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Reiki Ghosts Or Ghoulies

Mornin’ all…

It almost feels like spring is here already. The weather has turned so damp and mild…

It’s just like last summer …ha ha ha!

Now I’m doing a quick question this week as DC (our techie) is away from the office this weekend and needs to get this up and ready.

But I thought a more unusual question would be interesting.

People ask me all sorts of things about ‘energy’ and this is actually a good example :-)

The question:

Q… Can you explain the difference between a Spirit and a ghost, please?

And my thoughts are:

A… Good question :-) I just had to ponder for a moment…

To me a ghost is the feeling of a person and may feel like the attitudes and character of a person…

…an individual, (possibly conscious) with an ethereal form with the form being more a kind of residual imprint.

Spirit is simply the sensation of energy and often feels like light or that it blends with you…

A consciousness without form!

But many people put ‘spirits and ghosts’ in the same bag :-)

However it, they, etc. are all simply energy.

Hmmm – upon further pondering :-)

A ghost is an imprint of old energy in a certain area.

Often after a highly charged emotional event – and generally a ghost stays in one place – like a haunted house!!!

But a free spirit is just that – energy that is everywhere and actually has a more conscious connection with The One Energy.

Most ghosts just wander around, magnetically stuck in an area like an empty after thought, so to speak.

A ghost is not conscious itself, more a memory. Whereas a spirit has that connection to consciousness.

Like I said, a good question to ponder on :-)

With love

Judith :-)


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