No Luck Today, My Reiki’s Gone Away

No Luck Today, My Reiki’s Gone Away

Well it’s another rotten morning actually.

And I really feel for all those people who have just started their summer break in a flood on the M5 or a soggy field somewhere down south :-)

You would not believe it is summer here in England with the chilly winds and so much rain. It is more like early spring. But yesterday we reached the dizzy heights of 51 degrees Fahrenheit… ha ha ha!!!

But we English are a hardy bunch and will not let a little rain dampen our spirits or lack of sunshine spoil our holiday :-)

So, on with the T shirt and sandals and let’s ‘do’ summer :-)

Because I TRUST summer is here.

It may not be the summer I expected or the outcome I wanted but I TRUST it is the right summer for England right now.

I don’t know where our summer has gone but just because I cannot see it or feel it strongly does not mean it is not there.

The trees are green… a sure sign of summer :-)

The flowers are blooming… another sure sign of summer :-)

The raspberries are ripening more and more each day for me to pick… yep, it’s summer alright :-)

Just because I don’t sense it externally (through my winter coat :-) ) it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

For you see, my ‘bones’ tell me it is summer because of many things…

The longer daylight…

Brighter colours…

A lighter diet…

A desire to wear T shirts… ha ha ha!!!

I ‘KNOW’ it is summer just like the tree or flower does :-)

And right now that means I TRUST myself that it is summer.

Trust… for it’s always summer somewhere :-)

This brings me to a question asked of me this week…

Q… I haven’t really used my Reiki recently and I feel a bit separated from it.

A… Understand right now that there is only one energy, you are it and it is you.

You ARE the Reiki and Reiki IS you.

If you are ‘feeling separated’ it is more to do with what is happening in your life around you at present.

Don’t take my word for it… go on – look at your surrounding situations and tell me there is not a dulling of your sense of connection ‘out there’.

And you do KNOW what is the source of your withdrawal but you’re probably just not willing to consciously acknowledge what it is right now.

Maybe you need to concentrate more on giving to yourself than others just now.

If your head and heart are not in harmony together you get a disjointed, disconnected feel to things and life.

That’s not to say, your Reiki’s gone away :-)

(Did someone write a song about that?)

It cannot go anywhere without you… ha ha ha!!!

Suggestion… TRUST YOURSELF :-)

If you cannot feel a soft subtle flow of energy, how do you sense a gush or rush???

Suggestion… TRUST YOURSELF :-)

The simplest way I can suggest is to have a go at our mini course and really join in with the suggestions contained in it.

Not for others either… just for yourself.

Use your Reiki to come back to your still centre and then you will feel more connected to your life and surroundings.

Then you are ready to ‘DO’ Reiki again :-)

Have a grand weekend… rain or shine folks :-)


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