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Ultimate Reiki Package

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Reiki Blog

7 Years Bad Luck Or Good Luck?

Good mornin’ all…

I’ve said enough about my new pet project, the C B D oils, recently so here’s something completely different altogether! 🙂

Not all the questions I get asked are directly about Reiki, but they are about energy, and as you all know by now, there is only One Energy, so…

You asked:

What are your thoughts on the superstition “break a mirror and have 7 years bad luck?”

And I replied:

A ‘superstition’ is really only a belief that is held and perpetuated by a group of people.

And because they all club together, that belief becomes stronger and therefore produces the desired results that the belief implies.

This desired result hereby ‘proves’ they were right and strengthens the groups beliefs about the superstition.

But let’s actually take the 7 years bad luck theory, created by looking into a broken mirror, as an example.

Many years ago, a mirror was a luxury, afforded by very few people but the rich…

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