Are You An Attentive Listener..?



Mornin’ all – And Happy Easter!

Now, may I ask you a question for a change?

Are you listening to me?

I mean really listening.

Or do you just hear the words that I’m saying?

Because if you were really listening to me, then you would only hear the space in between my words!

You would listen to my silence.

For in my silence is where I reside.

In that calm still space, that void, that emptiness.

And it’s the same with everything on this amazing planet.

Listen to the silence, not the noise.

Listen to the stillness, not the movement.

Listen to the emptiness – for that is the Universe whispering to you.

So I’ll ask again, are you listening to me?

Have a great weekend and ‘hear this’ – pass the chocolate eggs! 🙂


Judith 🙂



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