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How to Recognise Your Inner Voice?

Good mornin’ all

Q… How do I recognise our inner voice?

And my answer:

A… Listening to your inner voice is a bit like ‘feeling The Force Luke’ – in and around you

It is sensing the fluctuations and flow both physically, mentally and emotionally.

To do this you need to be still inside – to be unruffled and remain calmness itself.

A tranquil pond.

Start small with something like food.

Hold some food next to your solar plexus area and feel whether your body embraces it or seems to push it away.

Check with food you know disagrees with you and with some that you know makes you feel good and vital.

Then, close your eyes – hide which is which – and do it again.

Trust – always trust what you sense even if it doesn’t make any ‘sense’ to you logically…

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Is Your Reiki Incomplete?

Good mornin’ all

Incomplete Reiki, as if there could ever be such a thing, but…

People often think that having a womb removed or being disabled in a certain, way will affect the ‘real’ them.

Well, it won’t – unless they let it

YOU are not your body.

When the vehicle you are driving malfunctions, you simply adapt.

For example – if the window wiper flies off, you stick you head out of the window…

If your foot hurts – limp.

If your leg drops off – hop or get a false one.

If your teeth drop out – get plastic ones fitted…

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Does Doctor Really Know Best?

Good mornin’ all and…

Straight into a question

Q… I’m wondering how you feel about yearly medical check-ups?

Here in the US you’re scorned if you aren’t up to date on all the yearly testing.

Part of me feels that if there was a problem or illness it might benefit us in the Reiki healing process to know the exact problem.

The other part feels that some of these tests done over and over eg. mammograms, are likely to be creating a problem we might never have had to worry about.

It’s time for my yearly pap. and mammogram, which usually also ends up with an added sonogram, blood work for cholesterol, etc.

And my answer…

A… It’s a bloomin’ money game.

Well, that’s my opinion anyway.

And, of course, the rest of this answer is based on what I’d do, and is not to be taken as medical advice in any way shape or form at all – there that’s my arse covered

If you look for trouble, you will find it.

Simple as that!…

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Reiki & Poo Chi

  Good mornin’ all One thing this week has taught me – it’s to slow down. Even if I take time out for myself or drop dead, it all comes out in the wash exactly as it’s meant to be So please, chill out and relax and have a little chuckle at the video below… […]

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Your body is whispering to you – listen before it shouts!

Good mornin’ all

Phew! This is an epilogue! Best get started…

So, here’s a question:

Q… Since beginning to run Reiki energy some months ago I began to experience a different health issue every couple of weeks from kidney stones to bronchitis to hypertension.

I love the Reiki and thought it was my body restructuring itself to go with the new energy.

My latest one however, is high blood pressure that’s not responding properly to medication and is kind of scaring me, as it’s quite uncomfortable and has continued for weeks.

I am 64 and have no history of this.

Can you give me any insight?…

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