About Reiki – The Hidden Truth Revealed

Learning about Reiki, and what it actually is, has to be of paramount importance if you want to become a fully rounded and successful Reiki Practitioner/Master.

So, let’s learn more about Reiki… in fact let’s take a look at the hidden truth about Reiki…

And we’ll start off with a couple of real biggies.


Well, one of the most incredible things about Reiki, which almost everyone involved with the art, wants to deny. Is the fact that the energy of Reiki already flows within you right now.

And the second most denied aspect is that the founder of our present day Reiki, Dr Mikao Usui, actually attuned himself.

Yes, I know this creates derision in the ranks of the Reiki faithful…

Perhaps you feel that way too. But before you dismiss it out of hand…

…have you really stopped to give the concept any real thought?

Or do you really still believe that a great light came out of the darkness, at the end of Usui’s twenty one day meditation.

Smacked him in the forehead – and gave him Reiki and the ability to heal?

Now, don’t just shout at me – really give it some thought.

Does that story about Reiki, for a story is exactly what it is, ring true to you anymore?

Probably not, if you’ve been around the world of Reiki for more than a few minutes – and have read some of the better books detailing the more likely history about Reiki itself.

Like the one which tells the story of how Usui, who was staring into the face of business bankruptcy at the time, went to his favourite spot to think…

…and whilst meditating under a waterfall, had a satori – or sudden flash of inspiration.

And came to the fuller realization that a particular quality of the life force energy, already flowing within him, was capable of healing. All he had to do was simply acknowledged it and use it,…

…and, at a later date, called this particular facet of the life force energy Reiki.

Now, does that sound a more reasonable account of what may have occurred?

Maybe, maybe not.

But what cannot be ignored, no matter which of the many stories, about how and when Usui discovered Reiki, you choose to believe…

The plain fact is this:

When Usui discovered, or maybe more accurately, rediscovered Reiki, he was totally alone – and must have attuned himself.

Which ties in perfectly with what all spiritual Masters, Guru’s and Mystics have been saying since time began…

“There is nothing to seek outside yourself, everything lies within”.

So, how do you tap into this incredible healing energy, which as we have now shown, already flows within you?

Well, you have three choices…

  1. You can go to a Reiki Master who will attune you
  2. You can receive a Distance Attunement from a Reiki Master
  3. Or, you can Attune yourself – as long as you know how

And really, the only difference between all three methods is the costs involved.

The first method is by far the most expensive of course and can work out at several hundred, sometimes thousands of, dollars to get yourself attuned to the level of Reiki Master.

Then, when you add in the costs of travelling to the classes along with meals and, perhaps, overnight accommodation.

You’re looking at some serious investment, in both time and money to learn about Reiki.

The second method, the Distance Attunement, is usually much less expensive in monetary terms.

And as you don’t have to commit to any travelling either it saves you a lot of time too.

The third method, self-attunement, is probably the least expensive and has one major advantage over the other two.

You can re-attune yourself as many times as you like.

So, which method is the best?

Well, when you fully understand and accept that the Reiki energy already exists within you…

…and it’s not something that has to be given to you by anyone else. The choice becomes very much easier.

All you have to do is ask yourself the following question…

“What am I going to be doing with my Reiki”?

For you see, if you only want to be attuned to Reiki for personal growth and the ability to heal yourself, friends and family etc. Then spending a fortune on attending classes is probably completely unnecessary.

You’ll get everything you need from a distance or self-attunement.

But if you want to take up Reiki healing purely as a professional career, then perhaps attending formal classes would suit you best.

Now I say perhaps, of course, not because the quality of the Reiki energy that you’ll be opened up to will be any better…

…it can’t be, as it already exists within you remember – but because you may feel more comfortable about saying to your patients you ‘trained’ in Reiki at a school.

The choice though, as with everything, is entirely yours.

I just hope I’ve given you enough food for thought to help you make the best one for you.

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