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Well, can’t you tell it’s an English Bank Holiday weekend… ha ha ha!!!

So far we’ve had rain, gales and some tempting breaks of sunshine – all we need now is some snow and fog. Ha ha ha!!! Oh to be in England on a Bank Holiday Smiley

Lets all take 5 minutes to send our positive thoughts and some positive Reiki energy to all those folks who are having a ‘bit of a do’ and for all those intending to attend.

And remember to send Reiki for that perfect parking space to just be there as you arrive Smiley

We have been so honoured…

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Observations On This And That

Well it’s been a funny old week this week I can tell you…

Not sure where to start really, so I’ll just chat away out loud about things that have happened, so to speak.

On our way to the groceries the other morning Chris commented on the green colour of the fields – partly because it means the big lawns we have will need mowing very soon… ha ha ha!!!

It’s such an English habit, of course, a bit like cricket and cups of tea Smiley

Yes, I know that fields are green…

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Relaxing Reiki Time Out

Happy Thanksgiving folks!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful day…

Congratulations to the All Blacks… enough said 🙂

Well, the cold weather is here to stay now and we have had plenty of sideways rain and howling gales!!!

But it is nice to be safe and cosy warm inside.

Mr.Po definately needs encouragement to go out now 🙂

He prefers to snuggle on his radiator hammock.

I was pondering what to chat about this week as I have a little more time today…

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Who Do You Think You’re Talking To?

Forgive me for asking, but just who do you think you’re talking to?

Every day I hear about angels, fairies, spirit guides, higher selves, tree elves, nature sprites and God by every name!!!

But who do you think you are talking to?

Exactly who are these ‘vibrational elements’… from crystal sounds to Ascended Masters?

As you all know I like to keep…

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Being Told What To Do

Don’t you just hate being ‘told’ what to do?

I don’t know about you but I really dislike it.

And I really dislike being told the obvious!!!

You know the sort of thing I mean…

Caution – hot water… when turning on the hot tap/faucet.

Caution – hot drink… when you know it’s just been made with boiling water.

Or – now wash your…

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