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I’m Not a Reiki Master

Good mornin’ all

Consider this…

I am not a Reiki Master…

I am not Judith Conroy.

I’m an energy expression known as a human being and named Judith for convenience.

I’m of the family commonly known as Conroy.

And I’m not a Reiki Master.

Reiki is a name given to an aspect of the One Energy.

I’m not a Master of this energy – I AM this energy.

And so are you!

My journey through my life has led to me becoming AWARE of a part of me known as Reiki.

Calling me a Reiki Master suggests I’m in control of this Reiki energy and can direct this part of me as I command…

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A Wave of Goodwill

Good mornin’ all

Has anyone else felt the same as me?

On the surface, the energy around feels disappointing, a

Leaving you with a feeling of what’s it all about, why bother, might as well lie down, surrender and give in.

But then, if you look deeper…

If you go within…

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Concentrated Energy…

Good mornin’ all

Happy new day, new week, new year, new you, new everything…!

Now, have you noticed how the time just flies by, even quicker than the last time I said ‘the time flies by’..!

So, to counter the rushing sensation, how about we simply step back and slow down ourselves.

Let’s become that still silence, the centre, the watcher – full of awareness.

Let’s step back and feel and sense the energy around us – and watch ourselves with awareness.

For as you stand in silence, you’ll hear your voice and feel your steadfastness…

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A fresh start to start

Good merry mornin’ all

It’s that in between stage isn’t?

Christmas has gone and the New year isn’t yet here…

A kind of limbo while we wait patiently for a new beginning to begin…

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In The End…

Good mornin’ all

Many of you have known me for years but very few of you have realised or noticed that I have a terminal condition.

Every day, I have to stave off the inevitable and so far, I’ve done a sterling job!

Some days are easier than others but then we all have our ups and downs.

My condition is hereditary and is passed on at birth, so I’m doing excellently well at ‘staving off’ that inevitable outcome.

I don’t blame my parents, mostly because I’m adopted and don’t know who they were… ha ha ha!,,,

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