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Call yourself a Reiki Master… then master it!

Good morning all,

Sometimes when people talk about being spiritual they get lost in a lot of fluff and nonsense.

And even though many of us have had wonderful ‘experiences’ it can get lost in translation.

Which brings me to this question or statement if you like:

Q – I am a Reiki master and I’m interested in Reiki for spiritual unfoldment.

A – Now I like to call a spade a spade 🙂

When I became a ‘Reiki Master’ I was not indeed, someone who had mastered Reiki!

It took a little time and a lot of practice.

But the more you use Reiki on yourself, for yourself, the quicker you ‘grok the fullness’ of that which YOU have naturally within yourself.

So, if you call yourself a Reiki Master, then master it!

Walk into your power and glory 🙂 …

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Trust Your Gut Reiki

Good morning all,

Smashing, another Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK

Do banks ever open when you need them..?

Now, as you may know, I’m a great believer in TRUSTING YOURSELF.

In trusting that part of you, that knows what’s right for you.

And Reiki is another word to denote the One energy…

…a set of rituals to enable you to sense this energy for yourself…

…a marvellously simple tool that allows you to feel, use and demonstrate this One energy in your own unique fashion.

For each of us brings the essence of ourselves to our demonstration of our Reiki.

And when I’m asked – Do you believe that your gut instinct is the right thing to follow?…

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Speedy Reiki Result..?

Good morning all,

I love the longer, light evenings and they really are much longer here in Scotland but when the sun comes out, you suddenly see all the ‘jobs’ that need doing.

I’ve cleared out lots of stuff this year and created much more space around us.

It feels so good to let the old stuff go!

And at this time of the year, when you feel like spring cleaning and turning out your cupboards, it’s also a grand time to re-Reiki your house from top to bottom too.

I use incense sticks and go around each room drawing out the symbols with the smoke from the sticks and then wafting them into the floor, walls and ceiling.

But you can use smudge stick too or just your intention and breath…

Keep it simple remember!

And don’t just do the inside of your house…

Take your sticks into the garden and ‘do’ your house from the outside as well.

Then walk the symbols into your garden space, patio and greenhouse.

Don’t forget the shed, the dark corners of your garden and even the compost heap!

Plant your seeds in the shape of the symbols. Lay your stones like them too…

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Thank Goodness For Holidays/Vacations!

Good morning all,

I think all my spring cleaning efforts are beginning to work their magic and I’m making space for a new adventure!

De-cluttering or space clearing is a bit like going on holidays.

First you consider packing just about everything you own and then you start letting go of ‘stuff’ so you can travel more comfortably.

You begin to understand you don’t need all that ‘baggage’ as it serves no real purpose.

Plus, you always come back with more exciting holiday stuff anyway.

You have to let go of the old baggage, to allow in the new.

Spring cleaning at its best.

And, so it is emotionally, you have to let go of the old and comfortable, the routine and safe way and move forward to that which makes you FEEL GOOD about yourself – even if it scares the pants off you!

That’s why we all like to buy new clothes for our holidays.

It makes you feel good while you’re away, more confident and proud to be YOU!

You like to present the best of yourself to new friends in the making.

In new surroundings you can strut your stuff with pride and confidence…

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Chikara-Reiki-Do’s Got Talent

Good morning all,

Blimey! Who knew spring cleaning could be so exhausting and exhilarating at the same time

But, like ironing, once it’s done you feel so smug

Chris and DC are grand helpers and have been shifting big boxes for me.

We all have hidden talents like baby pacifier, mower of stripes in the lawn, curtain maker or woolly pully knitter or all-round cleaner, hidden up our sleeves but perhaps you don’t know about them until you find you need to use those talents.

Then people say you’ve a natural aptitude or leaning towards those skills.

Not that Chris and DC are going to set up a big box shifting company, any more than I’m going to become an interior design consultant!

But you can all do something when pushed, and usually better than you first thought but, if you want to excel at something you need to follow your heart, listen to your intuition and TRUST yourself.

This’ll give you the confidence to know whether you can just do something when necessary, or if you really do have a natural knack for it

So, is Chikara-Reiki-Do your hidden talent?

Q – I’m still not sure if Chikara-Reiki-Do is what I need.

I feel that healing is one of the gifts that God has given us, and I feel very gifted.

I connect very strongly on a spiritual level with myself and with others but when I try to connect with them, with the intent of distance healing, I feel more frustrated than anything because I don’t feel it working or see the results of that.

I have a friend who was trained by someone in distance healing and clearing of the bio-energy fields. When she works on me, I can feel her touching me, even though she’s 800 miles away.

She sent me a copy of the text that she learned from but I’m not ‘getting that’ either.

I feel like this is a gift that I would love to share with people.

Is Chikara-Reiki-Do right for me? Or do I just need to practice more?…

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