All About Your Reiki Symbols


Good mornin’ all…

I’ve spoken at length about using the Reiki symbols as a tool, an aid, a gadget, a trick, a conscious nudge, a reminder!

I’ve spoken at length about how the Reiki symbols are just that – a symbol.

A symbol is simply symbolic – a representation of something.

But it’s NOT ‘the something’ that it represents!

Just like ‘seeing pink elephants’ represents being rather drunk… but the pink elephants can’t actually make you drunk!

I’ve mentioned previously, that during an attunement ceremony, (done by another or by yourself), that nothing is given to you, put in you, or lodged in any other way.

An ‘attunement’ is more like a self-AWARENESS process.

By sharing or sensing the energy represented or SYMBOLISED by the symbols – YOU then become aware of that vibratory sensation within YOU.

During that ‘attunement’ process, the movement and fluctuations of your INTENDED energy, can feel awesome, weird, uplifting, beautiful and calming… 🙂

And that’s all the Reiki symbols are for.

They help YOU become aware of your own energy – in parts – as you focus it so. 🙂

Once you have the hang of focussing your energy thus – say for healing – then eventually you don’t need the symbols to manipulate your energy – YOU simply focus with the intention – and so be it 🙂


Remembering that YOU are your Reiki energy and that your Reiki energy is YOU – one and the same thing – and there is only The One Energy…

How would YOU answer this query?

Q – I have heard some energy workers are getting their Reiki symbols removed, as the symbols are confining. Any thoughts?

My answer is this:

Personally, I have a lot of thoughts, many of them blank 🙂

If YOU would like an un-attunement, so to speak, then for a Chikara-Reiki-Do Master, simply drink a glass of plain water and intend or ‘pretend’ that the blank water will flush out any symbols lurking in your physical body.

But as a Chikara-Reiki-Do Master then surely, you’ll ‘know’ more about vibrations, energy, and being the All of It anyway.

But for those who are stuck in the ‘giving and receiving’ mode, then simply stop using your Reiki symbols.

No symbol – no restrictions! No problem! 🙂

And you’ll be more advanced the minute you realise you don’t need the symbols anymore too!

They’re just there in the beginning to help you distinguish the different facets, choices and decisions, that your own personal energy gives you.

They’re akin to baby play shapes to show you which vibration fits which hole 🙂

Some people love to play the symbols shape game and have boxes of different shapes to show off.

But for the more intelligent ones, simply a few will give you the right idea and you can then leave those behind as you develop your own honing of your own vibrations, so it does your bidding.

So, have you got that?

YOU are The One, The Only, The Everything…

That means nothing is given or taken away because it’s ALL YOU anyway.

You’re NOT a human being – you’re a GOD FORCE! 🙂

Chuffin’ grand… bloomin’ marvellous… flippin’ fantastic!

New Year – same energy – but a New You! 🙂

Be a baby God Force until you expand playfully and creatively into a Powerful, Liberated, Free Flowing GOD, GODDESS – The ALL That Is-ness 🙂

Now have a powerful, Chikara-Reiki-Do weekend…

Judith 🙂


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