Blanket Reikiing :-)

Good mornin’ all

I hope you all kept busy this yesterday – rescuing damsels in distress and eating Red Dragon Pie. 🙂

Of course, you’d only have done that if you remembered it was St George’s day!

And, as the English don’t seem to celebrate it by getting as drunk as a skunk, it does tend to get totally overlooked 🙂

It was also the Queen’s birthday on Thursday, which makes it sound like a jolly English sort of a week, was had by all 🙂

But let’s not digress too much from today’s topic, which is, sending a blanket covering of Reiki to your list or upcoming event, etc.

There are many sites nowadays that do distant healing lists.

You can join these groups and send Reiki energy regularly to heal your favourite things.

Maybe animals are your favourite or saving the planet, or honey bees, or just simply your family and friends.

Or perhaps you’ve an event coming up that you’d like to ‘charge with Reiki’ beforehand, so you can relax on the day.

Perhaps a show, exam or business meeting with the bank manager 🙂

So the question is – What’s a good way to send distant healing to a list or events?

Should I randomly pick out some names? Or write their names down and focus on just one or a few at a time? Or would it work to print out the whole list, fold it up and send to all at once?

Answer – Yes, to all of the above 🙂

But do experiment and do that which feels right to you, in that moment.

I suggest doing a list as ONE entity; just send Reiki to ‘all on the list’

Or, scan the list and those names that seem to draw you or jump out at you and just send to those people or animals. The fact that they ‘attracted your attention’ means your connection with them will be stronger.

Or you could break the list up into bite size chunks and do some each day over a period of time.

I tend to do our Reiki healing list by sitting in front of my computer and beaming the energy at the list in front of me. (Our Reiki healing list is in our forum)

But I also hold small teddy bears and other stuffed toys for people who’ve asked for special help from me for whatever reason.

Using a teddy as a surrogate gives me a more personal link to that person.

And before you ask – here’re the details for doing Distant Reiki Healing 🙂

The Distance Symbol can be used to send Reiki to anyone at a distance.

And they can be across the room, across the street or across the other side of the world.

For the amount of ‘space’ separating the sender to the receiver is totally unimportant.

So, let’s begin – and this is just my way of doing it. There are many other ways.


You’ll need to have either a photograph of the person you want to send healing to or a piece of paper with the person’s name written on it.

Or, of course, the name of an event, meeting, circumstance, etc you wish to focus on.


Draw out the Usui Master Symbol over your palms whilst saying its name three times…

Then the Power Symbol whilst saying its name three times and then the Distant Healing symbol whilst saying its name three times.

Now, cup your hands together for a few moments to feel the energy begin to flow.

Then take your photo or piece of paper with the name on it and whilst holding it between your palms, just think about the person or event for a while.

This empowers the connection.

When you feel ready, draw out the Power Symbol over the photo or paper whilst saying its name three times, do the same with the Distance Symbol.

Next, say out loud or silently to yourself – I call upon the Reiki energy for:

Say the name of the person you wish to send healing to … (repeat the person’s name three times)

Add their location in the world once, if you know it.

For example: Peter, Peter, Peter – in Pittsburgh USA.

May the energy be used for his/her highest good and the highest good of all concerned.

May the energy fill him/her with love, light, laughter and joy.

May the energy surround and protect him/her.

Once you’ve carried out this process, draw out the power symbol over the photo or paper again and then just sit there quietly holding it between your hands.

…and do so for as long as seems comfortable to you.

If you’ve more than one person to heal they can all be done at the same time.

Just write out all the names on the paper, and follow the same procedure as above, saying the name of each person three times each.

Another way of doing a distant healing is to use a surrogate

In a very similar manner to the procedure above you can do a Reiki treatment on say a teddy bear or a pillow and the person will receive the healing in the same way.

Proceed as follows:

You take, say, a teddy bear and carefully lay it either on the floor or on your lap.

Over the front of it you draw out the Symbols just as before.

Then say, out loud or silently to yourself – “As I do this Reiki treatment on this teddy bear, I will be doing a Reiki treatment on …”

Then say the person’s name three times and their location once – again exactly as before.

This process will make the connection between the teddy bear and the person, so as you treat the bear, the person you’ve named will receive the healing.

You can go ahead and do a complete Reiki treatment in this way using any or all of the hand positions or just lay your hands where it feels most appropriate, and the person named will receive the Reiki energy.

If you don’t have a teddy bear you can use any stuffed animal or even a pillow.

If using a pillow, simply say prior to each hand position, “This is the head… This is the stomach… This is the feet”, etc.

Whatever you choose to use as your ‘surrogate’, it’s extremely important that you handle it with great gentleness, care and respect.

Don’t handle the teddy or pillow etc in a rough and careless manner as the ‘connection’ you’ve made with the actual person is very ‘real’.

So don’t just toss them over your shoulder when you’ve done! 🙂

Phew! There should a lot of Reiki flying around in the ethers today 🙂

Bloomin’ marvellous…

Judith 🙂


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