Sunday Reiki Chat

Does Reiki Cause Problems?

Good mornin’ all…

Well, my bones tell me it’s autumn already. When we walk early in the morning you can sense the change somehow.

Spring came early but then it was very slow to bloom, as it were.

We’ve had no summer at all, to speak of really, just the odd nice day and a few outbreaks of sunshine if you were lucky.

But looking on the bright side the slugs and snails have had a fabulous time… ha ha ha!

I bet Usui had long hot summers back in his day… ha ha ha!

Now, I received a note about last week’s question on headaches so I thought I would share it…

Q… When I do Reiki and have a headache, I say “Releasing Pain” and other release words, depending on the type of pain.

I hope this helps the person who asked the question.

And my reply…

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What a Headache?

Good mornin’ all…

This is going to be a very brief Sunday Chat as we’ve been away in Southport again. Finally the car has been fixed :)

We’ve been lucky enough to stay with Olive, my step-Mum, while the car has been serviced in Blackpool.

And it’s most likely the last time we’ll see my step-Mum before she moves down to Birmingham to live. I’ve had family in Southport for just over 50 years so it’ll be a bit odd not to have to visit there again.

But no need to get maudlin’ over it… ha ha ha!

OK… the question this week is:

Q… I want 2 ask that when I take Reiki on my temple place that when I have a headache, instead of getting a relief, it starts paining vigorously. I feel I wouldn’t have done that days Reiki :(

Pls reply 2 my Q why this happens.

And my answer…

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Never Finding Reiki

Good mornin’ all…

While the south of England basks in glorious hot sunshine and fabulous temperatures (again!) – we in Scotland manage with a rain coat, brollie and a smile :)

But that is why the Scots are such feisty, hardy folk with a love of cheese scones for breakfast… ha ha ha!

To make my point, we went to Alnwick on Monday and called in at the Alnwick Gardens for a walk around on the way back.

It was unusually crowded, even though it was raining, and then we realised that it is Alnwick Music Festival week.

They had a lively band playing from somewhere foreign – who sounded Italian to me but the folk dancers who came on looked Ukranian or Polish or from over that way… ha ha ha!

They also had some baton twirling girls who were perhaps not as good as an American troop but they seemed to have a jolly time and everyone enjoyed the spectacle, including us :)

I took some video and here it is…

But I digress as usual :)

Here is this week’s question…

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Reiki Drain

Listen In Audio The question… Reiki Drain Q… Many years ago I went to a lady who I can only assume was a Reiki Master based on what she did. I was told to go see her due to her unique abilities. She had me lie down on her table. She passed her hands over […]

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Is Reiki Wicked?

Good mornin’ all…

This week I thought I’d share some thoughts out loud.

Last week I showed a video, which when watched from the beginning, the message was very negative – but when it was reversed, its meaning became very positive.

Now, we often talk about how to stay positive, how to affirm positive actions, etc…

…and then we open our mouths and what usually pops out?

Negativity in all its gory glory!

So you’d do well to remember, words have POWER.

Yes, YOU give them this power – of course you do.

But it does caution you, to be very mindful about what you think about and then actually speak out loud – because there’s a distinct possibility it’s EXACTLY what you’ll get. :)

Now, call me old fashioned – or perhaps just call me old (don’t you dare) – but I do remember how to speak correctly… ha ha ha!

And I am fortunate to be old enough to have a vocabulary bigger than a pin head!

So, I am a beautiful, divine being, capable of many feelings, thoughts and actions – and to express this divinity coherently I need knowledge and comprehensive language skills.

But how can I express myself in this reversed society?

To illustrate, I’m going to use just one example… wicked.

Today, in the common vernacular wicked means good???

How did that occur?

It’s quite ridiculous really…

For you see, this insidious reversal of word meanings is devastating to our self expression and communication of feelings.

Yes, I do know why we are all being urged to use reversed words and meanings. It’s to remove clarity, get us all mixed up, get us used to confusion.

So, is Reiki wicked?…

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