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Good mornin’ all

Today, we’re asking all Reiki practitioners to begin intentionally adding their Reiki energy – in other words their energy of Love – to the on-going, and accelerating, evolution of our beautiful planet Earth.

And NO, we’re absolutely not buying into the doom, gloom and devastation theories.

Because we see this ‘time’ as a positive event – a ‘time’ of quickening, the awakening of planet Earth and all who sail on her…

A ‘time’ when everyone comes to know life is not about…

Shit happens and then you die…

It’s about shift happens and then you fly.

So, here’s how to join in…

Overnight, charge a glass of Reiki water by simply placing the glass, with any kind of clean, wholesome water in it, on a coaster with the Distance symbol drawn on it…

…or, if you’re not yet a Reiki practitioner, by writing the word LOVE on the coaster and standing your water on that.

Then first thing the next morning, sit comfortably in any way you please…

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Zen Riddles and Reiki..?

Good mornin’ all

Now, you’ve probably heard the saying, ‘Do nothing and all will be done’, haven’t you?

And yes, most people are confused by this statement!

After all, how on earth can doing nothing, even in your wildest dreams, possibly get everything done?

It must be a joke, right?

One of those Zen riddles!

But, in its simplest form this statement shows you that…

When anything occurs in your life, it’s not necessary to fight it, it’s not necessary to spend energy willing it to be different.

It’s not necessary to ‘rack your brains’ thinking what to do.

Just allow any course of action, if one is at all necessary, to bubble up spontaneously from the deep SILENCE within you.

In other words…

…don’t go rushing off ‘half cocked’ trying…

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Silent Reiki

Good mornin’ all

Happy Mother’s Day, here in the UK! 🙂

Now, I have a saying which I often give to people:

“If you want to know the answer – don’t ask the question”.

You see, as soon as we engage the mind, it starts chattering away whether we’re interested or not and more often than not it…

…goes off on a completely different tangent to the one we originally wanted to follow…

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Reiki is not complicated – a child can, and many do, learn how to do it.

Good mornin’ all

These day’s lots of different elements talk about personal power, developing your energies – and you, coming to know you’re so much more than just plain ol’ Joe Bloggs, the ordinary man in the street.

For we are all: God, Goddess, All That Is..!

Supreme Consciousness, Infinite Consciousness, Source Energy, infinite intelligence!

In fact – You are – The One

But most of us don’t know this at all. We just hope some of it’s true and will rub off on us.

Most traditions, and schools of thought, will ask you to complete arduous tasks and feats of resourcefulness until one day…

YOU, come to realise just who you are…

…and you touch your divine centre…

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Make Reiki not War!

Good mornin’ all

Straight in this week!


I work on a locked psych unit. The clientele are usually detoxing from alcohol, opiates, etc.

How can I, as a practitioner, use Reiki in a clinical setting for patients experiencing painful detoxes such as gastric upset, limb pain, headaches, sweats and fevers, anger, depression, etc – as the chemicals leave their system?

Of course, after asking and getting permission granted. Have you had any experiences in a client like this or similar to this? Thank you…

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