Chikara-Reiki-Do Balancing Act



Good morning all…

Now, as you all know I get a lot of communications from all sorts of folk and it never ceases to amaze me the preconceived ideas people have of me 🙂




IT specialist… Me! 🙂

Miracle healer…




Financial whizz… ha ha ha! 🙂

Job adviser…

Fraud, money grabber, devil’s advocate, saint and sinner and all the rest rolled into one… 🙂

Well, I like to think I’m a well-balanced person but what does that actually mean?

Well, if I’m so well balanced, then by definition, I must be a bit of both.

Don’t poke me with a big stick and expect a polite reply!

For the measure of my rudeness is also in my politeness…

I’m a well-balanced person after all 🙂

And so are you too. 🙂

My confidence is the measure of my shyness…

My insight is the measure of my unawareness…

My verbosity is the measure of my silence… 🙂

My clarity is the measure of my blindness…

My deep wisdom is the measure of my dumbness…! 🙂

So, don’t be surprised when you see these things in yourself.

I’ve met so many sickly-sweet people who spit anger at you and are then surprised by their actions and the response they get.

A well-balanced person doesn’t suppress their anger in favour of only one sort of behaviour.

A truly loving person has a deep capacity for hate… but embraces and acknowledges that wonderful gift, to distinguish what they don’t like and won’t accept in their lives – with passion… 🙂

I can only encourage you to be the most well balanced you, you can possibly be.

The wisest dim-wit in town! 🙂

The loudest silent person in the room. 🙂

The proudest, giftedest, confidentest, miracle worker who gets depressed by their shyness. 🙂

The most generous pauper… 🙂

The saddest clown… 🙂

The Samurai who wouldn’t hurt a fly… 🙂

Once you acknowledge these parts of you, you become an empath with others…

Once you acknowledge these parts in you, you become a whole, delightful, interesting, well balanced person… 🙂

Once you acknowledge these parts in you, you’ve no problem in choosing which aspects of yourself, you simply choose to demonstrate.

I love my anger… they don’t call me ‘Spitfire Winnie’ for nothing 🙂

The same as I love my gentleness…

So, come on folks… let’s get real!

Embrace all of your diverse, interesting, passionate traits and keep us all on our toes… 🙂

Then demonstrate your ‘favourite bits’ with pleasure 🙂

A daily Chikara-Reiki-Do session will open you up to your OWN divine love and wisdom.

A daily Chikara-Reiki-Do session will open you up to your OWN love, light, and laughter, and sense of fun and adventures!

Chikara-Reiki-Do for a balanced you 🙂


Have a POWERFUL Chikara-Reiki-Do weekend…

Judith 🙂



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