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Reiki Regulations..??!!*

Good mornin’ all…

Do you feel the air of restriction, control and manipulation?

Confused by the maze of do’s and don’ts?

We’ve always spoken of Knowledge giving you the Power to be FREE – free will – but “Have YOU the will to be free”?

Outspoken as I am, this Sunday Chat may still offend you, shock or disturb you, and I make no apologies for that if it helps you to…

Wake Up!

We called ourselves Radical for a reason and that reason is becoming more and more apparent.

With all the regulations and restrictions being forced upon you by others, then sooner or later you’re going to have to make a stand.

And to start the ball rolling, let me ask you this – How on earth can you regulate Reiki when the energy of Reiki is you?

The answer, of course is – By controlling YOU!

So, think about it carefully before you join any ‘official’ Reiki Club… hand over your money and sign your Reiki (life force) energy away to someone else.

And, as you walk proudly out of their door don’t forget how difficult it’s going to be to hang your ‘certificate of obedience’ on the wall when you’ve got their handcuffs on.

For your hands and your special abilities will no longer belong to you and you may not do with them as YOU please.

In their eyes you simply won’t be good enough, bright enough, pure enough or special enough to sense right from wrong, sickness from health or distress in another human being…

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Reiki & Germ Theory

Good mornin’ all…

Happy Mother’s Day again ladies!

I could get used to this celebrating high days and holidays all over the world!

Every weekend’s a special weekend somewhere 🙂

Now, here’s a question to get your brain into gear:

Q – You state, in the Ultimate Reiki Course, that germs don’t cause illness and it has been scientifically proven.

But I’m an RN and practically germaphobic!

A – Well, I’m a nurse too but see things a little differently 🙂

Understand that YOU create or allow everything in your life, and this includes the experience of illness.

And also remember, as a healer, YOU’ll have to create people who require your service too – otherwise you’ll have nobody to heal and no purpose either 🙂

In the beginning, you tend to think something ‘outside’ of yourself creates your experiences but then you come to realise that nothing happens outside of you at all…

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Indirect Reiki Influence

Good mornin’ all…

I’ve often said you’ll find the right remedy, at the right time, for YOU.


Here’s a question:

Q… I’m new to Reiki and I was wondering if it sometimes worked indirectly. In other words, if sometimes it didn’t heal but directed you to do something that would heal?

I developed severe muscle pain in my legs and Reiki just wasn’t helping, but I woke up this morning with the urge to check out the side effects of a medication my dr. gave me for cholesterol. Sure enough, that was one of the side effects. (Not mentioned on the pamphlet that came with the medication!)

Taking away the pain would not have been healing if I was to continue taking the medication, but I hadn’t heard of the Reiki energy working that way from any of my friends who do Reiki.

A… Well if you think of Reiki as just a ‘healing modality’ then you could be forgiven for thinking it wasn’t working but what happened:

is very like the way Reiki energy works!

Treating yourself with Reiki each day simply ‘opens you up to divine love and wisdom’.

It puts you in a space where you can ‘hear the answers’, YOU need, to heal or change your life.

You begin to hear your own divine wisdom 🙂

Or, put another way – you hear your own intuition 🙂

The trick is to TRUST what happens and you did, now your friends can ask you for advice about Reiki 🙂 …

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Chikara-Reiki-Do allows you to reach inside yourself.

Good mornin’ all…

And what a beautiful morning it is too. In fact it’s been a fab week 🙂

Mornings like these simply inspire you to do better, do more and just ‘do it’ anyway!

Now, you want to heal the world – right?

(Hum along to the Coke advert if it helps)

Then let me show you how…

But first, I must show you how to heal yourself.

For to heal the world…

First you heal the person – that’s you!

Ever wondered how that can be?

Heal me, heal the world?

Because there is only one – there is only One Energy – there’s only one of us in the room…

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Reiki: One Thing Leads to Another

Good mornin’ all…

Well, here’s a question which everyone may find useful:

Q. You asked about learning to clear your chakras because:

I’ve used the Reiki on myself and find myself more and more intrigued.

I’m having some health problems that are emotion-related but I’ve buried my emotions so deep I can’t even seem to recognize them.

I wish to be of service to others but I’m unable to do so until I can find a path for myself.

So much here to share and instead I find myself even incapable of sharing with my sister who’s even now talking of suicide.

She lives far away and tells me she has a level one Reiki attunement but I — oh I’m so sorry.

This only started out as a request for information about additional reading I can do, to learn to help myself and then others.

I’ll be happy just with a small shove in the right direction!

And my Answer…

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