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Making Reiki Pay..?

Good morning all,

Many of you write to say how you’d love to have a career doing Chikara-Reiki-Do every day.

You tell me how you want to ‘heal the world’ and save the planet using Chikara-Reiki-Do 🙂

And we’ve always believed the more the merrier!

The more people who follow their heart the better for everyone.

So, with the energy of the summer solstice soon upon us, what better time to grab the reins of your life and make the changes you’ve hesitated to make before.

Remember – YOU and YOU ALONE are the POWER in your life.

YOUR choices and decisions have brought you to this day, right here and right now, reading this for your own reasons…

So, if you’ve lost your job… then GREAT 🙂 … it was obviously time you changed it!…

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Reiki? Childs Play!

Good morning all,

I’m often asked about giving Chikara-Reiki-Do to children or if you can safely attune them.

Don’t be daft – of course you can!

And the more you connect with children, the more they’ll teach you about energy, insight, intuition, trust and yourself!

Children are simply little people and often far more connected to The One Energy than us biggies!

They still have a direct link, they’re literally plugged into it.

You try keeping up with a toddler all day…

They’ll run you ragged!

And why, when going into a restaurant, all it seems the children can get are fish fingers, burgers or sausages!

As if they can’t eat normal food…

Whatever happened to just a half the adult portion of normal food?

They have teeth and taste buds too 🙂

There’s nothing to do differently for children when you apply Chikara-Reiki-Do…

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Call yourself a Reiki Master… then master it!

Good morning all,

Sometimes when people talk about being spiritual they get lost in a lot of fluff and nonsense.

And even though many of us have had wonderful ‘experiences’ it can get lost in translation.

Which brings me to this question or statement if you like:

Q – I am a Reiki master and I’m interested in Reiki for spiritual unfoldment.

A – Now I like to call a spade a spade 🙂

When I became a ‘Reiki Master’ I was not indeed, someone who had mastered Reiki!

It took a little time and a lot of practice.

But the more you use Reiki on yourself, for yourself, the quicker you ‘grok the fullness’ of that which YOU have naturally within yourself.

So, if you call yourself a Reiki Master, then master it!

Walk into your power and glory 🙂 …

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Trust Your Gut Reiki

Good morning all,

Smashing, another Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK

Do banks ever open when you need them..?

Now, as you may know, I’m a great believer in TRUSTING YOURSELF.

In trusting that part of you, that knows what’s right for you.

And Reiki is another word to denote the One energy…

…a set of rituals to enable you to sense this energy for yourself…

…a marvellously simple tool that allows you to feel, use and demonstrate this One energy in your own unique fashion.

For each of us brings the essence of ourselves to our demonstration of our Reiki.

And when I’m asked – Do you believe that your gut instinct is the right thing to follow?…

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Speedy Reiki Result..?

Good morning all,

I love the longer, light evenings and they really are much longer here in Scotland but when the sun comes out, you suddenly see all the ‘jobs’ that need doing.

I’ve cleared out lots of stuff this year and created much more space around us.

It feels so good to let the old stuff go!

And at this time of the year, when you feel like spring cleaning and turning out your cupboards, it’s also a grand time to re-Reiki your house from top to bottom too.

I use incense sticks and go around each room drawing out the symbols with the smoke from the sticks and then wafting them into the floor, walls and ceiling.

But you can use smudge stick too or just your intention and breath…

Keep it simple remember!

And don’t just do the inside of your house…

Take your sticks into the garden and ‘do’ your house from the outside as well.

Then walk the symbols into your garden space, patio and greenhouse.

Don’t forget the shed, the dark corners of your garden and even the compost heap!

Plant your seeds in the shape of the symbols. Lay your stones like them too…

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