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Made Any Good Mistakes Lately?

I’m proud to say that we have

You see, we are all brought up and taught at school, how bad it is to make mistakes, and that we must avoid ‘making mistakes’ at all costs.

Well, we disagree…

After all, what actually is a mistake?

A decision – gone wrong?

A choice – gone sour?

A preference that turned out not to be!

How can we possibly admit we were ‘wrong’ and still save face.

My mother used to say ‘You’ve made your bed, now you have to lie in it’…

What nonsense is that?

Yes, you did create…

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Are We All Slipping Backwards?

Is it me?

Or has the world suddenly gone all retrograde?

I know, I know – yes, you can call me old fashioned
if you like…

But I remember when English speaking nations communicated in a beautiful, full-on language called English…

Yes, it could be short, concise and to the point if necessary…

But, it was never a jumble…

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Living Life On Purpose

Okay, so now we have created a sense of momentum.

None action moves into action, which in turn moves into non-action.

A bit like a ball rolling along…

And now we need to add a sense of purpose.

If we want to succeed in life, achieve our goals, be more than we are now, that’s the next step.

Or is it?

Do you know why you’re here?

Have you figured out your life path yet?

Or are you like most

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Movement is Good

Okay then, so now that you’ve sat around for a while being meditatively idle – you need to move!

Remember – all action stems from non-action so come on, let’s get moving.

This movement should ideally enhance your breathing and flexibility.

Deep breathing increases your oxygen (O2 ) content and increased O2 content means a happy, healthy body.

With enough O2 the cells of your body can perform all their functions properly and without…

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Losing The Poverty Mentality

Many, many people today think that being spiritual means you have to actively shun money and live the majority of your life trapped in abject poverty…

In fact they truly believe, that money is the root of all evil – or at least – the love of money is.

And I find that to be sad – very sad indeed.

You see, almost every day I receive emails from people telling me how spiritually motivated they are…

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