Are We All Slipping Backwards?

Are We All Slipping Backwards?

Is it me?

Or has the world suddenly gone all retrograde?

I know, I know – yes, you can call me old fashioned if you like… 🙂

But I remember when English speaking nations communicated in a beautiful, full-on language called English…

Yes, it could be short, concise and to the point if necessary…

But, it was never a jumble of abbreviations that only seem to make sense if you’re used to conversing in text speak.

Forgive me for being old fashioned again, but I thought Pitman had a better idea with his shorthand.

Nowadays you just have to miss out every other letter from a word and substitute others with numbers.

You see, communication is a skill – an art form.

It is beautiful, creative and essential – if we want to share, bond and reach out to others.

As a recent ‘phone advert in the UK says’… “It’s good to talk”. And that is precisely what the written word is – you, talking on paper!

Your thoughts, clearly expressed, for all to see.

You – exposed 🙂

So let’s take the time to represent ourselves clearly.

Take the time to express ourselves perfectly.

Take the time to learn our language intimately.

Going back a few years people had useable vocabularies numbered in the high thousands.

Now it is more likely to be in the low thousands and some even say hundreds – and most of those, today, seem to be unintelligible when spoken, let alone written

So, let’s build it all back up again – we can start small if you like… Ha, ha, ha!!!

i lv u

I luv u

I luv you

I love you 🙂

Call me an old fashioned romantic, but if we’re going to say it, let’s say it properly.

If we cannot write, communicate, share, express such a small sentiment from the heart, what hope is there for releasing, expunging and nullifying our deepest fears angers and resentments.

When we write our letter of quiet desperation to God, and put it on the mantle piece, I know that God understands our meanings and even our spelling mistakes…

But wouldn’t it be nicer for that letter to convey the contents of our hearts, in a heartfelt manner?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful too, if our Reiki goals list actually represented, accurately, our hopes and desires for our future.

A little fuller in detail and description than our weekly shopping lists…

Using all the richness and depth available in our languages.

So, let’s take the time to share and express ourselves, with clarity of mind, feeling and emotion.

We created our languages to communicate with others – all others. To help convey our deepest feelings and desires – to reach out.

Let’s not lose that skill by replacing it with just quick ‘text speak’.

And in developing our own communication skills we could also take the time to listen to others more clearly too.

For the world is full of people who need to be listened to – but have trouble communicating their desires.

Just like a toddler having a tantrum because no-one understands their needs.

And speaking of toddlers…

Why are our kids being encouraged to remain as toddlers even when reaching their teenage years and beyond.

Just look at their trousers – too big or ‘anti-fit’, hanging down showing their underpants…

Their shoelaces undone…

…drinking their soft drinks from bottles with those ‘sports’ tops…

Making it look like they’re sucking on baby bottles!

But perhaps that’s just me being old fashioned again

Anyway, what I am humbly suggesting is that we all keep our beautiful languages alive.

Let’s do our Shakespeare in English…

Let’s sing our hearts out in Italian…

Let’s speak words of love in French…

Je t’aime 🙂

(Pardon, je ne parle pas Francais bien!)

Warm regards


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