Reiki or Theta Healing?

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The question: Reiki or Theta Healing?

Q… I have been considering healing for some time and currently it is between Reiki and theta healing but there are HUGE price differences.

Can you advise me what the difference is with Reiki.

My understanding is that theta healing works with the brain wave in a different wavelength to Reiki, but is still using energy of course to heal – whether emotional, physical etc.

This is where I am confused…

Also can having a chronic illness affect your ability to train or utilise Reiki – ie: does it affect the energy?

Many Thanks for your time.

And my answer:

A… Reiki and Theta Healing are both forms of energy healing, as is every form of healing really, because absolutely everything in this reality is composed of energy.

Now, I have no personal experience of Theta Healing or how it is explained but I do know about Reiki – so I’ll talk a little about that.

As you may already know the Reiki system of healing has within its training symbols and rituals – and these symbols and rituals of Reiki are simply the tools you use to generate or focus a certain vibration of energy, in other words your intention, to stimulate a certain response.

You may think of using these symbols and rituals as helping to put you ‘in the zone’ so to speak.

You may also use breathing techniques to help you concentrate and focus or imagine violet flames or even golden balls if it helps!

But any of these ‘tricks of the trade’ are simply there to relax you, focus you and disengage your mental processes.

And there is a trick or ‘knack’ for everyone. You just have to find the one that works best for you.

Eventually, however, you will be able to switch on or get in the zone, or channel or connect or do your thing, simply by intending it to be so…

You’ll just think it and it is – and your personal ‘knack’ will become an integral part of your nature.

Now, Theta Healing, I believe, is about consciously changing your brain wave frequency to enter that space.

But, again, it will be a simple technique or knack, designed to relax you and focus your intention and maybe even take ‘you’ out of the equation altogether…

…or it may be something you can do to ‘open yourself up’ – to connect you to your greater part, higher self, God Goddess all that is, the Divine, Universal Energy or infinite consciousness etc.

But as I have said on many occasions before – there is only One Energy, it is you and you are it.

You are the all of it.

So, when looking at all the different energy healing methods available today, just know this…

All these super-duper, convoluted, high falutin’, whizzo sounding systems are all pretty much the same ‘under the skin’

But they are there to provide you with options so you can find one that suits YOU the best – one that suits your temperament and fits in with your own philosophy and view of reality

And the ‘best’ one for you will also…

…help you to ‘know’ yourself and your own infinite power within.

Okay then, to finish off…

I cannot think of any chronic illness that would stop you training or using Reiki.

But I can think of lots of chronic illnesses that would respond well to you using Reiki energy on yourself everyday 🙂

Until next week…

Judith 🙂

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