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Mornin’ all

…and a Happy Belated 4th July to you all!

Now, amidst all the celebrations and chaos and noise remember to ‘keep still’ and centred by using your Reiki regularly…

…as a gathering of the clans can be both wonderful and stressful at the same time… ha ha ha!!!

I’m sure we shall manage to have a celebration slice of cake or two this weekend to join in too 🙂

Heck, we’ve had some rain this week but we did manage to get the lawn cut in between the down pours. I don’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing…

…but I think Chris was pleased to get it done.

Well, there’s been some funny old feelings going on this week.

Life seems to be full of dichotomies and none more so than recently. One minute it’s a positive, go, go, go and in the next breath a negative why bother? 🙂

There seems to be very…

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Reiki Awareness

Good mornin’ everyone…

And a splendid weekend it is as we are celebrating both Chris’s birthday and the birth of another grandson 🙂

So it’s been a full week one way or another.

Now, it’s traditional when a new life enters this world that we all look for things that might be right or wrong…

…for example – has baby all its bits and pieces in the right places – fingers and toes and the like… is baby healthy with no diseases or deformities etc?

But really, there is no ‘right or wrong’ to these things, they are simply choices of our own making.

Where am I going with this?

Well, here’s the…

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A Chikara-Reiki-Do Master Or Not

Good mornin’ everyone 🙂

I hope the rain has stopped wherever you are but as it is a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK we can expect more of the same :-(

Although I must say right now it’s looking lovely out there…

Well, this is it 🙂

Today’s the day!

And about time too you are all saying… ha ha ha!

Get out the fanfares, release the balloons!

For years Chris and I always felt as if we didn’t quite ‘fit in’. We have always seen life through a different camera lens to most people. We read books by like minded people…

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An Enlightening Sunday Chat

Hello everyone…

This week I’m going to be very short in terms of writing, because I want you to watch a wonderful little video instead – but more of that in a moment.

Last Wednesday was St George’s Day, for those who live in England, but far from a day of parties and celebration, like St Patrick’s Day or St David’s Day, it always seems to slip by almost unnoticed. It’s not PC to be English anymore -but I managed to wear my red skirt and white jumper though 🙂

And Chris looked for damsels in distress and dragons to slay but sadly…

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Reiki Readings

Good mornin’ all…

Blimey o’reilly, what a week!

Thank you all for your questions and photos. It is lovely to ‘see’ so many of you. I am working as quickly as I can to catch up with all the Energy Readings but I am slowly getting there.

We have all had to learn about the new software and technology that goes with it but I think it is really neat that I can record the readings and people can hear what I sound like.

So we may just get around to me reading out the Sunday Chat while you sit back, close your eyes and listen to my dulcet tones… ha ha ha! You’ll be OK as long as I don’t sing.

Now, because I have been so rushed…

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