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Distance Reiki – Is There Any Such Thing?

Well, is there no such thing as distance Reiki?

Richard Bach said, and indeed wrote a book entitled, “There’s No Such Place as Far Away”.

And I’m inclined to agree.

But, what’s that got to do with giving a distance healing using Reiki energy? Well, just bear with me for a few moments…

For you see, Reiki is often referred to as…

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Sensing Your Reiki Guides

A Reiki guide is another way of saying you have a helper in spirit form…

And they are here to help as part of your team.

Now, you may have none or you may have more than one.

You may only ‘feel’ them now and again or every time you do a healing with Reiki.

Or, of course, they may appear more frequently.

How do I know if I’ve got one?

Try this simple exercise.

Sit quietly and open…

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Reiki And Intuition

How do you develop your intuition using Reiki?

Well, first of all, knowing what intuition is can be helpful!

And so as not to get fluffy, (I don’t do fluffy).

We’ll start by interchanging the word intuition with instinct.

How does that feel..?

Hopefully it’s easier to grasp, for instinct is more solid, gutsy and tangible…

More ‘real’.

Of course, some…

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The Reiki Journey

Each Reiki Master is unique…

It can be no other way.

We are all unique individuals. Independent of each other, yet somehow inexplicably linked.

We crave touch – to feel alive.

We crave connection to each – to feel individual.

We crave belonging – to feel acceptance.

We crave to know our past, so we can feel justified… “I’m related to the president, you know” etc.

Reiki Mastership is about YOU…

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Reiki 2 and Going Beyond It…

At this stage it is time to play with the symbols.

We have practiced using the energy of Reiki and now need to be more specific, more intentioned.

For the next 6 weeks, just use one symbol a week. Sleep with it under your pillow. Find uses for it in every situation that you can. See how it changes the subtle flow of Reiki energy within yourself.

Find which is/are your favorite symbol/s.

The Power Symbol maybe the…

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