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Hello – Did You Know?

Good mornin’ all…

As it is a Bank Holiday weekend here in Scotland – we are all out sunbathing…ha ha ha!

Well, the sunbathing part might be stretching the truth just a little :-)

Anyway, here’s a little something to add to your Reiki skills. It is always handy to have extra little tips to share with others.

Finger pressure points…

You can fight worry, depression, impatience, anger, fear and other emotions using this little Qi Gong exercise

There is no preparation needed and it can be done discreetly.

Now, your fingers correspond to the Five Elements and they also correspond to emotions and the major organs too.

So, along the outside and inside (in other words, the in between surfaces, not the top and bottom) of your fingers run the meridians and there are several acupuncture points located here…

And, by pressing or squeezing the insides of the fingers you can affect both the emotion and the corresponding organ.

I find enclosing the finger in my fist and squeezing works best.

Okay, this is how the fingers work:

The THUMB represents the element Earth, the stomach and worry.

The INDEX FINGER represents the element Metal, the lungs, the large intestine and the emotions depression, sadness and grief.

The MIDDLE FINGER is the element Fire, the heart, small intestine, circulatory and respiratory systems, the emotions are impatience and hastiness.

The RING FINGER is the element Wood and is connected to the liver, gall bladder, nervous system and corresponds to anger.

The LITTLE FINGER corresponds to Water, the kidneys and fear.

So if you are overwhelmed by any of the emotions mentioned above, just squeeze the corresponding finger a few times and you will feel better.

Try it – it works!

Until next week…

Judith :-)


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