Chikara-Reiki-Do and a Watery Experience


Good mornin’ all

Now, I’ve got an idea I’d like to share with you – and this is for anyone interested in changing your world, by changing YOUR mind.

So, let’s all ‘do nothing, so all can be done’…

Just for a moment or two…

So that in that giant vacuum of silence, that enormous still space that we create, clarity will unfold in front of us like the parting of the Red sea 🙂

And we all know the magic of water, don’t we 🙂

So, go to a lake, or the beach, or just wallow in a bathtub while you do your nothingness.

No bathtub, then simply take a big bowl of water and soak your feet in it 🙂

Come on, use your imagination!

Because I want you to wallow in water (or paddle) and dream dreams of love and happiness and sunshine!

No words – simply use your intention to infuse your water with your love.

The water will read and react to the feelings of pleasantness and love and harmony within you.

And, it’ll receive those feelings and carry them around the world within itself.

But if you can’t be by a large body of water then touch a small amount in a glass or bowl, intend your love and harmony to infuse it and then, lovingly, pour it down your sink.

Because, know this – YOU ARE WATER.

You’re made up of millions of droplets of water.

Like millions of tiny balloons (cells) all filled with water – that uniquely vibrates to your signature energy.

Like rain droplets that all cling together to become a wave or a cloud, your droplets cling together to become you 🙂

In YOUR silence, generate the feelings of love.

Softly smile and think of those you love or kittens, puppies, babies, trees, sunshine, or for the lads the sound of a purring V12 engine 🙂

In your silent stillness, let your light be like internal sunshine.

Let it energise your personal droplets of water.

Then beam out the light like golden glitter, a sparkling fountain erupting from your crown chakra.

Be silent.

Be still.

Be an empty vessel.

Draw out the Distant Symbol on your palms and place one hand on your heart and one on your solar plexus.

Do nothing – for YOU are the nothingness.

Doing generates an experience.

Nothing is the real YOU.

Don’t try to heal or bless or fix or manipulate anything out there.

Come home to the silence and stillness within.

Let’s create a Mexican wave of perpetual silence and stillness all around the world NOW.

Be non-resistant. Surrender. Float.

Instead of chem-trails let’s create Chikara-Reiki-Do trails, spreading across the skies and wrapping the planet in love.

Then when it rains, it’ll soak the planet with love and drench us in it too!

A tsunami of watery love 🙂

YOU effect water. It reads you like a book.

When you drink it, bathe in it, touch it, see it, splash in it or try to dodge it, water is life and YOU are water.

When your droplets return to the ocean they become as rain again, going around and around, until one day they gather together and become another you in another adventure.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy 🙂

Have a powerful Chikara-Reiki-Do weekend.

Judith 🙂




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