Chikara-Reiki-Do… Pause for Thought


Good mornin’ all

OK, for a change, how about we have a quiet Chikara-Reiki-Do moment together?

It can be hard to find the time to slow down sometimes.

But you’re here now and so am I and we both have a moment to spare.

So, how about it for a change?

Let’s just be still and peaceful together 🙂

A lot has happened recently, so it’s nice to ‘feel’ things fully and then let them go.

To relax and not hold onto stuff that does not concern us anymore.

Or indeed it’s not our ‘stuff’ in the first place. 🙂

We all get bombarded with news and views from everywhere and it’s good to release the old and allow in the refreshing new…

It’s like Feng Shui to my insides, de-cluttering my brain and creating space again.

A simple, brief moment of relaxation can recharge your batteries and give a clarity of vision you missed before.

So come on, let’s do it…

Take a nice deep slow breath in…

As you exhale…

Relax your upper body – drop your shoulders.

Take a nice deep slow breath in…

As you exhale…

Relax your midriff area – around your solar plexus

Take another nice deep slow breath in…

As you exhale…

Relax your hips and bottom area…

Take a nice deep slow breath in…

As you exhale…

Feel your feet planted firmly on the ground – safe and secure.

If you know any Reiki symbols, then draw one of your own choosing over your palms.

Whichever Reiki Symbol feels appropriate right now, in this moment

Then gently place one hand on your heart area and the other on your solar plexus area.

Take another deep breath in and exhale slowly and fully.

Just squeeze that last bit of air out – whoof!

Now BE still – breathe softly…

Feel the warmth and comfort of your hands in this position, spread throughout your torso.

See it as a light if you want too…

Now close your eyes and enjoy the stillness for a moment.

There is nothing you have to do right now besides be still and peaceful.

There is no rush… take as long as you like to absorb this peacefulness.

To sense it and step into it. Drift in this stillness…

Just float away 🙂

OK… big smile then

That was nice. I enjoyed that moment of calm amidst the daily sounds and movement of my life.

Let’s all take that as a reminder.

A few moments of calming stillness here and there during the day can give you a much more steady energy supply, clarity of vision, and serene outlook.

And it didn’t take long, did it!


Have a powerful Chikara-Reiki-Do weekend.

Judith 🙂




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