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Clearing Negative Energy Using Chikara-Reiki-Do

Good mornin’ all

Your Chikara-Reiki-Do energy is excellent for many other things besides healing people, animals and plants!

You can easily clear negative vibrations too, in rooms – or entire buildings for that matter – any stuck or negative type energy can be banished using this wonderful resource.

For example:

When you go anywhere, especially for the first time, you get a sense of the place the moment you walk in…

Some buildings can make you shudder, while others seem to welcome you with open arms πŸ™‚

Some make you feel comfortable and safe and others can leave you irritable or scared πŸ™

Have you experienced this?

Well, to explain this we’ll have to look a little more deeply into the way our physical world is created…

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Reiki and Touch

Good mornin’ all

Chikara-Reiki-Do, The Healing Touch – Or Hug an’ Rub Therapy πŸ™‚

There’re so many different ways of healing out there nowadays – it’s getting more and more difficult to choose what’s right for YOU.

Now, you all know I’m a great believer in keeping it simple, so allow me to share my thoughts…

I look at what nursing entails today and can’t help but think it’s totally lost the plot.

I know – call me old fashioned… ha ha ha!

Nearly all men die of their medicines, not of their diseases.
Moliere (1622-1672)

I don’t think you need a University degree to put food in one end and remove it from the other… ha ha ha!

Whatever happened to instinctively or intuitively doing the right thing?

You know – like trusting, beyond any doubt, a Mother’s intuition to know what’s instinctively right for her child.

It doesn’t seem to get a look in these days…

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To laugh is to risk appearing the fool

Good mornin’ all

What a week!

Wet then dry then, wet again! The poor holiday makers who’ve come this far north will be wishing they’d stayed ‘down south’.

Life’s like that too.

Busy, busy one day, then feet up and relax the next.

One day feeling energetic and creative and the next, knackered and hard to get motivated!

One day sunny and cheerful, the next glum πŸ™

So, what’s to do to keep yourself on an even keel, so to speak?

Well, I don’t believe for one moment, what the doctors say about the sun being bad for you.

Grab the rays when you can!

Especially if, as it is here on the Scotland/England border, you don’t exactly get an overdose of it!

It feels good to get some sun on your crown chakra and simply absorb the goodness. :-)…

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Pondering Illness Through Your Ages…

Good mornin’ all

Have you ever pondered on the nature of illness? I do hope so if you’re an aspiring healer!

Well, let’s ponder together.

Life is a journey through various experiences and none more so, than the experiences that different illnesses bring!

Now, before you say anything, these are my ponderings and of course I’m broad stroking…

…as in – all teenagers think they’re indestructible πŸ™‚

They’re fearless, flexible, strong and supple. (Or they were in my day!)

As long as the illness doesn’t alienate them from the crowd or group, it’s ok.

Yes, everyone has spots or a bad hair day! And yes, these are major ‘problems’ to a teenager and a sexually transmitted disease is just so embarrassing!

And, of course being a teenager is mostly lived out in their minds!

That’s why they suffer from depression, self-worth issues, image problems, ‘whatever’… πŸ™‚

An easily treated STD can create no end of mental anxiety for them but not as much trouble as wondering about what to wear on Saturday night or if they’ll pass some exam!

It’s the age of what if’s and if only’s!…

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Questioning Chikara-Reiki-Do

Good mornin’ all

Now, just for a change, let’s have a questionable conversation!

So, if you’re sitting comfortably, I’ll begin…

Q – Are there ways of checking the effectiveness of our Reiki?

Really there’s only one way to check how effective or good you are and that’s to share your Reiki energy and then listen to the feedback from the recipients.

And when I say you need to be good at giving Reiki, I mean you need to be calm, efficient, confident and capable.

You need to feel secure in your knowledge and knowing, that ‘you can do it’.

It’s no good getting phased by, or intimidated by, a 6’6″ rugby player who’s just being a little boy about his backache! πŸ™‚

Or dithering about out of your depth when you know someone would be better with a doctor’s diagnosis.

But this all comes with practice, practice, practice and then more practice…

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