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Reiki Mini Course FAQ’s

Q. I have not received part one of the Reiki mini course.

A. We operate on a double opt-in process. Did you click on the confirmation link in the ‘Please Confirm Your Desire To Receive Our Mini-Course’ e-mail?

Unfortunately, if you have not clicked this link we cannot send you the mini-course – sorry about that.

Q. I did not receive the confirmation e-mail.

A. The e-mail may have gone into your junk-folder. Please white list our sending addresses which are: info(at) (Replace (at) with @)
do-not-reply(at) – (Replace (at) with @)

Q. I have not received a particular part of the of the 7-part Reiki Mini Course.

A. On every page and e-mail of the Mini Course you will find links to all the previous parts. Please go to any part that you already have, and click on the appropriate link for the part you have missing.

Q. Can you please tell me what the Reiki symbols are that you mention in the Mini Course.

A. Please forgive us but…

The mini course does work best as an add on to our book… Radical Reiki-Radical Life or if you already know some Reiki.

Our book is a complete Reiki manual, including our unique self-attunement process and all the symbols. Available from here

In the meantime, just rub your hands together, as if they are cold, to generate some chi and place them where suggested in the course.

This will give you a tangible result.

For the letter, just hold it for a few moments, after rubbing your hands together.

If your question has not been answerd above – Please contact us here

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