seeming to be back to front or mixed up or not in the right order. (Well, according to me that is!)…

But of course they were in the right order because that is how they appeared.

And there are no accidents ever, as we all know :)

Now, the issue of charging for Reiki is one that constantly comes up so I’ll address it again for you.

These are my opinions, of course, and it is perfectly OK for your opinions not to be in alignment with mine… :)

Because, life would be so boring if we were all the same!

OK, this week’s question…

Q… Dear Judith,

I have a question about charging for Reiki healing. I totally feel supported within myself to charging for the service but I am having a really hard time with people questioning me as to why I do charge. People have said that I am wrong to charge a fee for something they think should be free.

I am very confused by this, can you help me?

Love and Light,

And my answer…

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Reiki Entities

Good mornin’ all…

Happy Father’s Day to all who are celebrating it today.

Chocolate liqueurs for the men and just chocolate for the ladies… ha ha ha!

Now, so you can get on and enjoy this special day with your favourite man, I will crack on with a question or two…

The question…

Q… Greetings Judith!

I’ve got a 2 parter for you.

First off, I was working with another Reiki practitioner on a co-worker, and I had noticed that as I worked on her calf, that the issue she had, reflected to my corresponding calf. Usually, I just feel Reiki connect stronger into a person’s issue. That’s the first time that’s happened in 12 years.

Secondly, I was just told this past week, that as we work on an individual and shake off any lingering energy, that energy remains in there in that spot as an entity. Wow. Another Reiki master told me this. She explained that if the room isn’t cleared, smudged and cleansed, it will remain. Hmmm… I don’t recall ever learning this in my trainings.

And my answer…

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Reiki and Hairloss

Good mornin’ all…

We had a lovely few days in Southport this week but now we are home it’s none stop rain!

That’s not such a bad thing though, as on Friday we dug over some of the lawn and made a new flower bed, so we’ve not had to water things.

Saturday it rained solidly all day but the bees are enjoying all the new flowers :)

Ok then, let’s get down to brass tacks, as we say over here in the UK… the question this week is…

Q… I am a young man of 28, who when I was 23 I started to lose my hair, after two years of it I looked for all kinds of things.

I turned to Reiki and was hoping to find the answer there, but I found something more rewarding, self awareness and spiritual growth. I even gotten myself attuned to level 2.

My Q: I was wondering if there are any blocks that occur in people that cause their hair fall out. I did my research for almost 7 years. Now from what I gathered, it is caused by an enzyme in the body which causes testosterone to become a more aggressive form of itself – DHT.

It doesn’t seem to be bias to happy or sad people, black or white, young or old.

That being said I want to know if there is anything in Reiki, be it hand positions, symbols, or intent, that I could use to help my body grow what it still has in itself in its DNA.

I don’t what to go as far as surgery, shampoos are a waste and pills are not good for the body.

And my answer…

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Permission to Give Reiki

Good mornin’ all…

I don’t know about you but I intensely dislike being told what to do…

…especially when it’s someone stating the downright ruddy obvious!

And now, more and more, it seems, you can’t do anything…

…without someone else, ‘in authority’, telling you what to do, when to do it, where to do it and even with whom!

It’s totally ridiculous, of course – and even more so…

When you discover that, in some cases, someone else’s opinion or word is actually deemed more important than your own?

Take, for example how the word of a neighbour, can be taken over yours when ‘authorities’ want to know if you are who you say you are or something about you!

To me, if you give your ‘word’ you are honour bound.

Okay, enough of me ranting – let’s move on to this week’s short question :-)

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Run from the Cure

Good mornin’ all…

I think as I get older I get more feisty and rebellious… ha ha ha! Perfick!

Together we are a formidable force to be reckoned with.

It’s only when we are split and divided that we feel vulnerable and alone, hence powerless.

And this applies to any situation…

By now I think you know that we are all about personal power, knowledge and freedom.

So with that in mind I am sharing this video about a known CURE FOR CANCER.

Yes, that’s right – I used that ‘forbidden’ word cure alongside the word cancer… ha ha ha!

And below is a full length video documentary directed by Christian Laurette called…

‘Run from the Cure.’

Rick Simpson rediscovered a cure for cancer and shared it with as many people as he could. Rick was always openly proud of growing medicinal hemp in Nova Scotia and helping to cure people from a variety of ailments with it – and his home was repeatedly raided.

The police fabricated a fourth ‘raid’ and found no marijuana…

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