Can You Master, Mastership..?


Good mornin’ all

Here’s a good question 🙂


Thank you for your good humor and open mind. It could be as simple as ‘cultural language” differences as I have never been to the UK. HOWEVER, I’m in my mid-sixties and am familiar with how it’s done here (USA), in the Orient and in Hawaii.

Hearing that your husband is involved in martial arts gave me the ammo to sock it to you.

Okay, I’ll spit it out!

I too have been involved in martial arts and spiritual work for a long time.

I am nowhere near a black belt but would have to be before I could even consider being on my way to becoming a “Master”.

In academics, a Masters’ is after a Bachelors and before a Doctorate. In my world a degree of mastery in any school cannot be GRANTED, it must be earned, usually by years of study.

I know many Reiki students and many practitioners but very few claim to be master, without much study and practical experience.

To me, it detracts from your credibility to claim you can grant a “Master or Reiki” with the course that I completed. On the good side, other than that little ‘flaw’, I Grant you the title of Perfection!

PS – I really enjoyed feeling your ‘presence’ while I wrote this. It was an unexpected pleasure!

And my answer:

Thanks, and I know exactly what you mean.

But we do not proclaim to give you anything. Quite the opposite in fact!

We ask only that you acknowledge your own true power within.

You grant yourself permission to become a Reiki Master.

We honour your word and intention.

You’re already a spiritual being, a true master, a god force, a magnificence beyond your imagination!

You’re the Master of All You Survey, you’re the creator of all you survey, you just don’t ‘know’ this anymore.

You’ve forgotten.

It doesn’t matter how you wake up to this fact, only that you do.

Becoming a Reiki Master our way, empowers you to make decisions and choices for yourself.

To take back your authority!

To become a sovereign being again!

Reiki is our tool to help you re-discover yourself.

And, of course, it takes practice to find your own ‘knack’ for tapping into your own inner energy.

And that’s all it takes – a knack.

Our knack is Reiki

You can follow in someone else’s footsteps for years and miss the point completely or follow your own path and get there in a jiffy

The way we do Reiki ‘works’ for me.

I share that way with others and insist they do it themselves, for themselves.

Thus, reclaiming their own sovereignty and in doing so, sensing that there is more.

It all gets lost in words but our way often kick starts people a lot quicker than just following others by rote.

And in the true martial arts way, the swordsman was shown all the moves by the Master and then told to go away and practice for the rest of his life.

He became the next Master, by his own merit.

And you’ll become your own Reiki Master by your merits too.

Not by mine.

Now to Master a Yorkshire pudding is a very different thing and that does take years of practice …ha ha ha!

Ask any mother-in-law … ha ha ha!


Judith 🙂

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