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Giving Reiki the Finger :)

Good mornin’ all

Here’s a little something to add to your Reiki skills.

It’s always handy to have extra little tricks at your finger-tips, so to speak, to share with others.

So, try these finger pressure points…

You can fight worry, depression, impatience, anger, fear and other emotions using this little Qi Gong exercise – a beautiful addition to your Reiki.

There’s no preparation needed, and it can be done discreetly.

Now, your fingers correspond to the Five Elements, and they also correspond to emotions and the major organs too.

So, along the outside and inside (in other words, the in between surfaces, not the top and bottom) of your fingers run the meridians and there are several acupuncture points located here…

And, by pressing or squeezing the insides of the fingers you can affect both the emotion and the corresponding organ.

I find enclosing the finger in my fist and squeezing works best…

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Reiki Shortcuts

Good mornin’ all

And welcome to this week’s Reiki question:

Q… My youngest daughter is prone to minor ailments.

I wondered if all symbols have to be used or if “mini” treatments can be done to concentrate her energy where it’s needed most?

Such as using the Power symbol with the master symbol and the fire symbol, then sealed with the Power symbol?

And my mini answer:

A… Mini treatments would be perfect…

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Kundalini and Reiki Energy

Good mornin’ all…

Here’s a question:

I’d love to hear your opinion on awakening Kundalini?

And my answer:

What is Kundalini if not energy and the kundalini energy is basically the name of your ‘sex’ energy.


Sexual energy can also be called your CREATIVE energy and is the most powerful driving force within us.

You can link it to survival energy too, as you cannot have the one without the other.

It’s easy for a woman to clearly demonstrate the dual aspects of creative energy too.

A woman can be ‘internally’ creative and create a new life within her…

Or she can draw up her kundalini energy and be ‘externally’ creative and start a new business…

And how often for a woman, do you hear “she just got her new business off the ground and caught pregnant”…

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How to Recognise Your Inner Voice?

Good mornin’ all

Q… How do I recognise our inner voice?

And my answer:

A… Listening to your inner voice is a bit like ‘feeling The Force Luke’ – in and around you

It is sensing the fluctuations and flow both physically, mentally and emotionally.

To do this you need to be still inside – to be unruffled and remain calmness itself.

A tranquil pond.

Start small with something like food.

Hold some food next to your solar plexus area and feel whether your body embraces it or seems to push it away.

Check with food you know disagrees with you and with some that you know makes you feel good and vital.

Then, close your eyes – hide which is which – and do it again.

Trust – always trust what you sense even if it doesn’t make any ‘sense’ to you logically…

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Is Your Reiki Incomplete?

Good mornin’ all

Incomplete Reiki, as if there could ever be such a thing, but…

People often think that having a womb removed or being disabled in a certain, way will affect the ‘real’ them.

Well, it won’t – unless they let it

YOU are not your body.

When the vehicle you are driving malfunctions, you simply adapt.

For example – if the window wiper flies off, you stick you head out of the window…

If your foot hurts – limp.

If your leg drops off – hop or get a false one.

If your teeth drop out – get plastic ones fitted…

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