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Good mornin’ all

Patience, perseverance, loads of Reiki and a strong self-belief will win the day!

Never give in, never surrender!

We’ve always found walking and talking together stimulates our creativity and we dream our dreams and plan and plot a course for our future – always walking towards a new horizon, literally and symbolically

What Usui discovered, although he might not have seen it as such back then, was that there are only two emotions, and we only act or react from one or the other…

Love or Fear!

Fear is a very low frequency vibration that keeps you in ignorance and slavery…

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Just Reiki Chatting

Good mornin’ all

Okay then, this week I’m just going to chat out loud… a real Reiki chat, without even mentioning Reiki!

How can I do that? Well, to me Reiki is love and Reiki is life.

So, here we go…

Understand that ‘life’ really is just like a video game and you truly are the star, and that absolutely everyone, without exception, really can create the script they want to pursue.

For life truly is an illusion…

And it’s an illusion of our own making.

There really is no ‘reality’ to it…

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Imagine This…

Good mornin’ all

Happy Easter! A time of signs, hidden meanings and faith…

Now, when people ask me about the Reiki signs and symbols, I often as not reply that the symbols and rituals have no meaning other than that which YOU give them.

But don’t take my word for it.

Let’s think about it for a moment or two, let’s ponder on it…

So, slow down…

Close your eyes and sit back.

Take a deep breath in – let it out and relax.

Just watch your body breathing.

Don’t try and do breathing…

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Making Reiki Waves

Good mornin’ all

Today, we’re asking all Reiki practitioners to begin intentionally adding their Reiki energy – in other words their energy of Love – to the on-going, and accelerating, evolution of our beautiful planet Earth.

And NO, we’re absolutely not buying into the doom, gloom and devastation theories.

Because we see this ‘time’ as a positive event – a ‘time’ of quickening, the awakening of planet Earth and all who sail on her…

A ‘time’ when everyone comes to know life is not about…

Shit happens and then you die…

It’s about shift happens and then you fly.

So, here’s how to join in…

Overnight, charge a glass of Reiki water by simply placing the glass, with any kind of clean, wholesome water in it, on a coaster with the Distance symbol drawn on it…

…or, if you’re not yet a Reiki practitioner, by writing the word LOVE on the coaster and standing your water on that.

Then first thing the next morning, sit comfortably in any way you please…

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Zen Riddles and Reiki..?

Good mornin’ all

Now, you’ve probably heard the saying, ‘Do nothing and all will be done’, haven’t you?

And yes, most people are confused by this statement!

After all, how on earth can doing nothing, even in your wildest dreams, possibly get everything done?

It must be a joke, right?

One of those Zen riddles!

But, in its simplest form this statement shows you that…

When anything occurs in your life, it’s not necessary to fight it, it’s not necessary to spend energy willing it to be different.

It’s not necessary to ‘rack your brains’ thinking what to do.

Just allow any course of action, if one is at all necessary, to bubble up spontaneously from the deep SILENCE within you.

In other words…

…don’t go rushing off ‘half cocked’ trying…

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