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Reiki Blog

Why Join a Reiki Organisation?

Good morning all…

Q – Why should you join a Reiki organisation?

A – If not to be organised and herded like sheep 🙂

Many Reiki healers are asking, begging, campaigning even, for REGULATIONS.

They want one Reiki for all. Reiki clones by the dozen!

But ask yourself this: Why?

If you are REIKI and Reiki is YOU then why would you be asking to restrict yourself?

For when you bring in restrictions out goes creativity and spontaneity…

Joy and laughter!

Then Reiki becomes just another boring JOB.

J.O.B – Just Over Broke!

It becomes a healing modality and nothing more.

You can only do it one way or you’re disbarred, blacklisted, outcast and for what – being flexible, innovative and creative with your own energy.

How boring 🙁

I’d rather be the outlaw and true to myself!…

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