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Okay then, this week I’m just going to chat out loud… a real Reiki chat, without even mentioning Reiki!

How can I do that? Well, to me Reiki is love and Reiki is life.

So, here we go…

Understand that ‘life’ really is just like a video game and you truly are the star and that absolutely everyone, without exception, really can create the script they want to pursue.

For life truly is an illusion…

And it’s an illusion of our own making.

There really is no ‘reality’ to it…

There really is no ‘purpose’ to it, other than ‘living through the experiences’ YOU want to live through…

It’s all a game!

You can have the game be as serious as you want, as meaningful as you want or as meaningless as you want…

…the choice is totally up to YOU.

For there is no supreme being forcing its will on you – only you forcing your will on yourself.

There is absolutely no need to save us from ourselves.

No need to save the planet…

No need to save anything.

How so?

Because it truly is all an illusion and you really can’t mess up an illusion 🙂

You see, there are no consequences, no final solutions, no end of days for us, because we never cease to exist.

And we can always rub it out and start ‘it’ again, whenever we choose to – if we want to, so…

Dare to imagine…

Dare to ‘act as if’…

Dare to live a life without limits…

Dare to take risks!

Because, what if there is no other power than YOU?

What if YOU are the most powerful source in your universe?

What if you really are ‘making it all up’ on the fly?

What if there really is no responsibility – only the ability to respond?

What if love really is the only reality?

What if you really do ‘change the world’ when you change your mind?

What if you truly live like there’s no tomorrow? 🙂

What if there truly is only NOW – The eternal (maybe internal) NOW and nothing else?

What if there is no yesterday or tomorrow?

What if you lived life on your own terms?

What if there is no day of reckoning and you only have yourself to answer to?

Take action…

Create your own EXPERIENCES by the choices and decisions YOU make in every moment.

You do or you don’t – you stay or you go – yes or no.

For you can’t make a wrong decision, only A decision.

And that decision will immediately create a new experience for you.

But if you don’t like the experience it brings you, then simply make another decision.

Do nothing and all will be done…


Do nothing – simply let your life unfold in front of you and make all your decisions on the fly, in the moment.

And decide, right now, to stop worrying about the future.

For it’s just like Mark Twain said…

“I spent half my life worrying about things that never happened”.

So, sit quietly and ask what would be the loving response?

Then decide to follow your heart’s whispers.

And do not judge things good or bad, there is no good or bad, just the experience and your interpretation of it – simply respond as your heart guides you to. 🙂

Well, that’s enough idling for one day, I’ve action to take in the kitchen… ha ha ha!

Judith 🙂

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