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Reiki Reasoning?

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Good mornin’ all…

Tough Love I think they call it, when you just have to call a spade a spade and not some manual earth removal instrument!

I think I have to speak more clearly and more articulately so more people can understand the TRUE nature of this wonderful energy called Reiki.

And I will continue to make you all STOP and just listen for a minute.

Not to me!

But to yourselves!


It’s all about YOU – to YOU :-)

Now is the time for you all to become sovereign Reiki Masters…

To trust in your opinions and trust you’ve made the right decisions – for you.

And if something doesn’t feel right for YOU then make another decision and change the energy around you.

You can’t make a wrong decision!

You simply create an experience :-)

And if you don’t like that experience then make another decision to do something else and the energy will move forward and you have created another experience.

Reiki is brilliant. Reiki is fantastic.
Reiki is YOU :-)

A question:

Q… Very interested in your course, however I was told by someone online, that because of my physical ailments, I am out of balance and cannot be attuned,

I am a diabetic, have neuropathy, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome

I have received one Reiki treatment in my life and it worked without any problems on my neck.

Is this true? Thank you

And my answer:

A… It makes no sense to me and nor does it to you, or you would not be questioning it… ha ha ha!

Doing Reiki on yourself for yourself to bring balance back into your life is exactly what is needed.

Just remember that Reiki is a tool for you to use but YOU are the power behind it all – so of course it will ‘work’ and the attunement will ‘take and stick’, it cannot not work!

But now you have 2 conflicting opinions :-)

The only thing to do now is TRUST yourself and follow what feels right for you – for the only opinion that counts to you – is YOURS!

Have courage! Champion…

Judith :-)


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