A Nurse’s Reiki Tale…


Good mornin’ all…

Let’s have a chat together 🙂

You said:

Finally, I have decided to write!

I was a nurse by profession but had an accident on the job. Now I’m partially disabled.

After my accident I was introduced to Reiki, as regular medicine was not working for me.

I got attuned to Reiki One and Reiki Two but was not able to afford the last attunement.

But the amazing thing was, that the symbols I was attuned to, I have known all my life!

I often dream that I’m falling from a cliff and these symbols always pick me up and bring me back to safety! 🙂

What are your thoughts about this Judith?

I said:

There are NO accidents ever! 🙂

A dream interpretation might be that:

‘No matter how or why you think you’re falling just TRUST that all will turn for the best’…

Which in retrospect, you’ll notice it does

The falling and catching yourself may simply be your way of making and accepting dynamic changes in your life.

Your dream reinforces that YOU have the power within you, to always ‘catch’ yourself, no matter how or why you appear to fall or stumble in your life.

Using Chikara-Reiki-Do every day on yourself, will give you that solid, reliable, steady energy, that’s not easily rocked or shaken by external events.

It would appear that Chikara-Reiki-Do is a good choice for you but…

As always TRUST your own intuition on everything. 🙂

Using Chikara-Reiki-Do regularly, on yourself, will take you to that still centre.

The more you go there, the stiller you’ll become 🙂

The more unflappable you’ll be, the more confident you’ll be 🙂

There are NO accidents ever!

You are right where you are, at exactly the right time 🙂

Trust and change, trust and jump, trust in Chikara-Reiki-Do:

For you are it and it is you 🙂

Have a personally powerful, Chikara-Reiki-Do weekend 🙂

Judith 🙂

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