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Reiki Blog

How to Recognise Your Inner Voice?

Good mornin’ all

Q… How do I recognise our inner voice?

And my answer:

A… Listening to your inner voice is a bit like ‘feeling The Force Luke’ – in and around you

It is sensing the fluctuations and flow both physically, mentally and emotionally.

To do this you need to be still inside – to be unruffled and remain calmness itself.

A tranquil pond.

Start small with something like food.

Hold some food next to your solar plexus area and feel whether your body embraces it or seems to push it away.

Check with food you know disagrees with you and with some that you know makes you feel good and vital.

Then, close your eyes – hide which is which – and do it again.

Trust – always trust what you sense even if it doesn’t make any ‘sense’ to you logically…

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