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Let Life Flow

Good mornin’ all

Fear, worry, anxiety, etc, are all expressions of a survival mechanism that’s working overtime.

Life, if you flow with it, will always provide what we need.

So, there really is no need to fret and worry about it…

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What’s Your Idea of Success..?

Good mornin’ all

Here’s a question, and it’s one I want you all to answer for yourselves too.

No need to actually send me your replies though…ha ha ha!

This question is obviously coming out of fear and lack, because of its restrictive nature.

My reply, hopefully, comes from love and abundance, and from a Reiki perspective, because it encourages expansiveness.

It makes me think of all those who believe God is all loving and giving, but then project a “don’t you dare be successful, because that’s the devil’s work”, kind of attitude!

How that works I really don’t comprehend, and neither would anyone else if they gave it a few moments contemplation.

Okay, here’s the question, which is in response to our ‘Reiki and EFT Unstoppable Success Package’:

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Earth To Major Tom – Or Master Reiki :)

Good morning all, and…

Here’s a FREE surprise for you all too…

Instead of Black Friday or Cyber Monday, let’s have a cheerful, Sparkling Sunday offer!

These days everyone’s talking about grounding or earthing and being connected and coming from heart energy.

And this is all well and good but what does it bloomin’ well mean?

What does it mean to the likes of you and I – mere mortals interested in Reiki?

And how ‘on earth’ do you do it anyway?

Our planet is a wonderful tonic, a great ball of energy, a USB port for infinite energy.

But how exactly do you tap into her endless supply?

Recently I shared how to simply earth yourself by taking off your shoes and walking bare foot or just standing bare foot in your garden.

And this week I’m going to expand on that.

Still keeping it simple and easy, but I’m suggesting you use a Mother Earth Connecting meditation.

Now, you’ve all heard of the Schumann Resonance, no doubt, and you all know it does something good!…

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Is Reiki Ever Unethical?

Good mornin’ all

This week’s question is about unethical Reiki…

Q… Is it ever unethical to send someone distance healing without their permission?

According to the author of The Reiki Bible, it is and could be hazardous to someone’s health (since they may become drowsy) if the person unknowingly receives the energy and is operating machinery or driving a vehicle.

I would appreciate your thoughts on this, as I didn’t learn to do REIKI distance healing to have to feel “unethical,” or indirectly feeling responsible for someone else’s injury or worse! 🙂

And my answer:

A… How can sending loving, universal life force energy to someone, ever be ‘unethical’?

And in truth YOU KNOW if you’re being unethical or not.

YOU must be, and are, the only judge in your given situation…

And you’re hardly going to send to someone and say, ‘Here’s some Reiki – it might kill you on the motorway – but I’m sending it anyway!’…

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Barefoot in the Park!

Good mornin’ all

As above – so below!

Well, Reiki will directly connect you to the ‘as above’ energies but what about down below?

What about balancing your energies so you don’t fly away with the fairies…

Well, think about what directly connects you to Mother Earth.

Mmmmm…feet! Your natural ‘earthly USB port’.

So, let’s all begin by going barefoot in the park.

Or garden, or patio, or just around the house, but best outdoors if you can.

Now, you all know I’m a great believer in keeping things simple…

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