A Reiki Giggle and a Wiggle…


Good mornin’ all

Here’s a recent Reiki question:

Q… A friend of mine watched an unusual Reiki session and it seemed odd.

The person was undulating and throwing her head back and making faces and then at the very end it was like she unplugged her hand from the middle of his back with a jerk.

She did not place her hands, she ran them over his back using her fingers mostly.

The session lasted about 10 minutes.

I’ve never seen Reiki done this way, is that proper?

And my answer:

A… Well, first of all, there is no right or wrong way to do Reiki, and we each develop a ‘style’ that suits us.

Having said that, I am not familiar with this type of Reiki performance at all 🙂

Interestingly though, your friend doesn’t say anything about how the client felt 🙂

He probably didn’t know what she was actually doing, but did he feel good afterwards? Did he sense anything at all?

Truth is, it doesn’t matter how she ‘did’ her Reiki, only that her style worked for her…

…and, more importantly, her client.

If this was just a demo session with others watching I might be tempted to call it Theatrical Reiki… ha ha ha!

And I think your friend was perhaps a smidge embarrassed and put off by her performance, perhaps thinking she would have to do the same thing… ha ha ha!

But please assure her – Reiki does not have to be done like that!

However, my question would be more one of – did ‘it’ work?

For the more confident and connected to a Reiki healer the receiver of Reiki feels – the better the results will be.

Horses for courses as they say 🙂

But I also think your friend needs to find a more sedate and less theatrical healer.

Although, at least she’ll now have something to compare others to 🙂

Have a powerful Chikara-Reiki-Do weekend.

Judith 🙂




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