A Wave of Goodwill


Good mornin’ all

Has anyone else felt the same as me?

On the surface, the energy around feels disappointing, a

Leaving you with a feeling of what’s it all about, why bother, might as well lie down, surrender and give in.

But then, if you look deeper…

If you go within…

You can also sense the tide is turning!

You can sense that swell feeling, as the tide turns.

It gently lifts you and pushes you forward, without you having to do anything in particular.

It feels encouraging, positive – like a wave of goodwill urging you on!

And as you begin to smile again, blossom again and stand on firmer ground, you realise that feeling of goodwill is steadfast and true.

Because the feeling of goodwill, happiness and compassion, arises from YOU.

From your heart.

So, TRUST yourself.

Trust your intuition.

Trust what you feel.

Because there has been a shift in The One Energy.

And we all know that there is only One Energy.

It is you and you are it…

Stop paying attention to what you see ‘out there’ and pay greater attention to what you feel in here.

The heart never lies.

In every situation ask, “What would be the loving thing to do…?”

Trust your own intuition. You do KNOW without having to know.

I hope this gentle turn of the tide, this wave of goodwill, continues to swell in our hearts until the love therein overflows and conquers all.

And a wonderfully easy way to maintain such a harmonious state, is to use one of our new heart centred meditations.

Created to open and balance your heart energy.

After all, it was Usui who originally used meditations to attune students to Reiki, as he had himself.

Now we do too 🙂


Judith 🙂

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