Appreciation On Father’s Day



Good morning all!

Happy Father’s Day chaps – I hope the ladies are spoiling you all rotten πŸ™‚

Today is a day to celebrate the male energy, the Yang energy, the hunter and the warrior!

To acknowledge the male power and prowess. The protector and provider…

In this day and age, it can be difficult for a man to express manhood.

No rite of passage or shared experience.

But I’m old fashioned and I acknowledge and honour the male spirit that resides within my man and my son.

Yes, I’m a powerful woman in my own right of course but I have no desire to usurp the power of any man!

My wish would be for everyone to walk into their own individual power, irrespective of gender! πŸ™‚

But these days there seems to be a muddying, a blurring, a confusing of what sexual identity actually is.

Where the female is more masculine and the male more feminine.

I haven’t heard the term ‘child bearing hips’ for years!

Nor indeed the greeting ‘me Tarzan’ … ha ha ha!

People are becoming androgenous – neither one nor the other. πŸ™

So today, in particular, make it a day to celebrate The Man πŸ™‚

In all his glory, strength and power πŸ™‚

His ability to work things out, fix things, lift things, change a car wheel, open doors, and to love and protect you πŸ™‚

Let’s honour their ability to ROAR!

And our ability to purr… πŸ™‚

To my man and my son – I love you both!

Have a POWER TOOL weekend! πŸ™‚

Judith πŸ™‚



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