Sunday Reiki Chat

Reiki Forboding

Good mornin’ all…

Welcome to Patient’s Paradise… ha ha ha!

Cor blimey! – DC brought this cold home first and then I got it and felt miserable. Now Chris has come down with it and he’s worse than me!

But you’ll be OK because I’m holding my hand over the microphone :-)

Now, people are always asking me ‘How do you develop your intuition?’

And I say listen to your body’s whispers and TRUST them.

Trust me, when your body wants to sneeze, reach for your hanky… ha ha ha!

But I digress… :-)

This week’s question is an excellent example of listening and acting upon the feelings or sensations physically generated.

The question:

Q… I enjoy your Sunday Reiki chat and thank you for your thoughts on Reiki.

I had a strange experience when I was away on holidays last week in the sun. I was swimming in the sea, which I don’t normally do as I normally swim in the pool.

While I was swimming I got a sense of foreboding and found myself finishing my swim and getting out. When I went back the following day it was ok.

I should also say that while on holidays I was doing self Reiki. Any thoughts?

And my answer…

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Reiki Sadness

Good mornin’ all…

Last Tuesday was my birthday! (58 in case you’re wondering!)

I had a fab beginning to the week but then the sky fell in… ha ha ha!

We’ve had more bloomin’ computer issues than you can shake a stick at…

…and to top it all off, I’ve now got a streaming cold. I soldier on…

But, if you don’t mind, I’m going to keep this short so I can get back to resting and being pampered on the sofa :-)

The question, printed as received:

Q… Is it normal, after attunment i feel so sad, wanna cry, and i look at my self very different. And is it true during doing meditation, something like guest ( another world ) visit us? so scary.. please kindly advice.

thank you

And my answer…

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Reiki Without Reiki

Good mornin’ all…

I just have to mention the weather this week! It has been fabulous! Chris of course, is going brown as a berry immediately, where as I’m just glowing a rosie pink but it’s better than winter white… ha ha ha!

Now remember to be ‘good’ this weekend because next weekend is a marvellous excuse not to be! Roll out the chocolate eggs. :)

This week’s question:

Q… Ever since a young age I have been playing with the Reiki concept. I only recently heard of Reiki. My hands are extremely sensitive to the heat of a person’s body. I have always been able to identify an injury through my hands.

My question is on release of unwanted energy.

I have played around with the healing of others and have had great results, however there have been a few times where I seem to almost experience their pains. The pains leave shortly after I stop.

I can say I truly have no idea on what I am doing, but have had people swear by the results. If you have any information on what I have experienced please write back.

And my answer:

A… I see no problem with what you are doing… knowingly or not. :) It works for you, so that’s brilliant.

You are sensing the other person’s energy within your own body. This is called being clairsentient. It’s as if you have stepped into them and you can feel everything about them.

Including their emotional state too.

But it is not YOU. You are simply reading their energy like a book. But no matter how engrossed you get in their book, you can put it down whenever YOU choose.

To help dispel the uncomfortable feelings you may pick up, simply rinse your hands under cold water and then ‘shake them off’ literally and symbolically. :)

TRUST yourself. You naturally sense and know, who’s is whom’s energy.

If you require more of a cleanse, take a shower.

I would suggest you read all…

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How Can I Unblock My Reiki Flow?

Good mornin’ all…

I hope you remembered to Spring forward your clocks an hour last night. :)

This is a bit short this week, with no audio. Dont’ ask because I just don’t know where the week has gone!

OK, this week’s question follows on nicely from last week’s Sunday Chat:

Q… How can I unblock my Reiki flow? It seems to be blocked. I need to get it unblocked by Monday 19th August 2012. I use my Reiki on a daily basis and I have clients that depend on me being a channel for this energy – what can i do or what should i do? thank you.

And my answer:

A… I’d be feeling blocked too, with the amount of pressure and stress that leaps out of this email!

Notice how your I’s have gone smaller…

You seem to have put yourself under an enormous amount of pressure to ‘perform’. And if you need to perform on demand then you know what will happen!

Might I gently suggest that you stop trying to ‘do’ Reiki and practice simply ‘being’ Reiki.

By this I mean, don’t ‘do’ Reiki sessions, simply ‘be’ there and share your energy…

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Has Your Reiki Flow Become Blocked

Good mornin’ all…

Happy Mother’s Day to all in the UK – I hope you are having a well deserved lie in today, especially if you celebrated St. Patrick’s Day yesterday. :)

Now, strange as it may seem, I have been asked this week’s question on several occasions before. It’s something which we have all experienced at one time or another.

So if it happens to you, don’t worry you are not alone. :)

Q…Hi Judith

You are doing good work. I’m still struggling with getting the energy to run, even though I’m a Reiki Master.

I’m blocked somewhere. Any pointers on how to get my energy unstuck?

Thanks for any help. Keep up the good work.

And my answer:

A… People talk of the Reiki energy as ‘flowing through them’.

They talk of being channels and light-beings etc.

But what is the Reiki flow and how can Reiki become blocked? What actually happens that gives us this sensation of ‘energy moving’?

Well, first we have to understand… There really is only ONE energy… It is YOU and YOU are it… You are everything and everything is you…

Therefore… you are Reiki and Reiki is you. There is no separation, duality or two of anything, really.

There is only YOU…

EVERYTHING is a demonstration or manifestation of this One Energy, and the ritual Reiki attunement serves only to awaken you to this fact.

For you see, Reiki is a tool to use, demonstrate and feel this energy… inside and out.

But YOU are the power… YOU are the source of this energy.

And when we consciously use the Reiki energy in a focussed way to heal ourselves or others we can often feel or sense, this ‘flow’ of energy.

It literally ‘feels’ like it’s flowing…

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