Automatic Reiki



Good morning all…

It’s almost my birthday, again! Another year slips by almost unnoticed.

The days, weeks, months and years slither past at an alarming rate.

And sometimes you really don’t notice anything.

Like being on auto-pilot!

It’s so easy to lose your focus.

Your senses quickly become accustomed to things that’re repeated.

Like when you first put on perfume, it fills your nose with a delicious fragrance and five minutes later you don’t register the scent at all!

But it still wafts pleasantly around you, apparent to others. 🙂

I noticed as we drove into Berwick, the other day, that the stunning coastal views were passing me by without a second glance.

How sad is that!

At first, they took our breath away and now they go un-noticed.

All too quickly we forget the special things and the little details that make our lives different.

Be that in a relationship or work or just plain living.

When we lived in Stockport we often used the Reiki symbols to help clear a path through a traffic jam.

We don’t see many traffic jams around here! Three cars in a queue and it’s grid lock! 🙂

We often used a Reiki symbol to protect us when going into crowds, just to shop.

We don’t mingle much in crowds now, and if Berwick’s busy then they’re generally happy holiday makers 🙂

We all need to be reminded, nudged, poked, prodded, galvanised into action frequently, by constantly observing ourselves.

Otherwise life becomes one long habitual deep sleep…

So today, let’s all have a WAKE UP REIKI day!

Let’s get those symbols out and yes, actually use them!

Remember how…

You used to bless all your food with a Reiki symbol before eating.


Lunch will be extra yummy and delicious today as I’m going to bless it with Reiki, CONSCIOUSLY.

How about you?

I also drink Reiki charged water all day, but today I’m going to drink it more CONSCIOUSLY.

How about you?

We’ve talked about blessing your house with Reiki.

I think I’ll do that too!

Simply to remind myself how lovely the house feels after I have done it, inside and out.

Ooh! The pheasants will enjoy a garden blessing too. I could draw a power symbol with the seed.

It’s no good living in such a nice house and grounds and not consciously being aware of it.

Reiki is a beautiful tool to help you ‘focus’ your intention.

But so often it becomes a habit and your focus gets lost.

Your intention loses its power because you’re not really honed in on it.

Symbol or no symbol?

For all you ‘old hands’ at Reiki, including me too…

WAKE UP and refocus on your Reiki again CONSCIOUSLY!

Put the symbols on your palms again and really ‘feel’ with them.

Touch your world anew…

Since observing myself forgetting to ‘see’ the views, I’ve observed myself slipping into unconsciousness with other things too.


But in doing so, I’ve also been able to stop the rot… and instead of RE-acting to things on auto pilot, I’m consciously ACTING, each time.

I’m just reminding you too.

Get those symbols out and working like the very first time you felt them.

Reacquaint yourself with the joys of using them in everyday situations.

Life truly is magnificent and Chikara-Reiki-Do truly is amazing.

Let’s not forget that.

So, have a powerfully aware Chikara-Reiki-Do weekend…

Judith 🙂



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