Sunday Reiki Chat

Receiving Reiki From A Healing Group

Good mornin’ all…

It was our 26th wedding anniversary last Tuesday and a brilliant excuse for chocolates all round. I know it’s an afterthought…

…but if you wish to celebrate with chocolate this weekend and need an excuse, then please feel free to half hinch our wedding anniversary… ha ha ha!

Now, before I forget, there will be NO Sunday Chat or webcast next weekend (the Sat 8th/9th Oct) as Techy is away in London.

Well what do you know… we’ve have had a glorious week of fine warm weather.

Summer is finally here… ha ha ha!

So we’ve been acting like rather naughty kids and bunked off during the day to enjoy the sun…

And discovered two new tearooms locally!

One is The Old Dairy in Ford:

And the other is Heatherslaw Mill just round the corner from Ford:

The mill has a little railway which links it to Etal, another quaint village – it only takes a few minutes on the train or you can do the scenic walk along the river, which takes about 15 minutes.

Okay, now on to this week’s question – a nice follow on to last week’s Sunday Chat as it’s about Distant Healing.

The question:

Q…It’s been a while and life takes its turns as we all know. I got shaken up in my first auto accident a few months back, now I slow down and smell the roses more than ever.

Keeping it happy, keeping it simple :-)

I have one concern about being on a Distant healing list.

Unlike the attunement, which we did together…

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Permission for Distant Reiki Healing?

Good mornin’ all…

I hope you’re all relaxing and enjoying the autumn equinox, and Happy Birthday to Hannah :-)

Now, this is a small epic for you all today, so best have a cuppa to hand and perhaps a slice of something to keep you going :-)

Okay, I’ll jump straight in with the question so your brew doesn’t go cold… ha ha ha!

Q… Do I need permission from a person before sending them Reiki?

I practice sending a solid wall of Reiki into the world to all beings, not to control them, or for any particular result, just for their benefit and happiness, whatever that may be. I do this while I drive or as I walk along.

I’ve heard people say it’s very wrong to Reiki people without their permission. Not that it will make me stop, but how “wrong” am I?

Thanks very much for sharing your insight. It is important not to be attached to any particular result from sending Reiki, since we may have no idea what is best for another’s growth.

It is fulfilling just to experience the self-healing that happens when we send it, because in that act we remind ourselves to experience love with all.

I am very grateful to have someone to ask.

It’s very rare.

And my answer:

A… Happy to help if I can but truthfully I think you’ve ‘groked the fullness’ perfectly, so to speak…

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Reiki for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Good mornin’ all…

Fortunately the tale end of hurricane Katia blew over our heads. I know many have taken a battering but Eyemouth dips down to the coast, so the winds literally blew over the top of us. We are surrounded by huge old trees and they have all stayed standing.

The weather has stayed a lot dryer this week too which is amazing, but so much for an Indian summer :)

Now, with all the talk of 9-11 and the weather taking its toll, and the economy dipping, and relationships strained, I think this week’s question is quite apt… ha ha ha!

The question…

Q: Will I be able to help people with PTSD? If so, how will it work. Thank you in advance.

And my answer…

A… Yes, and it will work the same way any Reiki treatment works :)

But first let’s slow down and stop categorising illness.

As a healer, remember, you do not heal anyone. They heal themselves when they are ready to move on.

All you are is a catalyst, a port in a storm or a rock that is steadfast and true, a friend in a time of need…

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Reiki For Knee Problems

Ni hao (pronounced knee how) everybody!

(That’s Chinese for hello I believe… ha ha ha!)

Q…I’ve torn two of my ligaments (acl + medial meniscus) in kabbadi, got my acl. reconstructed and meniscus ligament repaired in July 2010. 1 year has passed but still my knee has not recovered and i am not able to bear the pain.

Can the ligament be healed by Reiki?

I have been suffering from this ligament injury since past 3 years and have bared a lot of pain so please guide me what to do.

And my answer:

A… Can the knee ligament be healed by Reiki? Yes… but perhaps not in the way you would expect.

Pain is often associated with guilt feelings. And knee problems with bowing down to others or subjugating yourself.

Doing a Reiki self treatment each day will lessen the pain because it will relax you more. But doing a Reiki self treatment each day may also bring to the surface what you are really feeling about someone or something.

In the quiet moments of giving yourself Reiki and giving yourself some positive attention, you will see yourself, your life and your situations more clearly.

And once you’ve addressed the real cause, the root cause of your apparent injury, then you will start to get better.

Again the Reiki energy will simply keep you steady and true to yourself.

Which is absolutely the right thing.

But tackling the root cause may bring changes…

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Can Reiki Transfer Illness?

Good mornin’ all…

It’s freezing, well almost, but it certainly feels like it is :)

We’ve already had the heating on a couple of times – and I was very disappointed to find it was warmer in Moscow than in Eyemouth this week!

And, now the summer holidays are over the Christmas things will be in the stores any moment… ha ha ha!

So baring that in mind, let’s have a ‘chesty cum cold’ question. :)

The question…

Q… I have bronchitis and a bad cold. My friend called and needs a distance Reiki healing.

Is it safe for me to send some, as I was told it’s not, that I could give what I have, to her? :(

She cut her finger bad, her hands are cracking and she has a bad cold also. She definitely wants me to send some Reiki.

I love your Sunday Chats, keep them coming, I love you and all your videos also.

And my answer…

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