Blending Reiki With CTFO


Good mornin’ all…

Good news! is almost back up and running again!

As you know, we’ve been fiddling about in the background and quite honestly, made a bit of a scrambled egg, hotch-potch, Heath Robinson contraption out of everything… ha ha ha!

Look, you know me with all this gadget stuff…

But fear not, techy has come back and lent us a hand to straighten things out again 🙂

Very soon ALL our products will be available again.

But as you all know by now, there are NO accidents ever and whilst I had very little to ‘do’ online, so to speak, I was introduced to the ‘Change The Future Outcome’ (CTFO) site and the CBD oils.

So, simply going with the flow, I followed my intuition and took a look at what CBD oils can do.

Well, it turns out they can do an awful lot!

As well as being all good and all natural too 🙂

So, I joined them and have begun sharing the site with you all because CBD oils also make a fabulous add on to your Reiki skills or in fact, any other therapy skills you may have.

Healing is the name of the game, of course, but that always starts with taking care of YOU first.

Heal the man, heal the world 🙂

Anything that makes YOU happier and healthier is exactly what life is about – plus you can generate an extra income by sharing the CBD oils with your friends, family and clients 🙂

Now, as soon as is back up to speed again, I’ll be focusing on that once more, but until then, can you do me a favour?

I’ve set myself the target of creating a team of 5 to personally help me spread the word about CBD oils here in the UK.

The company, CTFO, has only just come into the UK and I want to spread the word about their high-quality CBD oils, so their benefits can help more people and more animals too.

The quality is far superior to the stuff you get from commercial health food stores and you get a lot more detailed information about the products as well 🙂

So, if you could help me and help yourself and others at the same time, then please click the link, join me, and let’s get spreading the word together!

Of course, if you live outside the UK, I’d love to have you join me too.

And, if you practice as a therapist, then you can share the products directly with your clients.

So, if you do massage for example, you could use the deep tissue pain relieving cream. Even the Olympic teams are allowed CBD oils for pain management these days 🙂

Simply use your imagination and find your unique way to blend CBD oils and your Chikara-Reiki-Do skills together.

No accidents ever remember!

Have a personally powerful Chikara-Reiki-Do weekend…

And thanks for everything you all do to make this a fabulous world to live in 🙂

Judith 🙂

Here’s that link again


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