Sunday Reiki Chat


Happy Reiki New Year!

Mornin’ all…

Here’s hoping your head is clear as a bell, rather than banging like a bell… ha ha ha!

There’s a lot rummbling around my head – a new way of doing things, silence, a new course maybe? Silence :-)

Being spontaneous, doing nothing, watching, observing, ‘responding’ rather than re-acting.

Caring enough not to care. :-)

Listening to life and living moment to moment – in the moment, so to speak.

And actually, consciously doing that requires some effort on my part for now…

Usually I can wing it because I’m so organised… ha ha ha!

I have so much knowledge my head is full but I have been letting that all go for a while now.

If I don’t know it now I never will… ha ha ha!

I know enough.

I know enough to know I don’t know much and even that is too much!

So bear with me while I settle into the new me that is emerging.

All I need to ‘know’ is that my heart knows it all right now – and all I have to do is be aware of that and go with the flow.

Sorted then!… ha ha ha!

With love

Judith :-)


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