Can Reiki Help With Eyes..?


Hi, I’m Judith Conroy and I’m answering your questions on Reiki.

So, question:

I have MS and it has affected my left eye. I would give anything to feel better.


Can Reiki help with eyes?

Yes, it can!

Definitely, absolutely, certainly… but not always in the way we expect or imagine…

For here we have an external storm brewing.

On the outside, it appears that our eyes are faulty, and our vision is restricted, and it feels like an external bodily condition beyond our control.

But we have to remember there really are no accidents in life.

We create or allow everything either consciously or subconsciously.

You see, faulty outer vision isn’t always a fault with our physical eyes.

It’s often a fault with our inner vision.

It stops us from seeing the future we want to create – or from observing the things going on in our immediate surroundings.

What the eye doesn’t see, the mind won’t make matter.

So, what can be done to help?

For the external manifestation of an emotional problem in a physical condition, we need a remedy.

So, for either of the above physical conditions, I would recommend the one-minute cure oxygen therapy.

This is brilliant for rejuvenating the body and indeed fixing the physical problems.

Then some EFT to deal with heightened emotional sensations or the 10-minute cure to identify and disperse deep seated fears.

And while you are so busy apparently fixing your eyes and physical illnesses, you remain steadfast and true to your inner being…

…by doing a Reiki self-treatment every day.

By being in yourself, you feel more connected to the whole event…

…connected yet apart, both the observer and the observed.

You see yourself more clearly and understand – and come to know – what it is you are experiencing and why.

Then you can let it go and move on.

Reiki supports you, your spirit, your essence, your very being.

And when that sits comfortably within, then your outer reflects contentment too.

Your life becomes joyful and serene.

Was it the therapies that produced a cure – or was it the calming and realigning to your spirit with Reiki?

In fact, it’s the all of it.

We come across the right thing at the right time.

All we have to do is trust our intuition.

There is only one energy, but many ways to work with it, with Reiki being one of those ways.
And the only way to really know if something is right for you, right now, is to give it a fair crack.

Thanks for listening.

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