Chikara-Reiki-Do for Normal People..?


Good mornin’ all

So, what, exactly, is ‘normal’…?

Just sharing a quick thought here but, if you have say, Downs Syndrome, and you go to a school full of other Downs Syndrome children…

…then who’s classed as being ‘normal’?

The one or two teachers and helpers or – the majority of children?

To each child they’d be the majority and therefore in their minds (and mine) – the normal ones 🙂

Same at a diabetic clinic or spinal unit, or a blind school, or a school for the deaf, or a Reiki share group!

In a Reiki share group, touching and sharing personal insights seems normal but try explaining that to the lady next to you on the bus!

And as I’ve pointed out before, if I say I’m a psychic and can talk to spirit whilst in the doctors waiting room, the receptionist will probably think I’m not normal…

But, put me a room at a psychic fair with lots of other psychics and people pay me and want to know what my voices say…ha ha ha!

So, then, I’m the normal one 🙂

It all depends on whose eyes you look through.

We’re ALL normal but only when we’re in the majority.

But who wants to be called ‘normal’ knowing you’re just one of so many!

(Don’t tell Tom, Dick and Harry though!)

The trick is simply to be you 🙂

A unique, independent, sovereign being – like no other!

Have a powerful, distinctly individual, unique and independent Chikara-Reiki-Do weekend…

Judith 🙂



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