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I’d better do this week’s question: Too much Reiki

Q… Strange how i found your website the same day i finished my Reike 2!

I would love to fast track to masters, but am slightly cautios so wondered if you could e-mail me more details on how this works?

After doing Reiki one i became very depressed, although that could’ve been a coincidence, so am slightly fearfull of doing too much too soon. I look forward to hearing from you.

And my answer:

A… There are NO accidents ever and always TRUST your intuition and what feels right for you.

Becoming very depressed after doing Reiki only shows that you control yourself to the point of squashing yourself right ‘down’.

Your Reiki triggered a release or relaxing of your control mechanism and so you went into FEAR mode.

But ask yourself this – if Reiki makes you “more of who you are”, then how can you have too much of yourself? 🙂

It’s ALL you!

The most you can do is give yourself a ‘Boo!’ … ha ha ha!

Do read our site and all the articles and past Sunday Chats.

You will be inspired or you may be put off but at least you will be well informed… ha ha ha!

Try this past Sunday Chat for starters…

This question has brought up the taboo subject of FEAR again.

Now, we can dress it up in many ways – Anxiety, worry, panic, stress, insecurity, lack of control.

And give it multiple names – fear of spiders, fear of death, fear of heights, flying, men, marriage, the dark, hair in the sink, sausages etc. etc. etc…

But it always comes back to this: plain ol’ FEAR…

…which has been stopping far too many people from living the life of their dreams – for far too long.

So, we’re determined to change all this.
And, we’ve been busily putting the final touches to a brand new Reiki+EFT Meditation Package which simply addresses the root cause of all our fears – FEAR itself…

For when you face your FEAR and walk towards it, you will feel truly empowered as it dissolves away before your very eyes.

We want to help you walk through your FEAR and into FREEDOM.

For that is what happens when you decide not to be afraid anymore. 🙂

So, look out for this delightfully empowering package which will be coming to you next weekend.

Chuffin’, chuffin’ grand!

Until next week…

Judith 🙂

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