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Q. When I try to unzip, it say’s ‘Invalid Or Corrupted File’, what do I do?

A. This means the file has not downloaded properly. This happens from time to time. Please delete the file and try downloading the file again. If this does not rectify the problem please e-mail us

Q. The file I downloaded is not recognized by my computer?

A. All our products are ‘Zipped’ and require an unzipping program. Please install an appropriate program. We reccomend Zip Wizard which you can download from the link below.

- Download Zip Wizard for free here

Q. I can’t open the book, is there somthing I need?

A. Radical Reiki – Radical Life, Radical Reiki – Radical Wealth, and the Reiki Manuals require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and read.

- Get the latest version of Adobe Reader for free here

If your question has not been answerd above – Please contact us here

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