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Today, I’m going to talk about being: A Chikara-Reiki-Do Master Or Not, and I’ll get to it shortly, but first a little background…

For years Chris and I always felt as if we didn’t quite ‘fit in’. We have always seen life through a different camera lens to most people. We read books by like minded people, we did courses with like minded people, we even had a few friends who were like minded.

But still, in the general day to day flow of life, we seemed to swim against the tide.

Then we had the courage to write our own book and put it ‘out there’…WOW!

We discovered we were not alone šŸ™‚

That gave us the confidence to keep on keeping on…to keep helping others and supporting them in their desire simply to be themselves. Even if that meant they were different from their neighbours or the vast majority.

To KNOW it is OK to be unique, original and free thinking šŸ™‚

To KNOW it is OK to be happy, spontaneous, joyous and to see the funny side of life even in the face of adversity or the absurd šŸ™‚

In the past Chris and I have never seen the need for a ‘select club’. We hoped to empower people to be independent. But that was wrong.

It’s OK for us because we have all of you but you didn’t have each other. We grew an extended family of fabulously courageous people who were still going it alone.

Each individual is a unique expression of the ONE energy…a drop in the ocean. But if more of those like minded, unique expressions join together, they form a wave of expression.

If even more join in, we have a bloomin’ tsunami of energy!

So that is why we have created our Inner Circle club.

It is a place to be yourself amongst friends and family.

A place to come and find positive attitudes, positive support and encouragement. A place for you to share your wisdom too.

Well that’s the theory, no doubt it will evolve into something even more splendid than we can imagine at this moment šŸ™‚

Now, synchronicity or what…

I received this email recently which plainly shows the need for our Inner Circle subscription site.

But it is not just about that. It is about believing in yourself, TRUSTING yourself, about owning your power.

What on earth does that mean you ask?

It means having the confidence and maturity to be yourself. Not to be afraid of what others might think. Not to always think others know better or more than you… and it is OK if they do too šŸ™‚

Never be ashamed of who you are in any way, shape or form… for all of it goes to make up the whole wonderful package that is you.

Warts an’all… it’s the warty bits that give us character… ha ha ha!

Simply be the very best you, you can be, according to you šŸ™‚

Always look on the bright side of life… be do, be do, be dooby dooby do šŸ™‚ Look for the silver lining, the positive aspect.

And blow me down with an angel’s feather, you will live a life of joy, your life will explode with happy happenings.

What you focus on is what you draw to you like a steam train on a fast track!

Have one doubt and you will be flooded with 100 experiences of every conceivable type and variation of that doubt. Your life will become ‘that doubt personified’.

Have one commitment, one belief in yourself, one dream above all dreams and your life will be filled with success and glory.

Beware…you cannot afford the luxury of a negative thought…

Now, onto this weeks email…I’ve broken up the email into a chatting format.


Hi S

Thanks for your email.

Now hold onto your hat because Iā€™m going to be blunt!

Remember… your outer circumstances reflect the inner you…

S… Again today I’ve come across someone questioning the way I’ve attuned to Reiki.

Judith… Again you have doubts that you are good enough. That you have done it properly. Again you wish to belong and be like everyone else… but are you choosing to be a sheep or shepherd ?

S… They have a sister in law who has been learning Reiki for 3 years and is a Master but as yet isn’t out there practising.

Judith… 3 years eh! Must be very unconfident in herself and a slow learner then. Definitely not someone to take any notice of. šŸ™‚

S… This lady was concerned for me about the energies etc and if I don’t have someone physically to help me with this she felt her sister in law thought this wasn’t good for me.

Judith… That’s very noble of her, especially as she hasn’t the wit or wisdom to actually do anything with her own Reiki yet.

Exactly what is she afraid of? Why would You want to take heed of a woman who comes out of FEAR? She lives a life controlled by others.

We want you to acknowledge your own power and never be afraid. The only one who has control over you is YOU.

It’s called responsibility.

This woman is clearly not responsible. She is bound by the permission and approval of others. This is not learning Reiki. This is learning to do as you are told and to not question what others say.

Just because ‘everyone else’ does something a certain way does not mean it is right. In fact it begs questioning! Most people are sheep and love to be herded… remember that if you choose to follow along šŸ™‚

S… I found this info on the net I thought I’d seek out your thoughts please Judith. Please keep in mind I did all my 3 attunements together in your course and had no prior knowledge to learning Reiki at all.

Judith… You found us on the net too and it felt right to you then. Remember that feeling. Now ask this woman what does she know about the bones of Reiki that you don’t? Especially as she seems to think it has to take 3 years! Find out just how much she does know. Question her in depth. Make her qualify what she is saying. Then TRUST your own feelings on the matter.

Just how wise and knowledgeable is this woman who talks and teaches fear? Is it her own fears or just some story told to her by some other clone of a Reiki Master, and now she feels she has to perpetuate this nonsense?

You did all your attunements in one go and nothing terrible happened, except you acknowledged your own divine right to harness your true power and express it as a true Reiki Master. You opened up to being a unique, individual, independent Reiki Master, not a cloned variety who thinks their power has to come from someone else. šŸ™‚

You cannot have too much of yourself. You will never harm yourself by having, owning and accepting who you are.

People who are unbalanced and have a nervous breakdown or who go mad, will do that anyway with or without the help and support of Reiki.

Never be afraid. The outcome is always perfect šŸ™‚

Never be a judge… if someone has a bad time after a Reiki attunement then that is perfect for them and absolutely what they chose to have happen, for their own expansion.

Who is to say it is a ‘bad’ thing or a ‘good’ thing… it is, quite simply, an experience THEY have chosen.

They have chosen this experience – it is not something YOU have created and made them have…

Stop being afraid… be totally responsible. Be totally willing to respond to life in every single wondrous moment.

S… I didn’t know when I took this course on, although I read it in your notes, how controversial it would be.

Judith… Controversial yes – but to who? Not me or the other 2,000 or so Chikara-Reiki-Do Masters worldwide šŸ™‚

You are not alone S…, you are part of a huge and growing number of people who truly do question before accepting.

People who are strong and confident in their own abilities and power.

They acknowledge this by performing their own self attunement and using the beautiful energy of Reiki to express themselves.

Some have had a crisis of heart or a crisis of mind or even symptoms of a cold… ha ha ha!!!

But all have come out the other side feeling more empowered, more self confident and more loving to the world because they dropped fear and started to act through love.

First LOVE, HONOUR and RESPECT yourself…

I have no time for such a woman who wishes to control your actions by making you afraid and unsure of TRUSTING your own inner feelings.

S… I have met one such healer who spent a full year having physical, emotional and mental problems after one such training course.

Judith… Excellent… obviously she needed a good clearout. There are NO ACCIDENTS – ever. Please allow the woman to go through her stuff. Support her. Be there for her. Don’t go into fear because she chose to experience Reiki in her own individual way.

Reiki was exactly what she needed to create the safe situation so she could have a breakdown in the first place. It is perfect!

S… This is because each Reiki training Degree has a spiritual initiation which not only boosts the energy received into the Auric bodies but also dramatically shifts the electro-magnetic field of the bodies to facilitate the higher energies – if all 3 degrees are taken consecutively (even 2 Degrees) it can have disastrous consequences to the Auric Bodies, the field is changed too many times in such a short time causing too much transitional vibrations and maybe even ripping the field leaving one open to negative energies causing dis-ease and illness in the bodies. It is like teaching a baby that can crawl to run out – in rush hour traffic.

Judith… What a load of utter tosh – just plain and simple fear based rubbish…

Fear, fear, fear, that’s all it is!

Look – you create your own reality – and please bear in mind the person who wrote the nonsense above does too – so if they truly believe in the ‘you know what’ they’re shovelin’ then that’s the reality they’ll experience. But it’s not one you have to take part in – you can create the one YOU want to experience. The only thing I would recommend you do is create one based in love NOT fear, but that choice is entirely up to you.

But I TRUST you. I trust you know what is right for you, right now and at any other ‘now’ too.

The ONE energy encompasses both Love and Fear… you choose at every moment which part of that spectrum you wish to express. Your pendulum can swing into fear mode and stay there or you can choose to have it firmly embedded in love.

So, choose wisely grasshopper…

It’s always up to you… fear anything and you might as well be dead. These people to me, are simply afraid of LIFE.

Energy is LIFE. The glorious, good, bad and ugly bits all experienced in varying degrees from the choices WE make.

Never ever give your Power of choice away to anyone else.

You are stronger than you think, more powerful than you think and your inner light will banish all the darkness.

Choose to shine and celebrate your LIFE with love, light and plenty of laughter šŸ™‚


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