Become a Reiki Expert


Good mornin’ all…

For all that people say they believe in equality, that they don’t believe in a class system…

…just mention the word Master and most people’s knees start to bend and their brains cease to function properly 🙂

Yes, the modern term for a Master is probably ‘the expert’ 🙂

But Master or Expert simply implies that someone knows their subject, craft or art.

To become a modern-day expert or master of anything requires practice and usually lots of it.

It requires commitment and dedication too.

Even then, that will not guarantee the person is actually any good at what they do… but they may be, perhaps, better than most.

But what we’re really looking for in an expert or master is that ‘star’ quality.

Someone who’s a natural 🙂

Someone who’s doing whatever it is with or without the title that’s been assigned to them.

They’re doing it because it’s the nature of who they are, it’s an expression of their soul’s desire to be doing ‘whatever it is they’re doing’ 🙂

These people have that extra special something.

That charisma or star quality.

The work they do has a natural flow and a certain power and beauty to it.

In fact, it’s not work… it’s fun for them 🙂

And a pleasure for us to be a part of too.

So, if you want to become your own Master – follow your heart.

Have the courage to express your Reiki energy the way that feels perfect for you… and it will be!

It’s often found that, along our journey, we share the same path with others but when it’s time to break away, we hesitate.

We don’t want to strike out alone.

But it’s only when we follow our own path, our own nature, our own spirit, that we gather to us other like-minded kindred spirits.

You see, life’s a constant flow of change. Each moment is fresh and new.

So, trust yourself in every moment, always.

You’re the Expert on yourself and nobody’s Master but your own 🙂

How perfect is that?


If you were told:

‘That the energy level of the Master doing the Reiki attunement makes a big difference on results’…

What would you surmise?

Well, I’ve said this before – but I’ll keep on saying it. 🙂

There is only ONE energy… It is YOU and you are IT… You are everything and everything is you 🙂


You are Reiki and Reiki is you. There is no separation, duality, two of anything.

There is only YOU.

EVERYTHING is a demonstration of this ‘ONE energy’.

The Reiki ritual of attunement is to awaken you to this energy within YOU.

Reiki is a tool to, use, demonstrate, and feel this energy, inside and out.

But YOU are the power… YOU are the energy.

You can believe someone else has more power or energy than you, if you want to, or you can claim your own power and perfect energy 🙂

Yes, one Master may be more charismatic or may be a more capable teacher.

They may feel, use and demonstrate the Reiki energy more competently but the energy they’re using is still exactly the same whoever it is that’s using it,

So, how much do you feel and sense energy?

Because the more you practice with it, the better you’ll become

And who better to practice on than YOU! YOUR energy is The Energy!

Surprise! 🙂

Some people say I have a ‘presence’ even before I walk into a room, but others wouldn’t notice me if I walked in naked! 🙂

Is this me and my energy or them and their perception?

Trust your own feelings about whoever you choose or are about to choose to do your attunement…

…if you’re not doing it yourself.

Just as I’d suggest you do about everything in your life.

Trust YOURSELF and your OWN intuition implicitly.

Do that which makes you smile and laugh, and you’ll know you’re on the right path – for YOU 🙂

Have a powerful, Chikara-Reiki-Do weekend…

Judith 🙂

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