Sunday Reiki Chat

Remember – Who You Truly Are

Good mornin’ all…

Today is Remembrance Sunday here in the UK. So in honour of all those Warriors, human or not, please watch this beautiful tribute:


It should also remind us that the opposite side of The Healer is The Warrior.

Within one aspect is the other.

Each complimenting the other with support and wisdom.

We all have the power to destroy things but we ALL have the power to CREATE too. And as always, all we have to do is choose which way we use our power.

Think positive, be positive, act positive. See what you want to see.

Don’t let anyone persuade you to go against your inner voice, your own values. Listen to the whisper of your heart. Be strong, be steadfast, be open and loving.

“Be nice, until it’s time to not be nice”… (Patrick Swazye in Roadhouse).

And you will know when that is, if you listen to your heart.

Do that which makes your heart and soul sing and all will be well in your world :-)

My nickname when I was small was ‘Spitfire Winnie’. I like to think it was because I was feisty and passionate…

And I’m still a little Spitfire when the need arises as some have found out…

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Reiki Hot Spots!

Good mornin’ all…

It’s up with the lark and litter picking day! Or rocket stick collecting :-)

We have some strange customs here in the UK from rocket stick collecting the morning after Bonfire Night to conker collecting and saving, only to throw them all away in a few months’ time…

Because we don’t know what to do with them… ha ha ha!

“There’s nowt so queer as folk” as we are wont to say :-)

But perhaps this Bonfire Night we can remember the idea and the idea that is brilliantly put forth in the film V for Vendetta.

Now, what a week this has been! Don’t ask ‘why’ because I don’t know. The server went peculiar and links went to strange places. Things that have run smoothly for a long time suddenly went haywire.

But along with all the frazzled, fizzy, erratic energy, we also had some happy surprises :-)

And as success is nothing more than a personal goal achieved we eventually succeeded in achieving a happy ending to most situations this week.

And as always, we followed our hearts desire and trusted OURSELVES, for we do know best for US :-)

Now, before we go whizzing about the place I had better answer a question:

Q… I was reading the Sunday chat and found it interesting about the fellow who noted that he had heat from his hands and his wife became itchy. Like the answer.

But, it triggered a question I have been meaning to ask:

When I do Reiki, and intermittently when I think about Reiki, I get an area in my palms that gets hot-hot, to the point where sometimes if I have my hands in an area the person is not experiencing pain, they complain that they become uncomfortable with the heat and light.

I usually can’t do a full treatment I can only treat the area of pain, it’s like I have a hot ball of heated light in my palms.

How do I do Reiki if I can’t do full treatments? I’m presently refraining from practise – so your help would be appreciated.

And my answer…

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Which Reiki is Best?

Good mornin’ all…

I hope you remembered to put the clocks back last night! (UK) Now it really begins to feel dark and deavily at 3pm :-(

But I hope you all enjoy Halloween tomorrow, creeping around in the dark. If that’s not an excuse for a chocolate fest I’ll eat my hat… ha ha ha!

Fortunately our house is too far off the main road for trick or treaters – and it’d be real spooky walking down our pitch black driveway with a breeze rustling the trees and the odd owl hooting or fox snuffling in the undergrowth!

Oooooh, best get on with a living question:

Q… In your experience with Reiki do you feel that one form of Reiki is better for one practitioner and another form better for another practitioner?

And my answer…

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Intuitive Reiki or Plain Reiki?

Good mornin’ all…

This has been a strange week of ‘almost but not quite’ energy. Just as we thought one thing, another thing happened. Or just when we decided ‘yes’ to something, we had to change our minds.

But we have muddled through and actually things have become clearer and less cluttered. Funny how life does that to you :-)

OK, this week’s question:

Q… Dear Judith,

Many thanks for your Sunday chat articles. I have been a Reiki Master for many years but I have a problem when giving Reiki to my wife. The heat from my hands makes her itch so quickly that a rash almost immediately appears and I have to resort to healing at a distance. Have you come across this phenomena and is there any other way I can do hands-on healing to her?

And my answer…

A… I haven’t come across your problem before but I do know some people have slightly antagonistic chemicals in other departments that can cause infertility… not quite the same but on similar lines… :-)

Perhaps you have a job involving chemicals or you put your hands in something that your wife’s skin finds irritating? It could just be as simple as the washing up liquid if you kindly do the dishes for her :-)

But my suggestion in the meantime would be to use soft cotton gloves when touching her during a healing session. The sort you pick up from the chemist for wearing at night in bed.

BUT wait…

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Reiki Buddho Meditation?

Good mornin’ all…

It’s official! Winter is here because I am now into my black wardrobe and I suddenly feel much cosier too :-) And now, should I wish to ‘puddle splash’, I can… ha ha ha!

It’s lovely to snuggle up by the fire and ‘wrap up warm’ when you go out. Autumn and winter weather makes you feel safe and cocooned. It makes you feel mellow and life in general slows down ready for the big sleep. :-)

(Except first thing in the morning when you have to leap out of bed and hop about trying not to get frost bite before you get your clothes on… ha ha ha!)

Using Reiki on yourself each morning gives you a warm mellow glow too :-) But let’s move on to a question…

Q…Thank you Judith and Chris!

I already had Reiki II and you have provided the rest.

You really hit the nail on the head by asking “Who initiated Dr. Usui?” I gather he used the ‘Buddho Meditation’. I would have to do a lot more training to get access to that. Unless your meditation has the same effect?

And my answer…

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