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Ultimate Reiki Package

Reiki Blog

Count Your Reiki Blessings

Good morning all…

Isn’t Spring energy wonderful, I love it 🙂

The optimism combined with joyous expectation.

You can achieve anything if you harness this fabulous energy and go with your flow 🙂

But let’s not forget to say a big Thankyou too…

So “Just for today I’ll give thanks for my many Chikara-Reiki-Do blessings”

But how often do we forget this simple task?

Never mind how deep the doo-doo is in your life right now, because even in the midst of all the rubbish, pain and anger, you do have blessings to behold.

After all, you’re still breathing which is a very good starting point! 🙂

And from that point, you can show your appreciation, which is where hope for a brighter future can begin…

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