Can I become a Reiki master if my Reiki master says no?


Hi, I’m Judith of Chikara-Reiki-Do and I’m answering your questions on Reiki.

So, question:

I’ve done Reiki one and two about five years ago, but my Reiki master said I couldn’t do the master as I’m not ready for it yet and may not be for quite a while. I have a few problems or faults I need to fix first. Do I ignore this advice? She’s very genuine,


Now, I must repeat this again and again.

The only opinion that should ever count to you is yours.

Trust, trust, trust your own intuition, your gut feeling, the little whisper inside of you.

If you feel ready to become a Reiki master, then I for one honor your judgment about yourself.

I know that you know what is best for yourself.

So, I would simply say go for it. But, do bear in mind that you’ve had to ask for my opinion too.

So perhaps you don’t quite feel ready yet yourself.

As for the problems and faults you find with yourself, let he who is perfect step forward please.

We should celebrate and embrace our imperfections and quirkiness as it is those that make us unique, full of character, and most charming too.

I would simply suggest that the sooner you become a Reiki master and take control of your own life, the better.

Using the phrase my Reiki master suggests you are giving your power away to another…

…allowing someone else to make your choices and decisions for you.

This can leave you feeling vulnerable and insecure and does nothing for one’s confidence and self-esteem.

The only way to fix yourself completely is to assume responsibility for all your own choices and decisions.

Gather as much information about a topic as you can of course, but then you decide on the next move.

Thanks for listening…

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