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Reiki Blog

For there IS only today

Good morning all…

I read somewhere years ago that “HAPPINESS is having your NEEDS met, JOY is having your WANTS met.”

And so often we forget that – just for today…

We’ve food on the table, a roof over our head and a couple of ‘quid’ (bucks) in our back pocket.

For there IS only today and, with those needs met, we have EVERY reason to be happy.

To appreciate what we already have 🙂

Feelings are a guide, to help us decide (little bit of poetry there!)…

Just for today, let’s play with our chakra energy. There’s so much information about their colours, which way they spin or don’t spin!

Their position inside your body or floating about nearby…

But there’s not a lot about how this all comes together and how YOU can use that energy – without having to sit crossed legged spinning an imaginary coloured plate in your 3rd eye or bottom!

Let me show you how to simply embrace your chakra energy

Okay then, from the bottom up, so to speak, we’ll start with the base chakra…

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