Sunday Reiki Chat

Is Rei-ki a Martial Art?

Mornin’ all…

How’s the diet going girls? I’ve lost 3lbs already :-)

How’s the 6 pack coming along lads? I’ve got a party 7 already… ha ha ha! (That’s a small 7 pint beer keg in case you’re not familiar) :-)

Now, this morning I thought I’d share a few more of my ponderings with you.

As I said last week, I seem to be on a ‘light’ journey at the moment…

…and everything seems to be relating to my ‘light’ experienced over Christmas, and it’s still happening, which is fabulous :-)

I’ve often talked about the Healer/Warrior connection with Reiki, so let me expand a little on this…

But first, let’s break the word Reiki down into two parts – the Rei and the Ki.

We’ve all heard of Ki energy haven’t we? It’s the external expression of your internal energy, which can be used for things like…

Healing or as a martial art

Empowering a situation or starting your car etc

It’s generally tangible as heat, tingling or a cold sensation. It’s dynamic, powerful and explosive.

Ki = action of some sort.

In martial arts a youth starts out generally using his Ki in a hard style, like karate or kung fu. This follows set patterns of one movement then another, often in a linear fashion…
Sometimes in a square pattern, almost like a square dance :-)

Hard styles build up your Ki in your muscles and limbs. It concentrates on strength, muscle tension and explosive physical power.

In the west it would translate to being sporty, doing weights or any cardiovascular training.

Talking ‘light’ wise, it would suggest concentrating your Inner Light by focussing your energy into a small, sharp, hot, laser like beam and going for it… POW!

Laser vision, spot on! Attack with precision…

…be that a new job with confidence, starting the new diet with gusto, or clapping your hands and ‘power healing’ a broken bone like Mr Miyagi in the Karate Kid films :-)

But once you’ve exploded your energy, it can leave you feeling drained and tired, until you replenish yourself with rest and food.

In the health industry, this may be in the Accident and Emergency department. :-)

When we first encounter Rei-‘Ki’ we want to use the symbols and hand positions to help us ‘focus’ and apply it to others.

We want to demonstrate the Ki part externally.


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Happy New Year

Happy New Year folks!

Over Christmas I had a very strong ‘one of those moments’…

In fact it was so strong; one might be forgiven for describing it as a momentous moment – because it actually lasted much longer than an ordinary moment! (I think :-))

Yes, some might call it an epiphany or eureka moment.

But all I know is, (and you will know this too) I can’t possibly – at least at the moment anyways – put what I experienced into any kind of words and make it sound coherent. (Although the appropriate words may yet reveal themselves from within general quantum theory if not specifically through quantum optics ;-))

In the meantime though, I can only say this – but with a deep inner knowing:

We are light beings, so let your light shine out into the world.

Slow down so your flame doesn’t flicker but glows steadily.

Let your smile be a beaming one…

Let your warmth radiate…

Let your eyes sparkle…

Let your personality shine…

Be a bright spark…

Make light of your chores…

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A Very Merry Reiki Christmas

Listen In Audio A Merry Christmas everyone! I told you it was sneaking up on me! I hope Santa left some goodies under the tree for you. My turkey is already in and the veg prepared. So now I can sit and ponder with you about life, the universe and all who sail in her. […]

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Reiki Gold, Silver, Bronze Or Brasso

Good mornin’ all…

It doesn’t feel at all like Christmas is only next week!


It will be a surprise… ha ha ha! And I have been very good this year. :-)

I’m sure there will be something I have forgotten to do but then it will be too late to worry about it. :-)

Let me remind you all again that I will be doing the Saturday Reiki Master Distance Attunement webcasts over the Christmas and New Year period but in January they will be moving to a Friday instead.

Ok then, this week’s question is:

Q… I’ve been told that the Reiki practitioner and one receiving Reiki should have no metal on them, jewellery etc., as it interferes with the Reiki flow.

Is this so?

And my answer:

A… No. Well not for me anyway… ha ha ha!

I was taught a similar thing but it never sat right with me. It doesn’t sit right with you either or you would not be questioning it.

It’s a bit like Henry Ford would say – ‘If you think it does, it does, if you think it doesn’t, it doesn’t’.

I wear watches, bangles and rings (usually all three together!) when using my Reiki and have never had a ‘flow’ problem.
In fact, I love the tinkle of my bangles when I move my hands about. :-)

In fact, I might go as far as to say that precious metals might enhance your Reiki.

In fact, I never give, or gave it, much of a thought before…

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Reiki Doubts

Good mornin’ all…

Never mind tying your toupees down this week, it’s batten down the hatches weather here! We have tidied up the garden and put most things in the greenhouse to protect them from frost. Then we planted lots of bulbs for spring and covered those with lots of tree leaves to keep them cosy.

But nature is busy redistributing all our efforts and is putting her leaf mulch in neat piles around the garden. And who am I to argue. :-) Just go with the flow, so…

The question…

Q… I am having a hard time believing this will work for me.

How will it change my life? Will I have to believe in it for it to work on me? I really need the help and wisdom.

I tried many many products out there, but i’m still here look, as those didn’t bring me the result i am looking for. I want to take control of my life and manifest abundance of money, good health and good fortune.


And my answer:

A… Much as I would like to say ‘Yes, this is it’ I would be doing you a disservice, because I don’t know how you think.

You see, attuning yourself to Reiki Master is just the beginning…

It is not the be all and end all!

It’s the first step on a continuing pathway to understanding who it is you truly are.

And this takes time…

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