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Good mornin’ all πŸ™‚

At least the rain has stopped for a moment so now it has gone humid and the flies just love it… ha ha ha!!!

If it stays dry we may be able to trim back some more of the trees which are growing rapidly over the driveway like a tunnel.

DC and I look very fetching in balaclava hats to stop the flies buzzing in your ears and biting your head…

So anyone coming down the drive would think it a terrorist training camp except my gardening gloves are pink, of course.

Now the news you have all been waiting for… well, we have, at least…

We now have the Coach House in Eyemouth… yippee!!!

And all being well we’ll move on the 14th August, or if we are lucky, a little before then.

Lot’s of positive energy from you, towards the 28-29th July would be excellent for us

Not that we are not happy to go with the flow, of course, we’d just like to flow it a little quicker… ha ha ha!!!

Okay, so here we are, finding ourselves in the most familiar situation once more of being surrounded by boxes and disarray.

Revealing perhaps – I am not the tidy organised person I like to think I am?

Maybe secretly I am a box lady rather than a bag lady… ha ha ha!!!

Who needs furniture eh? … just pop it in a box instead.

Easy to sit on and eat off too… ha ha ha!!!

But I do feel a little impatient now for the actual move…

Which brings me nicely to the title listed above…

Usui asks us to do and be β€œJust for today…

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How To Send Reiki To More Than One Request At A Time

Hi everyone…

As it is Chris’s birthday today, Saturday, I am sending the Sunday Chat out early this week.

We do our weekly webcasts now on a Saturday evening so we are starting Chris’s Birthday β€˜day’ on Sunday instead.

A good Dad’s Dinner is in order down at Geoff’s (never to be missed if possible) followed by a sweet afternoon tea somewhere nice and then a day off on Monday for some shopping and a spot of luncheon out πŸ™‚

I hope we get some brighter weather for the occasion instead of more rain…

I have added some photos we took earlier this week of poppies that grow wild in some fields around here.

Click here to have a look…

I have never seen them grow quite like this anywhere else.

They add a wonderful vibrancy to the landscape and make you reach for a Cadbury’s Flake bar… ha ha ha!!!

(From an old English advert on TV).

You see them on the side of the road too. So different from the Cornish hedgerows which were full of wild flowers of every colour.


It seems a good opportunity to answer questions I’m sent here on the Sunday Chat, so here is another one that I often get asked…

How to send Reiki to more than one request at a time…

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We Are A Three Part Being

Good Mornin’ everyone!

The sky is blue the sun is out and a warm wind (for a change!) is blowing πŸ™‚

It’s a good day for washing, drying and putting away, all in one go.

A day for getting things done and completed, leaving a wholesome, satisfied feeling.

And that brings me nicely around to what I wish to talk about today…

You see, there’s a lot of talk, books, articles, shows, fairs, films even, about all of us being a β€˜3 part being’… Mind-Body-Spirit.

And, that’s the problem…

We all recognise the body part don’t we..?

In fact we often section that off too… this leg or that spot, this cancer or that bodily craving (addiction).

Just look down for more parts to mention πŸ™‚

A multi part body… ha ha ha!!!

That’s the problem…

Then of course there’s the mind/brain part.

The depressed part πŸ™‚

The memory – or lack of part πŸ™‚

The intelligence quota part… ha ha ha!!!

So many parts…

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Reiki And EFT


Well, can’t you tell it’s an English Bank Holiday weekend… ha ha ha!!!

So far we’ve had rain, gales and some tempting breaks of sunshine – all we need now is some snow and fog. Ha ha ha!!! Oh to be in England on a Bank Holiday Smiley

Lets all take 5 minutes to send our positive thoughts and some positive Reiki energy to all those folks who are having a ‘bit of a do’ and for all those intending to attend.

And remember to send Reiki for that perfect parking space to just be there as you arrive Smiley

We have been so honoured…

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Observations On This And That

Well it’s been a funny old week this week I can tell you…

Not sure where to start really, so I’ll just chat away out loud about things that have happened, so to speak.

On our way to the groceries the other morning Chris commented on the green colour of the fields – partly because it means the big lawns we have will need mowing very soon… ha ha ha!!!

It’s such an English habit, of course, a bit like cricket and cups of tea Smiley

Yes, I know that fields are green…

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