Bedtime Reiki


Good morning all!

This is a lovely question because we all use our Reiki at bedtime at some time or another, so…

Here’s the question…

Q – Occasionally, I’m doing a Reiki treatment on myself late at night while I’m in bed and the energy is so warm and comforting that I fall asleep before I’ve done a final power symbol to seal the energy.

What happens to the energy then? Does it leave or leak from my body instead of staying there to fully do its healing?

And here’s my answer…

A – What a cosy comforting sort of a question 🙂

It makes Reiki sound so deliciously snugly – which it is!

Now, what’s your INTENTION when you start giving yourself Reiki?

Because it’s your intention – always your intention – that sets the scene.

You could intend for the Reiki to ‘seal’ itself or leave it to glow in and around you all night long

For remember Reiki is an expression of the One energy, YOU!

So you could say that when you ‘switch off’ so will your Reiki.

Or knowing that YOU and your Reiki are one and the same thing you can simply ‘know and ‘glow’ all night long

Because you’re both the inner and the outer flow at the same time.

If it was to ‘drain away’ where would it go?

Or would it simply fill the outer you, so to speak?

So as you relax, let the energy keep flowing into you and surrounding or expanding you.

Think of it as losing your boundaries and blending with the ‘whole’

Just like in the darkness you can’t perceive the edges of things, imagine your edges have gone too.

Now, to me, a good blending session with the One energy is for your highest good, always and all ways…

So, as you give yourself a Reiki self-treatment at bedtime, imagine you’re simply ‘stirring the ocean’ and feeling the waves gently rocking you to sleep.

But the proof of the pudding is how you ‘feel’ in the morning 🙂

And that will be chuffin’ grand!

Have a wonderful weekend…

Judith 🙂


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