How Are You Thinking Today… ? Part 3

Okay then, let’s get on with the Reiki technique for replacing those negative subconscious programs most of us seem to be carrying around within us.

So, let’s start by recalling the wealth phrases you ‘felt’ are having the most control over your life?

The phrase or phrases you ‘felt’ were used most often in your formative years and which are probably guiding your present relationship with money today?

You did do this didn’t you? :-)

Just in case you didn’t or don’t know what we’re actually talking about click here.

Now remember, although we’ve been looking at wealth creation in this little series of articles…

…if you’ve chosen to work with other topics such as lack of self-confidence or negative self-esteem etc…

Excellent, well done you.

Just substitute your particular phrase or phrases for the one we’re putting forward here – but use them in exactly the same way.

Right then, get yourself comfortable – either seated or lying down.

Try to relax as much as you can, take a few really deep breaths and completely ‘let go’ of all your cares and woes.

Remain in this realxed position for a few minutes and, when you ‘feel’ ready – draw out the Mental/Emotional Symbol on the palms of both hands using your Fire fingers or just place them there using your imagination.

Now place both hands, palm down, on your solar plexus – side by side or one on top of the other and close your eyes.

Bring to mind the phrase you ‘feel’ is having the most negative impact on your wealth creation…

(We’ll take the phrase ‘You’ll never have any Money’ as our example).

And, ‘see’ this phrase clearly in your minds eye as if it’s written up on a chalk board, hold it there for just a few moments, then take a cloth or board eraser and purposefully RUB IT OUT whilst firmly saying to yourself…


Now, imagine yourself picking up a piece of chalk and write out on the board in bold, capital letters – THREE TIMES…




Okay, now here’s the most important part…

You have to bring your emotions in to play as you’re doing this, hence the use of the Mental/Emotional Symbol.

For you see, when you were told as a child that ‘You’ll never have any money’ it was more than likely said with a great deal of emotion by whoever it was who was saying it to you…

…and it was these words plus this e-motion, this energy in motion, this bioelectromagnetic type energy that has been faultlessly stored on your subconscious ‘hard drive’ memory.

And is the ‘program’ that automatically kicks in and tirelessly runs in the background whenever you think about raising your financial standing.

So you have to make use of this emotional ‘driving force’ to embed and ‘store’ your newer more dynamic phrase.

But, of course, you don’t have to use the angry, negative emotions that were initially used on you – you can use positive happy ones instead.

Think of an event or time when you were brilliantly, ecstatically happy.

Perhaps when you first fell in love; the birth of your first child; the day you graduated etc…

And bring that wonderfully powerful emotion to the forefront of your mind to help propel your new phrase onto your ‘subconscious hardrive’.

Really ‘feel’ that fabulously happy emotion tingling throughout your body as you forcefully repeat to yourself…




Now, just rest in whatever position you’re in and really ‘feel’, really ‘know’ that this new phrase is the one which is now becoming your new ‘default program’…

…the one that’ll kick in when you think about your finances.

Then, when you’re ready, close off the session with the Power Symbol, and you’re done.

Good job, well done you…

…but before we leave this topic altogether we’d like to point you towards a quite remarkable resource which we’ve been using ourselves, with truly incredible results, since August of last year.

Take a look for yourself by clicking here

It’s, quite honestly, the finest help we’ve ever received.

Our warmest regards, as always

Judith & Chris

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