A non-Reiki Question


Good morning all…

OK here’s a very small question that I’ll just slip in here 🙂

Q… Judith, would you be able to elaborate, a little, the difference between an emotion or feeling?

And my answer…

I shall be as succinct as possible, I’m not a one to puff out the content with unnecessary chatter 🙂

Now, as I see it…

E-motion is simply that – energy in motion.

And how you SENSE that energy moving in your physical world, creates a feeling.

For instance:

You may hear some beautiful music and your physical senses give you this amazing uplifted feeling 🙂

Or it might be a loud cacophony that assaults your senses and makes you physically feel grumpy and out of sorts.

E-motion is like a breeze that tickles your physical senses to respond by generating a feeling.

You then ‘know’ intuitively whether the emotion is ‘true’ for you or not.

E-motion is a vibration moving through you which jiggles your personal vibration.

It’s a disturbance in the force Luke which you physically sense with your senses 🙂

And you can detect that disturbance instantly, like the shock of seeing an accident or on a very subtle level – much like a psychic does.

So, first, the vibrations or ripples fan outward = energy in motion = emotion.

Then you sense that movement, flow, wave or shift in your vibration = creating a feeling, like a thrill! 🙂

I think that’s as simple as I can say it, as I sense it 🙂

Emotion – movement of energy created by a thought.

Feeling – a detection and interpretation of that vibrational movement, as it passes physically through you.

Have a powerful Chikara-Reiki-Do weekend…

Judith 🙂




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